A Flight To End All Flights

I own a computer and software company since 1980 (before the PC when we still had dinosaurs for computers and programming was done behind closed doors. Me, I am BI so I don't miss anything!

I first met David in Des Moines Iowa 1989 at a software seminar. One of those chance encounters of too many scotch's and not enough soda. David was happily 100% gay and told me so. I had to reply with why not have twice as much fun by having both sexes. We managed to spend the better part of the week nights curled around each other. I have a very sensitive and cute butt that enjoys being played with. I had brought a couple of my favorite toys and throughly enjoyed David's thick dick.

On the third night David introduced me to Fisting. Although it was some time before I actually took a hand, David would lay back and suck in my large hand and have some intensive climax's and I was jealous. I moved away from my playmate the next year but we stayed in touch and would meet up from time to time.

The next players in this drama were a couple named Sue and Patty (who to this day are together). I met them in New Orleans, Patty was a software specialist and Sue had come to me (a flight instructor in my spare time) for a Flight Review while trying to pass her commercial flight exam. With so much in common we later just naturally fell in bed at their place to celebrate Sue's being hired as a commercial pilot (with a little help from me.) Again too many scotch's and me letting slip that I could take Sue's hand up my eager hole. Seems Sue and Patty enjoy the same thing, obviously Sue was the top and had not shared their bed in such a way before. OHHHHHH LOVE was in the air. I knew it was love, I felt it in my dick.

Now to the Flight to end all flights. I had signed up for a NOVELL update class along with Patty and David. On the weekend before the class, I flew to Des Moines to spend the weekend with David before we picked up the girls in New Orleans and flew on to our class. (Sue was cumming along for the ride and fun).

David and I enjoyed the two nights of sucking, fisting and fucking along with some new large toys. On the trip south to pick up the girls, David kept bitching about GIRLS UGH. (I did not let on about what was to happen at the hotel.)

Man-ly looking Sue came to meet the plane with patty not far behind. We threw their bags in the back of the plane and Sue sat in the co-pilots seat with David and Patty in the first row. Following an uneventful departure Sue flew the climb out to 21,000 feet and settled in for a easy ride.

I turned around and saw that the passengers had the bar open and the drinks pored. I could not help but break the ice and told Patty about David's talent with his hands and watched the cute David turn bright red. (Patty and Sue already knew about David and his aversion to pussy)

Patty just calmly reached over to David's dick and began to rub seductively, David once again blushed like a school kid but didn't stop her. I started talking to Sue who was busy flying the plane. All of a sudden Sue looked around to see her darling Patty between the legs of David sucking on his meat with David's hand trying to get in Patty's ass crack.

We were assigned the 21,000 foot altitude and have to stay there within a few hundred feet, when Sue jumps up and over the console yelling you've got the plane!

Now I have all three in the back of the plane and the clothes are flying off. I am trying to fly and watch at the same time. Picture Sue with her hand far up David's hole, David fisting Patty's crack and the moaning going on. The auto pilot kicked off twice because Sue had run to the back of the plane to get lube from her bag. The ground controller was calling me because the airplane was climbing and falling for no apparent reason. I had to assure him every thing was ok and we would get back to the assigned course and altitude quickly.

The Girls got as good as they gave from little David, Patty squirmed all over David's hand and David took Sue to the elbow.

I keep hollering that we were on approach to land and to get up and get dressed! Finally right at touch down the gang realized people would be able to see through the windows at ground level. I taxied very slowly to the FBO where we were met by two line guys. When the door opened up you could tell from the expression on the line guy's face that he new something happened. The usual "how was your flight" question was answered with smiles and giggles and that was from David. After looking at the mess in the cabin of my plane I gave the line guy a fifty to clean up the "dip and chips" that was accidently spilled while in flight.

He looked at me with a grin that said it all. If he only knew what actually took place on that trip. David is now BI, Patty and Sue continue to be together. Patty has her own software company and Sue is Command Pilot for a major airline ( you may have flown with her). I kid her about her having a red hankie with pink trim and command stripes hanging out of her uniform pocket.

written by nfla


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