Doris And Ted

I spend about three hours a day on the net, chatting with people I have met. I have three nicknames, 1 male and 2 female. I have a great time doing cyber sex and giving and getting pleasure from same. My desk sets under a window that gives me a view of what goes on on my street. Although this is a residential area, what with the two day care centers and families with teenagers we have quite a bit of activity. Lots of joggers, walkers etc. I notice things like strange cars at peoples houses and strange people going in and out. One particular house is occupied by a widow and her two sons.

The widow, whom I will call Doris is a nice looking woman of about 55 with sons Rich and Randy close in age probably early 30's. Both lads are very hansome, well built but entirely different. Rich has a lot of really nice looking women over to the house a lot. Randy has a lot of really nice looking men over to the house a lot. I don't know if they bring people they know and have a big gang bang or what.

Anyway, as a guy on the net I had met a woman who said she was 50 and the only two men in her life were her two sons. We chatted a lot and full filled some sexual fanatasies and after several months she confided that she and one of her sons had engaged in some sexual fun a couple of nights earlier when he came home a little drunk and started coming on to her. I began to notice that she would give the BRB message and about then I would see Doris come out of her house to the mail box. Or I would see some one at her door. Then one morning she said BRB and I noticed her let a guy in. About 15 minutes later she came back on and said she would have to leave cause she had company. I told her to have fun but not to make him late for work. She wanted to know what I meant and I told her that I knew she was going to take him to bed but not to keep him there to long.

She laughed and said Oh, OK.

About an hour later I noticed the guy leave and 20 minutes or so later she came back on. I asked her if she had a nice shower and she said yes, how did you know and I said well after getting ones brains fucked out, one usually takes a shower. We carried on like this for several weeks and one morning she told me that her sons were both gone for the weekend. I told her I should come over and she said she had a gentleman friend coming for coffee pretty soon. We chatted on until I saw a gent walking up to her front door. I just couldn't resist so I said, is your real name by any chance Doris? She said well actually yes it is, but how did you know, I haven't told anyone on the net. I asked if the guy that was coming for coffee was bi and she said no but I think he likes a blowjob from a guy once in a while. But how did you know my name, she asked again. I said in a few minutes you will know.

I hoped out of my t and briefs as I ran down the hall, took the quickest shower I have ever taken in my life. I put on a pair of loose jogging shorts and a t and my mocs and headed out the door. I waited a few minutes to knock on Doris door, giving my heart a chance to quit pounding and to catch my breath. I rang the door bell and very shortly Doris appeared. Hi lonlylady I said, im Senioratyourservice.

I thought Doris was going to faint. We have know each other for probably 15 years but only chatted at the mail box. I had never been in her house nor she in mine even though we lived only about a half a block apart. She was dressed in a very loose fitting house coat that was unbuttoned almost all the way to her waist. Consequently, her ample breasts were almost completely exposed. I was quite sure they had been getting with the program when I rang the bell.

Are you going to invite me in I asked. And feeling quite sure that she was in fact my chat partner I told her I wanted to help them get going and watch them fuck then I was going to lick his cock clean and do the same for her wet cummy cunt. Why don't you bring him in here her friend hollered so we moved from the front door to the living room.

Her friends name was Ted and was about 50, nice looking and well built. From the bulge in his pants I imagined he was well built in that department also. Doris sat down beside him and patted the seat beside her. Ted's hands went immediately to her tits again so I worked the buttons down so her house coat was completely open. Then gently spread her legs and started fingering her cunt. She had opened Ted's fly and was massaging his really nice cock. Looked like about 8 inchs but fairly thin. Just the right size to swallow I thought. I couldn't decide which I wanted to do first lick a pussy or suck a cock. But Doris decided that for me as she moved around so she could take him in her mouth and spread her legs for me. I was on my knees in an instant, licking her juicy pussy. I too was hard as a rock. As I licked her wet cunt I moved my hand up and started playing with Ted's balls, Doris said why don't you come up and help me so I moved up and started licking and sucking his balls while she was consuming his cock. Ted began to moan and move his hips. I was sure he was very near climax so started licking up the shaft of his cock to see if Doris would let me suck him a while. I found out later that she didn't like men to cum in her mouth so was more that willing to let me take over. We traded places on his cock as I licked up one side and she licked down the other,. I took the head in my mouth and in a few strokes had him all the way down my throat. It was wonderfullllllll. The only problem was that I hadn't bobbed my head up and down more then a dozen times and he put both hands on my head and started fucking my mouth as he filled it with hot sticky cum. It was soooo delicious I swallowed and swallowed until he quit cumming and then turned to Doris. That's when I found out she didn't like cum cause when I kissed her and let some of his cum into her mouth she backed off and spit it out and said things like ugh and ohhh and made a terrible face.

