Dana and Michelle take turns being fucked

You always hear those stories about women who go away on vacation and behave totally outrageously, doing things they would never considered if they were home in their own environment. I always thought those stories were so much bullshit. I mean, who completely changes for just a week just because they are on vacation. Well, I have to say I've been proved wrong. I'm still not sure if I changed, or if my real nature came out, but either way I came back from my recent trip with an amazing story to tell.

My name is Michelle and my best friend is Dana. We live in New Jersey, just a half hour from the beach, which is great in the summer, but sucks in February. This year Dana and I resolved that we would not spend another winter waiting for the desolate beaches at the shore to defrost. We booked ourselves a week at one of those all-inclusive resorts in the islands. While our families and friends were freezing their butts off we planned to be sitting on a beach in our bikinis, sipping margaritas. That meant staying in bikini shape all winter, but both Dana and I were good girls, not getting out of hand over the holidays. Not that either of us had that much to worry about.

Of the two of us I think Dana gets more attention, with her long reddish-blond hair and cupie doll face. She never leaves the house without make-up and when we do go out at night she dresses to show off her assets. Being 5'8" Dana has great legs and on her slender body her 34C's look much larger than they are. Of course sometimes they have help from Victoria's Secret. I, on the other hand, need no help in that department. I am not tall at all, only 5'3", but my legs are long for my height and I have full 36D breasts. I'm more compact than Dana, but I can still wear a bikini with no shame. My blond hair falls a couple inches past my shoulders, but not being the glamour queen Dana is I wear it in a ponytail as often as not. I'm not nearly the tease Dana is, but I still like the attention that I get. But don't get me wrong. Dana and I aren't tramps, we'll tease, but that's all. And being single girls in our late twenties I don't see anything wrong with that at all!

So on a chilly, gloomy day we took off from Newark Airport and just a couple hours later we were deplaning in our island paradise. We were drinking a lot on our flight down and both Dana and I were a little wobbly on our feet. It was a short ferry ride to our resort and there we were. The room wasn't much more than your standard motel room, but that was okay, Dana and I didn't plan on spending much time in it. In fact the only things we unpacked when we arrived were our swimsuits and tanning supplies.

After changing, we headed down to the pool. It was kind of late in the afternoon and we thought staying by the pool would be better than going to the beach that day. Besides, the bar was closer to the pool than it was to the beach and neither of us were ready to stop partying. The only decision we had to make was what we wanted to drink and which pool to go to. You see, on the island there were two sides, a "prude" side and a bare side. I was very curious to check out the bare side, but I was not feeling quite that adventurous on my first day down there, so we stayed on the prude side. I slathered myself with lotion, not wanting to get burned on my first day down there, but Dana is one of those rare redheads who doesn't burn easily and she went right to work on her tan.

We were both totally bushed by the time we stumbled back to our room and passed out on our beds. It was late when we woke up, but fortunately the island never closed, so after we showered we headed out of a bite. Most of the people we ran into were our age or older and everyone seemed out to have a great time. Several guys came onto us. Dana and I danced a bit. And when went back to our rooms alone, we slept like rocks.

The next day was just as beautiful as the first and Dana and I tried to get up as early as he could, considering how late we'd been out last night. I wore my purple bikini that day while Dana went with a white sting number that barely covered her. I was almost jealous at some of the looks Dan was getting. We hit the bar for our first drinks of that day at 10am and we headed off to the beach when Dana suggested that we hit the nude side of the resort. I wasn't sure how I felt about that and told Dana so.

"Come on, Michelle, don't be so uptight. It's not like anyone you know is going to see you and even if you did run into someone, they'd be bare too." Dana argued.

"I know, but I just don't think I'd be comfortable. "

"We'll go topless and if you really hate it, we'll come back over here. Deal?"

"Okay," I reluctantly agreed.

There were plenty of people walking around just topless anyway, it wasn't like there was a clear demarcation point. Dana shed her top as casual as you please and tucked it into her bag. When she saw I wasn't moving, Dana reached behind me and undid my top herself. It took an effort not to cover myself as she pulled off my top and handed it to me.

