My Jeff Hardy Encounter

There I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up so we can go to the arena. I was shaking like crazy. Imagine me... getting to meet (and eventually fuck) the person I've been dreaming about since as far back as i can remember. There was a honk outside.

"Hey bitch,you ready?" Tori asked.

"Yeah,all ready!" i said still not able to get the shakiness to go away.

After a few minutes we arrived in the back parking lot of the arena.My panties were so wet now in anticipation for meeting Jeff. A security guard stopped us and Tori simply lifted her V.I.P. pass for 2 he motioned his hand for us to go in. We walked for a bit and then we went inside a small room with a table with 2 chairs.She said she tell the one of the inside crew workers to go to Jeff's locker room and summon him. I was so nervous and before I could say anything my cousin said,

"I'll catch up with you later, i'm going to watch the show."

Before I could wave she was gone.I felt my hand go downstairs and into my pants.I just couldn't help thinking about him.Just as I started to slip a finger in i heard a door opening and i ripped it out immediately. It was him. It was really him. I was here,alone with Jeff Hardy,the hottest guy in the world! He gave me a quick up and down check and extended his hand. I thought i looked pretty good with a short,tight black skirt and a fire red halter,and 6 inch high lace-up boots. We then sat down acroos from each other. He spoke,the words went through me like a soft breeze, "What's your name?"

"St--St--Stacey" I said nervously.

"You don't have to be nervous,I won't bite."

I thought to myself I want you to bite me,and suck me,and fuck the living shit out of me!!!!! Eventually I unwinded and we chatted for awhile on what I like in wrestling and a bunch of other stuff.I couldn't help myself,I finally blurted out, "Oh god,I want you so badly!"

"Oh shit!!! What the hell did I just say!!!" I thought to myself

Just then he got up and went for the door. He locked it. He walked over to me and kissed my mouth.I thought it was a dream but him grabbing my tits and fondling them proved me wrong. I welcomed his kisses as i caressed his tongue with mine. Obviously aroused by this he started thrusting his hips toward me and i could feel his huge erect cock against my stomach. I slid my hands under his shirt and began feeling up and down his back. We started kissing more passionately while he kept fondling my tits. They were hard as rocks now. He then pulled back lifted his shirt and i just couldn't help myself, I felt my hands rubbing up and down his chest.It felt so good. In the mean time he lifted my shirt up exposing my bear breasts.

He then started fondling them again and started sucking,licking,and nibbling very teasingly on my nipples. I let out a slight moan as he continued to pleasure my nipples. I then grabbed his chin and kissed him deeply. I started to take off his belt and up-zip his pants. He must have gotten aroused and started to kiss my neck. I was starting to feel my panties all wet again. All of the sudden I pushed him on the table with all my might and screamed, "Fuck me!!!! Fuck my virgin pussy like you've never fucked anyone before"

He then ripped off my skirt and panties and began kissing and licking my belly. Then he came to my pussy.He stared licking up and down my slit. Then he jammed his tongue into my hole. It felt so good I raised my body in joy and grabbed his head and let out a loud yell. He then slid 2 fingers in still licking my clit. I felt my self shaking.I was about to cum. He obviously knew and began pounding me with his 2 fingers and began licking violently at my clit. I screamed, "I'm cumming!!!" He slopped it all up then kissed me so i could taste my own juices blended with his spit. It tasted so good. I then grabbed his erect cock half out of his pants and started to jerk it. I then took it in my mouth. He started to thrust his hips back and fourth and he was fucking my mouth just as hard as he finger fucked me before. He let out moan after moan and i could feel he was almost at breaking point.He started to pull out. I said, "No,I want it in my mouth,I want to taste your juices baby!"

His manjuice then burst into my mouth and I could feel it dripping down my throat. I couldn't believe it I was actually swallowing Jeff Hardy's man juice. He said he'd had enough and he wanted to fuck me now.I then spread my legs wide and invited him in.I closed my eyes and I felt him stroke my head gently, "I'm going to go in really fast so the pain is over quickly and you can experience the real pleasure."

I screamed, "Just get inside me already, I need you inside of me now!!!" Without warning he shoved what appeared to me as a full 7 incher into my cunt hole. I screamed in pain but quickly turned into pleasure screams. "Yes, Fuck me Jeff, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!!!!" He thrust his hips back fourth as I lay there moaning and groaning not wanting it to stop. As it seemed far away I could hear him say, "I'm gunna cum Stac...."

"Do it inside me baby..I want it so bad!!!" Just then I felt his warm cream fill my pussy. I shivered with delight. He then lay on top of me exhausted. We then got dresses and he led me to his locker where we showered and shared oral sex together again. I then met back up with Tori and said I was ready to leave. She asked if I had a good time.

"I said yeah, you should get more V.I.P. passes more often." Just then I heard someone calling my name from behind. It was Jeff! "You forgot what you came for... your autographed picture" As he ran away he blew me a kiss. I looked at the picture and it was signed: With Love,Jeff Hardy. To my amazement on the back it said if your ever in the area, call me then his digits were next to it with a heart. Was this really happening.. Jeff Hardy giving me his number. This was great.

"So you have a good time?" Tori asked "The best of my life" I said.

I called that number a weeks later and Jeff said he was taking a week off and offered to visit. We spent that week together. It was great.

written by shortymichael


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