Lita, Matt And A Little Bit More

Lita had just finished her match with against Tori and won. She made her way back to her dressing room as she was about to start getting her clothes off Matt walked in to congratulate her. She gave him a kiss and a cuddle and then started making out with him and really getting into it she couldn't control herself her hands were going all over Matt's body.

Then she started rub up and down Matt's cock through his trousers, Matt started to massage Lita's ass and breasts as Lita starts to unzip Matt's trousers and stick her hand down Matt's trousers kissing him right on his lips. As Lita sits Matt down on the chair she sits on top of him facing the same way puts her hand behind her and back down Matt's trousers, at that point Trish walked in.

She looked surprised but interested at the same time, Lita stood up and Matt started to zip up his trousers but then Lita said "No leave them open theirs no need to stop, maybe Trish would want to join in. Trish was more then happy to help. So Lita walked over to Trish and started to make out with and then lifted Trish's top over and off. So Trish responded by taking off Lita's top, now both standing in front of each other start to kiss again and Lita slowly unzips Trish's trousers and slips her hand down her panties and inserts a couple of finger into Trish's pussy still kissing Trish unzips Lita's trousers and slips a few fingers into Lita's pussy, Both ladies standing in the dressing room fingering each other Matt was in heaven.

Until Trish looked up and see Matt just sitting there both women walking over to Matt first gave each other a kiss then Lita pulled down Matts trousers and starting to rub his exposed cock then slowly licking it then putting it in her mouth and starting to suck on it Matt leaning backwards sighing with pleasure until Lita stopped turned around to pull down Trish's pants and started to lick Trish's Pussy Trish nearly collapsing from the pleasure as Lita looked up and got Trish to sit on her boyfriends cock Trish gladly did and started to fuck Matt harder and faster Trish started fucking Matt, Lita started to get hot so sat down on a near by chair and stuck her hand down her Hot pants and started to finger herself as she watched her boyfriend get fucked by Trish Stratus one finger to start of with then two and then three Lita started to moan and Trish and Matt looked at her finger herself they got faster and harder until Matt came.

Matt looking over to see his girlfriend alone walked over and sat Lita on him and started to fuck as she started to moan Trish walked over and started kissing Lita and Lita's hand fell down to Trish and slid into Trish's pussy Lita now being fucked hard by Matt and having her hand up Trish's pussy after a while they all fell down into a clump and panted until Trish stood up thanked them booth gave Lita a kiss and Matt then gave Matt's cock a kiss and left.

Matt decided to have a shower after a few seconds of showering Lita came from behind and reached around and started to jerk of Matt, Lita turned him around and Matt picked her up and placed her onto his cock Matt started to thrust into Lita holding onto the shower pipes to get that extra bit, Lita screaming in ecstasy finally came to climax but wasn't finished.

Lita lead Matt back into her changing room and bent over a chair she wanted Matt to give it her up the ass, Matt was more then happy to comply he got on his knees and started to fuck Lita up the ass, Lita felt so good she dropped a hand down and started to finger her pussy while being fucked up the ass. Matt still thrusting his cock up Lita's ass they were both in heaven until Lita came all over the place yelling out "Yeah fuck me give me it Oh Yeah fuck my ass Ohhhhhhhhh"

Lita came to her feet leaving Matt sleeping on the floor laid a blanket over him kissing him good night.

Lita made her way to the shower while showering decided to have one more so while holding one hand on the pipes slipping one hand into her pussy faster and harder she wanted to come " Ahhhhh oh Yeah Ohhhhh Yeahhh AHHHHH! AHHHHHH!"

written by hbksm


CATEGORIES celebrity

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