Although they are big, my breasts are very firm and they swayed lightly as Dana and I walked toward the beach. I had seen my friend naked here and there, but this was really the first time I noticed what a great body she really had. Her firm breasts rode high on her chest, capped by large, pale nipples. Since I am used to guys staring at my chest while they talk to me and I am fully clothed I expected everyone I encountered to just stare, but that wasn't the case. Sure guys were checking us out, and I have to admit I found that to be a bit of a turn on, but the bartenders and everyone else just seemed not to notice. At first I was staring, let me tell you, there are a lot of people who should just keep their clothes on, but after a while I was comfortable and honestly just didn't notice anymore.

After lunch Dana and I didn't feel much like trekking back to the beach and opted for the pool instead. We noticed that just as many people were walking around topless on the prude side as weren't so Dana and I shed our bikini tops once again. After all, we wouldn't want tan lines spoiling our outfits, would we? We were relaxing on floats in the pool when we heard someone calling our names. Dana saw them first, but then I recognized two of the guys from the night before as they jumped into the pool and swam toward us.

Their names were Brett and something with an "S" I couldn't quite remember, Scott or Steve. They were good looking guys, both about our age, tall, in good shape. I did remember that they were the nicer of the guys who'd tried to pick us up. They weren't overly pushy or anything, so Dana and I were happy to see our new friends.

Our drinks were empty and Brett offered to get us more, but Dana said she would take care of it. I think the guys were pretty shocked when she hopped off the raft without a thought to their seeing her topless. For a second I thought both their tongues were going to drop from their mouths. Feeling left out I turned on my side, propped up on an elbow. Mr. S gave me a long, hungry look that made me tingle in all the right places. Dana swam off to get our drinks and Brett followed her. Meanwhile Mr. S used his time wisely, trying to pick me up, and I have to say he was doing a pretty good job.

I heard splashing from the far side of the giant pool and I saw that Dana and Brett hadn't quite made it to the bar. They were engaged in a giggling, splashing wrestling match. Seeing as how they were both wet, they were having trouble grabbing each other and their hands slid everywhere. Finally Brett pinned Dana and pulled her to the side of the pool. They were looking at each other intensely for a second, and then they kissed, Dana sucking Brett's tongue into her mouth. She pulled away from the kiss and I couldn't tell from where I was, but it looked like she gasped. Then I noticed that both of Brett's hands were out of sight beneath the water. Dana had her arms around Brett's neck and was clinging to him. I noticed she started rocking in a gentle rhythm that picked up-tempo as she went. I couldn't believe Dana was doing this right there in a public place! I didn't think she was fucking him, but his hands were definitely busy. Didn't that girl have any shame? Dana moved faster and faster until she clearly climaxed and sagged against Brett. They were kissing as I turned away.

I knew I was red and that Mr. S knew why, because he'd been watching them right along with me. While I couldn't believe Dana had done that another part of me admired her forwardness and watching her with Brett had left me almost as aroused as I was embarrassed. That was clear by my breathing and how dark and stiff my nipples had become. Doubly embarrassed I turned away from Mr. S, hoping he hadn't noticed. Fortunately he didn't comment.

Dana and Brett brought drinks back like nothing had happened and the four of us made plans to meet up for dinner. As soon as Dana and I were back in our room I gave her the third degree and she told me that after all that groping in the pool Brett had just pushed two fingers inside her and she was so wet she didn't resist at all. Pretty ballsy guy, that Brett. Dana said he fingered her until she came and that she came harder than she had in a long time. She didn't know if it was all those people around or what. I asked how she could do it and Dana confessed that she'd been horny all day and Brett had been just what she needed. Dana said that if I loosed up just a little bit I might have as good a time as her. I listened to her and vowed to be a little freer when we went out that evening. Honestly I was feeling just as horny as Dana and I thought some fooling around might be just what the doctor ordered.

While they guys had certainly enjoyed seeing us half naked earlier, I almost think they liked us even better barely covered. The guys were definitely taking Dana and I in as we walked toward them. Dana was wearing a long, tight black skirt with a slit up the leg that each high enough to barely be considered decent. She contrasted it with a little white, equally tight tank top and from the snug fit of her clothes it was clear that was all she was wearing aside from her sandals. I was little more modest, wearing a thin, short red cotton sundress.

