Jacks Dreams Come True

Jack sits in the car, palms slightly sweaty, humming to the pop song on the radio, his cock semi-hard as his mind wanders between the road and the last chat he'd had with Sarah.

This would be their fourth rendezvous. The first was the most difficult. Though the sex was great, the apres-sex was a bit awkward, but they'd managed. In between meetings, they chatted on the computer, sometimes idle banter about work or family, and just as often turning into hot cyber-sex. For him, the meetings had just made their cyber-sex all that much better - as he described licking Sarah's pussy, he recalled her taste. When she described sliding her hand down his shaft, he recalled the feeling of her soft fingertips.

They'd shared many fantasies in their seven months together, and they'd tried to be clear that some of the fantasies were just that. They'd decided to set some rules for themselves when she told him of her fantasy of having a large dildo ass-fuck her, and he'd tried to oblige her on their second meeting. He smiled as he thought about her reaction, her eyes wide in a "You're going to do what with that?" expression.

He'd been surprised at her reaction, even though he knew he'd related fantasies to her that he never intended to fulfill or have fulfilled - like the bondage fantasy he'd had, or the one about making love in a tub of orange juice ... so when Sarah told him that she intended to fulfill one of his fantasies this time around, his interest piqued. "Remember when I tried to do that for you LOL," he'd written to her.

"i know," she wrote, avoiding the Shift key as usual. "but i know this is one you do want for real"

He trusts her - and why not? After revealing so much to her, showing all his fears and sharing his fantasies, he had to. He feels his cock swell a bit fuller in his jeans as he drives and tries to think about what she has in store for him.

A half an hour later, he pulls up to their hotel. The front desk clerk knows them both by now, and smiles a broad customer service smile as Jack walks up to the counter. "Good evening, sir," he says. "How are you?"

"Just fine," Jack replies. Before he has a chance to ask for the key to room 723, the one they always try to get, the clerk says, "I have this bag for you, sir, and a different room than last time." The clerk lifted a small overnight bag onto the counter and placed a key, for 701, next to it.

"Oh," says Jack, a little surprised, yet intrigued. "Thanks." Jack picks up the bag and heads for the elevator. On the 7th floor, he has to turn left instead of right, and makes his way to the end of the hall. He slides the key into the lock of 701 and enters. The room is dark and he whispers, "Sarah?"

Hearing no reply, he turns on the light and walks in, the door closing behind him. He places the bag on the bed, still freshly made, and goes into the bathroom to check himself. "Odd," he thinks, "that she's not here - she's been here, or else the bag wouldn't be here." He walks back to the bag and unzips it open. Inside is a white terry robe, with a small note attached to the lapel - "Undress and put this on," it says. None of his fantasies had involved robes, though she had emailed him a story about a woman in a robe like this. Still unsure what was in store for him, he does as he was told. He smiles slightly at his cock, swelled but not enough to yet defy gravity. Once in the robe, which was slightly rough on his naked skin, he wonders, "Now what?"

He picks up the bag again, to see if there was anything else in it. He sees a folded slip of paper on the bottom. "Oh," he says as he picks it up and opens it. "Turn off the light," it says, "and come into the adjoining room." He looks to the wall and notices for the first time that there is an adjoining room door. He can see that the dead bolt is not locked, so he turns off the light and in only the low glow coming from the window, fumbles back to the door and pulls it open. The door in the next room is closed, but when he pushes it, it glides open. "Sarah?" he whispers into the darkened room. "Hi Jack," she says from inside. "Come in, honey."

"It's dark," he says to the darkness, his eyes still not adjusted to the light.

She giggles lightly. "Yes, I know. Make your way over to the bed - it's right in front of you."

He walks slowly through the doorway dividing the two rooms, sliding his feet on the soft carpet, until his knees hit the softness of the bedspread. He crawls up onto the bed, feeling for her as he goes, finally finding a covered thigh. "Big bed," he says, guessing a king, or bigger. He finds her head with his hand and places it on the side of her face. With his hand as a guide, he lowers his head to her and kisses her on the lips. She moans lightly as his familiar lips meet her, their tongue tips touching lightly before they break.

"You got the robe and the notes, I can see," she says, as her hand smooths his shoulder.

"I did. Room 723 is jealous," he says with a smile in his voice. "So, what fantasy of mine are you planning on?"

In response, he hears her remove the bedding from her body, and still not quite used to the dark, he sees her dark form lift up against the curtained window. She moves to straddle him, sitting her soft ass on his thighs. She reaches down and feels for the robe's tie. When she finds it, she unties it and opens his robe, exposing him to the dark. She moves her hands to his stomach and moves them slowly up his lightly-haired chest to his shoulders, finally coming to a stop with her hair tickling his face. She bends further and kisses him at the base of his throat, then lifts and slides her hands back down his chest to his stomach.

Still wondering what fantasy she is reenacting, he is only slightly startled to feel hair tickling his face again, and he again feels a light kiss at his throat, but he can also feel Sarah sitting on him, her weight pushing on him as though she is sitting up straight, her hands resting on his thighs. The kiss lingers for a second, then breaks away, and he knows now that there is someone else in the room.

