Bi Like Me

The first place I started to work at once I graduated college was at a local resturaunt. Yup, got that 'ole college degree and began to bartend. One benefits of this job though was I could meet all kinds of people--all kinds of sex. But what really suprised me about the job was the people I worked with. At previous jobs, the relations between employees were rather formal. Friends at work, but once the weekends came, you never associated with them agian until Monday came around.

This all changed at the resturaunt. The people I worked with were all young and loved nightlife--just like me. When I first started working at the resturaunt I was shocked when I was asked to join the others to go out and get a drink or dance. I was even more shocked when I learned that employees were fucking one another! Even more surprising was that a 24 year old girl I bartended with was fucking the manager. My fellow bartender's name was Lissa. Lissa was a hot young hispanic woman with shoulder length brown hair, olive colored skin, brown wicked eyes, and a smile that hinted she was very wild. She had a nice body with small breasts she always showed off. Lissa and I flirted a lot I knew there was sexual energy between us. Many a night I spent at home jerking off fantasizing about Lissa and me.

One night when we were closing up the bar, John, the manager came over to us and asked us to see him in his office once everything was done. John stood about 6 feet tall, slender, well tanned, and had blonde hair. He and I got along as best a manager and employee could but I held a grudge against him because he was nailing Lissa. Bastard. This guy was probably ten years older than her and he was getting that pussy.

I had always figured he was gay by the way he acted but once I heard the stories about the two of them, and what Lissa had told me, I knew he was definately not gay! Deep down I hoped he was bi like me. "Dave, why don't you go see John, I told him I'll meet up with you guys after I go to the bathroom."

I went to John's office, the door was open and I went inside. "Close the door behind you Dave. Lissa will join us shortly." John's jacket was off and he had undone his tie. "Please have a seat on the couch." I sat down as he said and he got up from behind his desk and walked over in front of me. "From what Lissa has hinted at, I understand you enjoy the occasional cock like me. How bout sucking on this one." I nearly fainted as he whipped out a massive 7" limp dick from his pants. Without saying a word I grabbed his tool with my right hand and cupped his drooping balls with my left. I outstretched my tongue and licked the slit on his cockhead and watched his thick meat grow to a throbbing 11 inches!

I began sucking on as much of his cock as I could take. My head was bobbing up and down and I repeatidly ran my tongue over his tube greasing it up with my saliva. I was startled when Lissa came in and locked the door behind her. What a sight it must have been for her. John's monster shoved in my wide open mouth. Lissa walked over to the two of us and took John's shirt off and helped him out of his slacks while I continued my mastery of his prick. I was in heaven as I got my first tastes of his pre-cum. Lissa kneeled down on the floor and unbuttoned my shirt and began to lick my chest and suck hard on my nipples. She kissed her way down my torso and bit my package through my pants. Undoing my pants, Lissa pulled out my rock hard rod and stuffed it down her throat. God, it was such a nice feeling to be sucking on a large cock and getting sucked by a hot slut.

Once I was good and hard Lissa stripped naked to reveal her well toned body. Her breasts were perk and her dark nipples were very erect. John pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke it. Lissa got up on the couch with me and mounted my cock. She slowly lowered her shaved cunt over my cock and had me deep inside her passage. We fucked a little, while John stood up on the couch and offered me his cock again. I took him in my wet mouth and sucked him some more. To liven his suck, John intermittantly took his cock from my mouth and offered it to Lissa who eagerly sucked on it. John whipped his dick from Lissa's mouth, stroked it a little and with both hands pushed our heads together and said "Open wide." Aiming his cock like a gun, he shot his creamy wad all over our gaping mouths. I felt his hot juice hit me between my nose and chin. Lissa and I continued our hot fuck while licking the cum off each others faces. John grew hard again from seeing Lissa and I licking his yummy cum up. I put both of my hands over Lissa's pert breasts and stroked her nipples to get her even more heated up.

"John, fuck my ass." I said as I slid Lissa to the couch onto her back. Lissa begged "Dave, please don't fuck my pussy, fuck my ass too. Please." She slid off the couch, getting on her hands and knees and offered her ass to me by sticking it up in the air. I to got on my knees and stuck my face in her ass and licked her sweaty hole. She tasted so good. As my tongue probed her anus, I felt John's hot tongue pierce my asshole. I looked over my shoulder and he was also on his hands and knees. If anyone walked in they would have thought they were seeing a bunch of dogs in heat!

I reluctantly removed my mouth from Lissa's well greased ass and stuck my cock in her cunt one last time to lube it up for the ultimate assult. Pulling out I quickly shoved my cockhead up her tight poop chute. "OOh Dave, don't stop. Rape my tight ass." Fuck, fighting the resistance her butt muscles gave, I shoved my meat deep in her ass and leaned over her body. "Aaagh, YES, FUUUCK ME!!!" Lissa yelled. As my strokes in her ass increased, I felt John place his cock at my opening and he too popped his thick cockhead into my ass and grabbed my shoulders with his firm hands.

"Oh, be gentle John, I am not as eager as this slut." I managed to pant out. He worked his cock up my ass slowly. Soon we were a bucking threesome reaching climax. I was overcome by the spreading of my ass to accomadate John's thick member and also enjoyed Lissa's eagerness to get fucked hard in the ass. My cock exploded in Lissa's ass and moments later I could feel my cum seeping out of her plugged ass and dripping down her leg. John's cock flexed inside of me and I felt a hot powerful spurt of cum fill my loins. Oooh it felt so good. We all disingaged and Lissa got behind me and started to suck the cum from my ass. I looked over my shoulder and saw John kneeling behind Lissa's freshly fucked ass licking up the cum running down her leg and still in her ass.

Despite getting a thorough fuck in her ass, Lissa still wanted more cock. John lifted her up and lay her down on the couch with her legs hanging over the side and her waist on the arm so her pussy was pointed upward. John stood at Lissa's spread pussy and guided his tool into her cunt. I sat next to Lissa's head stroking her hair and watching the two lovers have a final fuck which lasted ten to fifteen hot minutes. At John's request, I got up kneeled next to the fucking pair and opened my mouth. John pulled his cock out of Lissa's shaved cunt and popped it into my mouth and I swallowed his offering.

Unfortunately John left a few weeks later to run another resturant. At his request, the owners appointed Lissa manager and she and I continued experimenting with all kinds of sex.

written by a345947240


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