The guys showed us into the dining room. We had a wonderful seafood dinner and bottle of wine before heading off to dance. Both Dana and I love to dance and I think the guys had a little trouble keeping up with us. But that was okay, when the guys needed a break Dana and I would just dance with each other. We played it up for Brett and Mr. S just enough to get their tongues wagging, and then we would pull them onto the dance floor and give them a good bump and grind. I found that Mr. S had a nice little bulge in his khaki shorts that only seemed to grow the more I teased him. Between the wine and the music and the hot tropical air, I was going much farther in teasing him than I ordinarily would have. I even reached between us a couple times to rub that yummy bulge of his. Meanwhile, I saw Brett slipping his hand into the slit on Dana's skirt every chance he could. Seeing it made me kind of hot too, but I wouldn't let Mr. S get too far before shutting him down. His hand brushed my breast, but when he tried to palm it I pushed his hand away. I didn't want that in front of everyone.

Dana said that she and Brett were going to go for a walk on the beach and asked if Mr. S and I wanted to go too. I was surprised, I thought she would want to be alone with him. Before I could say anything, Mr. S said yes for the both of us and with drinks in hand, we headed off to the beach.

It was a beautiful night and the moon was bright enough that we call all see each other clearly. Dana and Brett had their arms around each other and Mr. S held my hand. We found our way to a small scull that was secluded from the rest of the beach by a screen of heavily bushes and trees. Dana and Brett started fooling around again, Brett chasing her down to the water while she splashed at him. Meanwhile, Mr. S found a little shack that rented mats during the day. It was unlocked and he got one for us to sit on.

Mr. S and I sat on the mat, watching Dana and Brett frolicking in the surf. He was sitting very close, then he put his arm around me, and then he kissed me. His lips felt good on mine and I went with it. I melted into his arms and felt my own heart beating faster as his hands roamed over my body. Mr. S. rested his hand on my thigh, but when he tried to move it beneath my dress I closed my legs. Wasn't sure I wanted him going that far yet.

Dana and Brett came running up from the water, both wet, and plopped down onto the pad beside us. The pad wasn't that big and we could feel them brushing against us as they rolled around. Mr. S was nibbling on my neck, which always makes me tingle in all the right places, while he gently massaged my breast through my dress, bringing my nipple to diamond hardness through the fabric. I moaned quietly and clutched him to me.

My head was tilted back and I was deeply into enjoying Mr. S's attentions. For my part, I found that his breath got really husky when I bit his earlobes, so I kept nibbling there while I teasingly rested my hand on his thigh. I knew he was just dying for me to move it up, but I wasn't in any hurry. Dana and Brett bumped into us again and I opened my eyes, looking over Mr. S's shoulder at them. Brett had his hand way up the slit in Dana's skirt and the top of her tank top pulled down. Her pale nipples were stiff in the cold night air and Brett captured one his mouth. Dana gasped loudly when he began sucking it.

I never thought I would be the type to get turned on watching someone else; or maybe it was just the way Mr. S was touching me, but when he tugged on the zipper at the side of my sundress, I didn't make any attempt to stop him. Looping them in his fingers, Mr. S pulled the thin straps from my shoulders and my dress to my waist. He seemed very impressed with the red lace strapless bra that strained to contain my breasts. He just stared for several seconds, then Mr. S cupped my breasts in both hands, firmly massaging them. When most guys hand my breasts they just attack them, like they were testing melons for freshness. But Mr. S definitely knew what he was doing, gently massaging, then roughly squeezing, gauging my reactions, strumming my pulsing nipples with his thumbs all the while. My bared nipples ached to be touched and sucked on by Mr. S, so I reached back and unhooked my bra. My breasts lifted the bra from my body and Mr. S tossed it aside, mashing my breasts in his hands while pinching my stubby nipples as they tried to escape between his fingers.

Mr. S was nibbling my ear, then my neck, and then he was kissing his way across my heaving chest to my nipples. I wanted to grab him by the ears and drag him down, force him to suck on them, but I held back, just barely. I could hear Dana moaning, but I was too intent on what was happening to me to look over. Mr. S flicked his tongue over my nipple and I quivered, whimpering slightly. "What's my name?" He whispered devilishly.

"Wha-" I murmured. What was he doing? This was no time for small talk. He licked my nipple teasingly again. My pussy was soaking into my panties.