Ted and I both laughed and so did Doris finally. I still had my hand on Ted's cock and noticed there was a little cum still ozzing out of his cum slot so I licked it off and offered my tongue to Doris. She made another face and turned away.

I moved up on the sofa with my hard cock standing at full attention and told Doris to find a place to sit, meaning on it. She dropped her wet cunt down and took the head into her pussy and then took the rest of my cock in one stroke. I told Ted to stand up on the sofa and let me suck his cock until it was hard again and then we would double fuck Doris, me in her cunt and him in her ass. Doris said nooo way. He is way to big for me but we both assured her by the time he entered her virgin asshole she would be begging for it,.

I alternated between sucking Ted's cock and Doris's tits for a little while and then gripped her buns in both hands and helped her ride my cock. I moved a finger so it was rubbing around her asshole finally entering it up to the first knuckle. By this time Ted was hard as a rock again and saw what I was doing. He went in to the bathroom to retrieve a jar of lube and returned. Apparently he wasn't into finger fucking an asshole because he put the lube on my finger instead of his. But that was OK cause I enjoy anal, except with my tongue. Doris was riding my cock with more intensity and seemed to get off on my finger in her ass. I worked it in and out and around for a bit and then put two together for Ted to lube. These I inserted and worked her for a while and she was getting extremely active. I motioned for the jar of lube and then for Ted to put his cock in my hand. I rub it up and down coating it with lube. Then I put a big goob on her ass hole and Ted took over from there.

It was very difficult for Ted to enter Doris because she wasn't very helpful. I keep the tempo of fucking her cunt up as Ted tried to get his cock started up her ass. Finally he got the very tip started and rather than keep messing around he pushed about three inches in. Doris let out a cry and dug her fingernails into my shoulders but she didn't stop fucking me. Ted pulled out a little and then back in a little further. He did this several times until he had almost all of his 8 inchs up her anal canal. Doris was crying that it really hurt bad but I noticed she didn't stop fucking me. Pretty soon Ted's tempo matched ours and Doris was getting a really good double fuck. I had both of Doris' tits in my hands and squeezed and pinched the nipples as she wildly fucked my cock with her cunt and Ted's cock with her ass. She was moaning like she was about to go crazy when her first climax hit. Her body became very tense as she begged us to fuck her harder and deeper. We alternated our strokes so I was all the way in her cunt while Ted was all the way out of her ass. Then we changed. Doris was breathing hard and squirting cum juice all over me and the sofa and Ted. Then Ted hollered that he was about to cum and so while he was pumping her ass full I was doing the same in her cunt. We stopped and Doris fell forward on me, completely exhausted. Ted pulled out of her ass and fell beside us on the sofa. Doris fell backwards onto the floor and laid there with her legs spread wide. Cum was leaking out of both her ass and cunt.

The sight of all that wonderful cum dripping out of her well fucked holes was too much for me. I dropped to the floor and began my clean up duties. First I licked up all the cum that had dripped onto the rug and then started up the crack between her buns. I could barely keep up with all the cum dripping out but swallowed as fast as I could. As I licked and sucked her pussy Doris began to come alive and moan and push her pelvis into my face. Soon it was evident she was going to cum again. She put her hands behind my head and pushed my face into her hot wet cunt. Soon her juices were flowing, washing my cum from deep with in her love canal. The combination was like a love potion and I was instantly hard again.

I rolled over on the floor hopeing one of them would service me, but they were both exhausted. I decided the party was over and pulled my cloths back on. I leaned down and kissed Doris on the cheek and patted Ted's soft cock. Smiled and headed home. i had just seated myself at my PC when a message from Doris appeared. She said we would have to do that again soon, only without Ted.

written by bill20014u


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