Hansel & Gretel Meet Bavarian Witch

At 18, Gretel is the prettiest girl in Bavaria. Her twin brother Hansel is the handsomest boy. Every market day they walk through the Black Forest on their way to the town of Munich. One day they noticed that the old abandoned forester's house showed signs of being occupied. Curious, they decided to investigate, and spied a beautiful woman dressed in a long black dress, with equally long lustrous black hair. She was busy painting the outside of the house, but turned to them as they approached. She picked up a large mug of tea and sipped it. "Would you care for a bit of tea?" the lady asked. Both Hansel and Gretel were thirsty after their long walk, so they accepted. As each of them took a long drink from the tall mug, they felt a wave of dizziness wash over them, leaving behind it a new feeling they never knew before.

The woman in black smiled, for she knew her enchantment was working. She looked at the pretty blonde girl, "Would you like a nice sugar-plum to go with your tea?"

"Oh yes! That would be ever so nice!" came the enthusiastic reply.

"Your brother has it hidden away" the Witch said, "but with your help I bet we can find it. Let's look in here." And with that, the Witch and the blonde knelt down in front of handsome Hansel, and began to unbutton his trousers. "Here it is!" the Witch cried as she pulled out the boy's big stiff cock. "What a lovely fat sugar plum your brother has been hiding! It's big enough to share, so why don't we both lick it?"

Gretel was entranced by the sight of her brother's lovely cock, and eagerly attacked it with her lips and tongue. As Gretel sucked the lush purple knob, the Witch slurped up and down the underside of the thick shaft. Soon their lips met, and merged in a passionate kiss as the woman in black continued to jerk on that lovely cock and the blonde babe fondled her brother's balls. The women were totally enraptured in that kiss, their tongues dancing and slithering around each other's mouths. But the sugar plum on the end of the hard shaft they held was too much to resist, and slowly, gradually their kiss became mouth to mouth to cock.

Hansel began to shake all over, and his handsome member started to throb, and the woman in black whispered to Gretel that she was about to get some nice milk with her treat. "Just put the whole thing in your mouth dear, and keep sucking." Gretel did as she was told, and moments later was rewarded with powerful spurts of her brother's yummy cum.

Suddenly Hansel felt a bit weak in the knees, so the lady helped him lie down on the grass. "Oh you poor dear!" exclaimed the lady in black as she noted the softening of the boy's cock. "I think you need a nice ice cream cone to help you get your strength back! And I know just where to find it!" So saying, she began to untie the laces of Gretel's bodice, then removed her blouse.

Hansel's cock sprang to attention again as he stared at the perfect strawberry ice cream colored tips of his sister's vanilla tits. The woman in black urged Gretel to kneel astride her brother and bend over so he could lick her tasty cones. The girl obeyed eagerly, getting down on all fours and dangling her tits in Hansel's mouth. She moaned in pleasure as he licked and sucked first on one, then on the next.

The woman in black observed, "Oh Hansel, your sugar plum is still far to fresh! I'm going to have to put it in my nice hot oven!" So she too got down on her knees right behind Gretel. She lifted her skirts and lowered her dripping hot box down over the boy's big purple plum.

"Oh, so good!" Hansel moaned, but whether he was talking about his sister's pretty titties or the woman's hot cunt sliding down over him, nobody will ever know.

The lady in black took a moment to savor the feeling of hot cock filling her juicy oven, slowly grinding her clit against the boy's pubis. Then she lifted the skirt of the girl in front of her, and was delighted to find two firm hot buns underneath! Between them nestled a lovely little pink rose bud. Gretel let out a shriek of surprise and delight as the woman slipped a finger inside her chocolate channel, and started to wiggle it as she bounced up and down on the sweet candy-cane that rose from between Hansel's thighs.

Hansel's hips started to buck up and down, his hard stomach bumping into his sister's swollen clitty as his shaft rose into the Woman's hot oven. Faster and faster the Witch flew as that sweet broomstick rammed up between her thighs, and her hands gripped the tasty buns before her for support. "Hah! Hah, hah, hah, ha!" the beautiful Witch cackled as Hansel's fountain erupted in her cunt.

"Oh Gretel!" the Witch said, "I have some lovely hot milk in my oven! Now you just lie back here on the nice soft grass, and you can have all the nice hot milk you want!" So Gretel lay on her back and the lady in black lifted her skirt as she lowered her steamy cunt to the pretty blonde's lips. Gretel thought it tasted so marvelous that she eagerly sucked the beautiful woman's vagina, but she could see a lovely pearl there, as big as a gooseberry, and wondered what it would taste like to suck on that. Unable to resist, Gretel's eager tongue slurped at the woman's swollen clit, and suddenly even more wonderful juices gushed out of the dark hole above the girl's mouth, so the sweet 16 had a lovely delicious feast.

"Hansel!" the Witch said, you must come around here. I will lift these nice buns up for you to lick, and don't miss the nice chocolate sauce between them. You have to lick it out of this nice pink hole right here! So Hansel knelt behind his sister and helped the woman in black lift his sister's hips up so they could both lick at all her tasty places. Gretel's feet kicked high in the air, but the other two didn't care. They were too busy between her thighs. Finally, Gretel's hot honey-pot boiled over and the sweet nectar drenched both her brother's face and the Witch's.

At last all three of them could eat no more, and Hansel and Gretel tidied up their clothes and went on their way, but they promised to drop by again on their way home. And that is the true story of the Bavarian twins, and the Witch with her hot oven.

written by selena


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