"I asked you my name?" Mr. S said, followed by a prolonged licking and sucking that made my toes curl.

"Why?" I gasped as he flicked his tongue at my nipple again and again.

Thankfully, he let me off the hook. "It's Scott, I knew you didn't know it. You haven't called me by name all night. Now I'm going to have to make you scream it so you don't forget ever again."

I'm not a screamer, so Scott was in for a challenge, but I hoped he was up for it.

I was growing so horny that I barely cared anymore that Dana and Brett were less than two feet away. They could do whatever they wanted, I just wanted to get mine. I clawed at Scott's back, pulling his shirt over his head, then I pushed him down onto the mat on his back. I wanted him so hard he wouldn't be able to keep teasing the way he was. And I figured the best way to do that was to turn the tables and do some teasing of my own. I was straddling Scott, grinding my pussy down into his bulge and I felt him grinding back. I leaned over to kiss him, dragging my tingling nipples across his hairy chest. I pulled my lips from his, then dangled each of my nipples for Scott to suck, reluctantly tearing them from his mouth as I pulled back to kiss and lick at his nipples. Scott growled, "Michelle," and twined his fingers in my hair, holding me there as I bit his nipple harder. I love it when a man holds me there, when he knows what he wants and isn't afraid to show me. But I was teasing, so I pulled from his grip and moved down, looking up at him as I kissed his tummy and worked on his pants.

"Uhhhh God, Dana..." I heard Brett gasp and I couldn't help but look over. He was on his back while Dana knelt between his legs, vigorously slurping his cock up. It looked like Brett had a nice sized one, but Dana wasn't having any trouble sucking his whole cock down her throat. She's bragged before about how she could get, and keep, any guy's undivided attention that way, but this was the first time I'd ever seen her do it. I have to say, I was impressed with the way she attacked Brett. It was a prelude to what Scott was about to experience and I hoped I did as well.

I pulled Scott's pants off and then while I was on my knees above him I seductively stripped my dress off, leaving me nude except for my panties. I caught Dana peeking over and I think she was shocked to see how forward I was being, but probably also happy. While I knelt there Scott stared at me and then started touching me, first pulling on my nipples, then rubbing the wet spot on my panties. I arched my back slightly, thrusting at his hand.

I remembered I was supposed to be the one teasing, I guess I am not very good at it. I pulled back, taking Scott's cock in my hands. He was standing at full attention and was quite a handful. His shaft felt so warm in my hands and seemed to grow even bigger as I stroked it. I massaged his balls and Scott's shaft jerked in my hands. I gave him a couple long licks, all the way up to the head and Scott was shaking like he was going to explode. Good, that was just the way I wanted him. I licked his shaft until it was nice and wet and I could give the shaft a nice hand job while I sucked nice and hard on the head. Again, Scott twined his fingers in my hair, urging me down on his shaft. I made it about halfway down, but I have never been able to deep throat. But I think I make up for that with what I do take. I sucked Scott nice and hard, moving my tongue all around the shaft while I pumped the part I couldn't fit with a tight fist. Scott was moaning and groaning and I knew I was really having an effect. Having such control over him was making me so wet. My pussy was dripping at the thought of how Scott would feel inside me. I am not usually into just letting some guy I barely know fuck me, but I was ready to bend the rules for Scott that night.

I was pumping Scott faster, sucking him harder and he was actually growling, growling I couldn't believe it, and I felt him tensing up. I realized what was about to happen. I'd gone too far. I started to pull away, but before I could get free Scott exploded, blasting his load into my mouth. I don't mind swallowing, I think spitting is kind of rude anyway, it's just I wasn't done with him yet, that's all. I swallowed all I could, but Scott came like a fire hose and a little bit dribbled from my lips down his shaft. Adding to the tease show, I let his cock slip from my lips and licked up the bit that had gotten away.

"You are so hot, Michelle," Scott breathed.