"Sarah, who?" he mutters, suddenly feeling very exposed yet extremely aroused at the same time.

Jack hears soft footsteps cross the carpet and the entryway light turns on. A shapely figure is silhouetted in the doorway. Jack props himself up on his elbows to get a better look, his eyes still not adjusted to either the dark or the light. The figure moves back toward the bed and Jack sees Sarah sit up next to him. His eyes linger for a moment on her pert breasts, her nipples erect. He looks back again to the figure, now sitting on the edge of the big bed.

"This is Bonnie," Sarah says in a low voice. "She's here to help fulfill a fantasy of yours - and one of mine, and one of hers." Bonnie turns and crawls up on the bed, and moves to Jack. She kisses him lightly on the corner of his mouth.

Unsure what exactly to do, he sizes Bonnie up. She has short, red hair, too red to be natural, but nice. Her lips are full, glistening. Her skin is dark, tanned, her breasts at least twice as large as Sarah's, the nipples enlarged, but not as well defined as Sarah's, with saucer-sized areolae. A small scar, from an appendix perhaps, displayed near her hip, and a small tattoo of a black rose was prominent on the other hip. A dark patch of bushy black hair covered her mound, and long legs folded underneath her ass as she sat back on her calves.

She contrasted nicely with Sarah, who was definitely shorter, by at least three inches. Her breasts, perfectly sized to fit in his hand, had hard, dark nipples with areolae that were only slightly larger. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was tied behind her head in a ponytail tonight. He saw that Sarah had shaved her pussy completely clean this time, and her soft thighs created a long cleft that he longed to lick.

He'd talked about his fantasies about two women in his bed with Sarah, and this was definitely one of the ones he'd wanted to come true, though he never thought is actually would. Though Sarah had fantasized aloud to him about a lesbian lover, she'd not given an indication that it was one she wanted to live out. He wondered how they'd met, though Sarah answered the question for him.

"We met online, of course," Sarah says after watching Jack size the two of them up. "We got to talking about things, and one thing led to another, and we were talking about sex. This was a couple of weeks ago."

"She told me about you, Jack," Bonnie says, speaking for the first time, her voice deeper, throatier than Sarah's. She reaches her hand out and places it on Jacks thigh, gently squeezing. "We talked about men, fantasies, the fantasies of men. Of your's."

Sarah places her hand on Jack's other thigh. "We talked about men's lesbian fantasies, and we talked about our own. Then we found out we live a close drive from here, and planned to fulfill three fantasies at once."

Jack watches as they speak, eager to procede, but still curious. "Did you wait for me before you started?" he asks.

"Yes," said Sarah, "but it was hard." She chuckles and places her hand around Jack's cock. "Like you are now."

Jack takes in breath at Sarah's light, familiar touch, and watches as Bonnie and Sarah look at each other. They both lick their lips and move toward each other. With Sarah's hand still wrapped around him, and with Bonnie's hand pressing on his thigh, he watches as their lips meet in a soft, tentative kiss. The kiss lingers, and as they slowly pull away, he sees their tongues slip out, touching by their tips. Sarah's grip on him tightens as she feels the tip of Bonnie's tongue glide over hers, then flick at it they move away from each other.

None of them is sure what to do next, but Jack wants to see them together, so he says, "You two keep going - I'll watch for a while." They both looked at him with slight smiles.

"Tell me what to do to her," Bonnie says to Jack. Sarah's hand leaves his cock, and he clears his throat, grinning widely. This wasn't part of his fantasy, to direct them, but he would rise to the occasion.

"Sarah's pussy tastes divine, and she loves to have her clit sucked," he says. Sarah's hands go up to her face, in slight embarrassment, but Jack sees the look in her eyes; he sees her legs part slightly at the thought. Bonnie licks her lips and smiles broadly, her tongue sliding along her top teeth.

The pause lasts for a quick moment, and then Jack sits up and moves to free up most of the bed's real estate. His movements prompt Sarah to lie down on her back, legs together, hands up above her head. Bonnie moves and kneels in front of Sarah's feet and knees, then pushes them apart with one hand. Sarah does not protest in the least, opening her legs to her, her smooth, shaved pussy slightly engorged with her desire. Bonnie places her elbows on the bed and dips down, still kneeling, ass thrust into the air. He watches as her breasts press into the sheets as her slightly open lips move in towards Sarah's pussy. He sees Sarah's hips press up towards Bonnie as she feels Bonnie's hot breath start to warm her. Then, contact - Bonnie first kisses Sarah's outer lips, leaving small red marks of lipstick on her skin. As Sarah feels her softness on her, her hips relax and her legs fall open even further, spreading the smooth pussy out, displaying her pink inner lips and the rounded hood covering her clit.