I hoped he didn't think that was it for the night. I needed to get off too. I slipped my panties down and slithered my way up his body until my pussy was positioned right above his mouth. His tongue stabbed upward, found my clit, and I shivered. I peeled my sticky lips apart for him and Scott held my hips as he drew me closer. His lips sucked at mine and I bucked my hips forward, running my fingers through his hair with one hand while the other kept my cunt spread. God, did that boy know what he was doing! My juices were running down all over his face. He trapped my clit and sucked it hard, abrading it with his teeth and I thought I was going to pass out. I was grinding down so hard I thought I was going to suffocate Scott, but he just kept sucking and soon the stars pinpricking the night sky exploded in bright light as I came. Normally I do not cum more than once, but Scott did not stop licking me and I fell forward, my hands digging into the sand as I humped at Scott's mouth. I came again and while I was able to moan quietly last time this felt so good I was crying out Scott's name, all decorum lost.

I was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and still trembling when Scott pulled me back up. Loose-limbed, I was pretty much a rag doll for him to position and after the way he'd just made me cum I would have let him do whatever he wanted. He dragged my wet pussy across his torso and down so that it brushed against his cock. Scott was hard again and my pussy tingled at the thought of being filled by him. I got a foot beneath myself and lifted up, stretching my pussy open while Scott brushed my lips with his head. Mmm, it felt very nice. It had been months since I'd had any sex at all and I was more than ready for it. With a hand on my hip Scott guided me down so he was completely inside me. I let out a sweet groan that grew louder with every delicious inch I took. I could feel him stretching me, feel his shaft pulsing inside my tight cunt. The base of his cock rested against my clit and I ground into Scott, falling forward, letting him catch me by my breasts, which he mashed in his strong hands. I threw my head back and cried out, "Oh Scott..."

I tossed my head to the side and was afforded an interesting view of Dana on her back, her tank top pushed down around her waist and her skirt hiked up, on her back, with one leg hooked around Brett. Brett was on top of her, naked, and thrusting into her cunt for all he was worth. Sweat dripped off of Brett and he had his teeth gritted as he slammed down into Dana. Dana had a hand on the back of his neck and was clearly digging her nails into his neck. She seemed to be purring, but she was growing louder by the second and finally was shouting, "Fuckfuckfuckfuck!!!!! Fuck me, I'm gonna cum!!!" Brett didn't react, he just kept fucking her.

Scott, meanwhile, was tired of the grind and grabbed my hips. With little trouble he lifted me and fucked me up and down on his cock, leaving just the tip in me and then plunging me back onto him. I caught on quickly and using my thigh muscles worked myself up and down on him even harder. He kept pulling my nipples, which drove me nuts, and I reached down and rubbed my clit. I arched my back and Scott filled me so deeply. Again, I was cumming while I screwed myself down onto him, shrieking, "God, Scott!!! Gooooooddddddddddd!!!!!!"

I was no help at all as Scott pulled me off him and laid me on my back on the mat. He lifted my legs over his shoulder and plowed his cock into me full force. It he'd cum a little quickly the first time, he was holding out fine now. I spread my hands out to try and hold in place. One hand dug into the sand for purchase while my other touch hot, slick skin. I looked over and saw Dana on her back right next to me, Brett slamming her deep and hard just like Scott was doing to me. Our eyes met and we shared a smile at our mutual ecstasy. Dana clasped my hand and I held on tight as I built to yet another orgasm.

I started getting the feeling the guys might have done this before when they started fucking Dana and I together, in a fast-paced rhythm. Dana and I even started moaning in rhythm. Somehow it got me even more turned on getting fucked right beside my best friend and sharing the experience with her. I was starting to wonder what else the night could have to offer.

I was just about to cum again when Scott pulled out of me and I thought I would scream. Of course Brett was doing the exact same thing to Dana. Both Dana and I were up on all fours and the guys started in on us again, slamming us from behind. God, Scott reached even deeper now and I thrust back at him with abandon. I built up to my orgasm again even faster this time, but right as I was going to cum Scott pulled out of me again. I moaned in protest and turned to say something when I caught the guys switching positions. I couldn't believe it! I would have said something to protest, but I was so horny and so shocked that before I could form a coherent sentence Brett had slipped inside me and he felt so damn good I couldn't do anything but moan, "Breeeetttt..."

Although he didn't reach as deep, Brett was even thicker than Scott and he stretched me to the max. When he rammed his cock into me fireworks shot from my cunt throughout my body and I came once again. I had never come so many times in one night in my life! And I knew I wasn't done yet!

"Damn, Scott, you feel so good, fuck me," Dana begged and I knew exactly what she was feeling because I was feeling the same thing myself only seconds ago. Brett's fingers dug into my ass, he felt so forceful as he fucked me harder, Scott matching his every stroke into Dana. I loved it all!

Dana and I were eye to eye again and I was a little surprised by the animal hunger I saw there. We were so close. If that surprised me, I was totally shocked when Dana leaned over and kissed me. There was nothing gentle about it. She locked her mouth on mine and thrust her tongue between my lips. I could claim it was the shock, but really her kiss felt great and I responded with enthusiasm. I felt Dana's hand stroking my back and then I felt her reach down and cup my dangling breast. When she played with my nipple I moaned into her mouth.

I think this was more than the guys could hope for and Brett just couldn't hold out watching Dana and I kiss and feeling my pussy constricting his cock. He gave one last powerful thrust and I felt him blasting his cum deep inside me. I kept screwing my pussy onto Brett, trying to get every last bit I could until he finally slipped out of me.

I was a woman possessed now. Dana's kiss had electrified me. Scott was still going, but I imagined I could get him off just like his friend. I kissed Dana again, moving under her, teasing her small breasts. As our lips broke she breathed my name and I went lower, sucking each of her big nipples. She moaned and I could feel her pushing her breasts at my mouth. I reached down to Dana's pussy and rubbed her clit just above where Scott was pounding into her. I was tempted to kiss her there too, but I was a little too afraid to go that far. Instead I just rubbed her and caressed Scott's balls. "Michelle, I can't believe it, you're incredible, baby. Both of you," Scott cried and I felt his balls draw up as he shot his load into Dana. I kept rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipples and Dana came right with Scott, nearly falling on top of me.

As soon as Scott pulled out of Dana my best friend took me in her arms, kissing me, rubbing her breasts against mine. She was not shy at all about what she wanted to do to me. First she kissed my breasts and her lips felt so wonderful on my nipples, so different from when a man kisses me. Then she effortlessly moved down, spread my legs and kissing my thighs. I could barely hold still with the anticipation building in me as Dana kissed her way toward my pussy. I arched my back and cried out when Dana kissed my pussy. Her tongue dipped inside me, sought out my clit and teased it. I could feel her sucking Brett's cum from my pussy and Dana dank deeply of our mingled juices. I held my pussy open for her like I had for Scott and Dana used her free hands to tease my nipples. Dana's sucking mouth had me on the edge in minutes and before I knew it I was cumming again, feeling her mouth while she eagerly lapped it all up.

I still wasn't ready to go down on Dana, but she didn't pressure me at all, just held me and kissed me and I could taste myself on her. The guys were turned on again by our little show, but I was a bit too sore to get another sound fucking, so I crawled over to Scott and sucked him into my mouth. I could taste Dana's pussy on his cock, mixed with mine and I found that I did like the taste. But this time I was the teaser and I left Scott, crawling over to Brett. He was more than happy to let me take his cock in my mouth. I sucked him until he was fucking my mouth, and then went back to Scott. Dana meanwhile was enjoying my little slut show, touching herself. I don't think she was nearly as worn out as I was and I was proved right when she pushed Scott down and mounted his cock.

While Dana rode Scott I knelt in front of Brett and sucked him off right next to them. It was hard to stretch my lips around Brett's girth but I managed and was rewarded with a mouthful of thick, hot cum. Dana and Scott both came right about the same time and we all collapsed.

We actually fell asleep on that mat and awoke to the sunrise, a tangle of naked limbs. When someone walked by Dana was able to straighten her outfit, but I was very embarrassed to be completely nude. Especially since it was obvious what had gone on the night before. I slipped right back into my dress.

Dana and I said goodbye to the guys and went back to our room. We kind of avoided them the rest of the time. We weren't really ashamed of what we did. We both really enjoyed it, but we had to wonder what the guys thought of us. We thought it was better not to find out.

I returned from the islands totally refreshed, and dying to go back. Dana and I planned a trip for the coming summer. I returned to my regular self when we got back. Dana and I didn't talk about what happened between us and it never happened again. I guess it is true what they say. I didn't believe it until it happened to me, but I went to the islands and became a person I didn't recognize. I can't wait for it to happen again!

written by sexysally



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