Bonnie kisses around Sarah's pussy for a few seconds and Jack prompts, "Use your tongue, your whole mouth." Sarah looks at him approvingly, though Bonnie hesitates for a moment. Though she's never been with a woman before, aside from some brief touching in high school, Bonnie has been primed for this night for a week now, the anticipation helping provide for three or four great orgasms as she lay in bed at night. She is unsure of what to do, but knows how she likes to get eaten. She resolves to just do what she likes and see where that goes. She licks Sarah's crack from bottom to top, the tip of her tongue pressing into Sarah's sheathed clit as she passes it. Sarah's response is a shudder and a great exhale as the sensations flow up her body. Bonnie smiles at the reaction she created, and moves the tip of her tongue all over Sarah's open pussy.

Satisfied with her, Jack turns his attention to Sarah. As Bonnie's tongue darts across Sarah, he moves to Sarah's side and leans down over her breasts, taking one hard nipple into his mouth, nipping at it lightly, then sucking it hard, pulling her breast into his mouth. Sarah's hands come onto his head and press him down on her, her fingers running though his hair as he brushes her nipple with the back of his tongue. He releases his suction and her tit falls back to her body, the nipple harder than ever. She moves his head to her other breast and he repeats the procedure, one of her favorites. His hand snakes up to her free breast and the fingers fondle her and slide over the wetness of his saliva.

He hears her breathing raggedly, sucking in air each time Bonnie's tongue flicks at her clit or pressing into her slit. He feels Sarah's hands tug at his hair, pulling his head to hers. Expecting to kiss her, he readies his lips, but it isn't a kiss Sarah wants. She pulls his ear to her mouth and pausing for a second while her nub is stimulated by Bonnie's tongue, quickly whispers, "Eat her."

Jack smiles slightly, instantly feeling his mouth water. When he was younger, he'd wondered if he would like eating pussy, but in recent years, and especially since he and Sarah had met, it had become his favorite part of sex. Now, to lap at the cunt of another woman ... the very thought was a pleasure in itself. He leans down and kisses Sarah fully, their tongues licking at each other, Jack trying to show his appreciation for her demand. As he pulls away, she gasps as Bonnie hits another painfully pleasurable spot, and she grabs his arm, pulling on him. He looks down and her eyes tell him to listen - he leans down to her and she whispers "I want to taste her on you."

Jack turns his head and whispers to her, "You're going to taste her yourself soon enough." He gently pinches a nipple on her right breast as he moves away. Sarah watches him slide to the edge of the bed, where Bonnie's pussy no doubt is spread wide for him. Bonnie's tongue pokes at her clit once again and Sarah's eyes close instinctively. She moves one hand to her mouth, hanging two fingers on her teeth as she runs her tongue along the tips of her nails. With her other hand, she reaches out to touch Bonnie's short hair, and pushes Bonnie gently against her pussy. With the pressure, Bonnie opens her mouth and takes Sarah's entire pussy into her mouth. Sarah presses harder and Bonnie sucks gently, her tongue reaching to press into her soft tunnel.

Though Sarah thinks Jack eats great pussy, Bonnie is exposing her to sensations she is not used to, sensations she hadn't felt before. The light suction, with Bonnie's teeth pressing hard into her skin, sends Sarah close to the edge of orgasm. She has to concentrate to keep from coming, as she wants to savor the sensations. She releases the pressure on Bonnie's head. She feels Bonnie lick her vulva one more time, then she breaks the pressure. Eyes closed again, Sarah sucks lightly on her own finger, then suddenly bears down hard as she feels something new. She feels Bonnie slip the tip of her finger past the wet, soft outer lips of her pussy, and press into her slick slit. Slowly, Bonnie presses her finger deeper and deeper into Sarah. Sarah looks down and sees Bonnie watching her own finger intensely, watching it disappear into her pussy.

Sarah could see Jack stand behind Bonnie, his cock fully erect as he looks at her prize. He walks over to get the desk chair and places it at the side of the bed. When he sits, he is face-to-face, as it were, with her rose. Jack places a hand on Bonnie's ass, and at his touch, her hips move back toward him, thrusting her toward him. Sarah watches as Jack's head moves down toward Bonnie. Suddenly, Bonnie's finger presses hard into Sarah's cunt, stopped only by her knuckles. Sarah is in ecstasy, knowing that Bonnie is feeling it too - her thrust was in time with Jack's first lick of Bonnie's pussy.

Unused to a hairier pussy, Jack uses his tongue to probe into the dark patch, quickly finding soft skin and Bonnie's sweet and pungent nectar. She tastes stronger than Sarah, like espresso to Sarah's latte. Jack places his other hand on her other ass cheek and presses his face into her sweetness, his tongue probing at her gently, then firmly, then gently again. He opens his eyes and sees Bonnie's tight pink ass hole - a taboo area for Sarah. He is curious, so he licks up the short patch of skin from the bottom of her pussy to her puckered ass. As his tongue caressed the wrinkled skin, Bonnie reacts strongly, pressing herself harder into his gentle probing.

Bonnie is taken aback by Jack's migration to her ass, but the sudden feeling he was giving her took her aback even more. Normally she'd have said no if he'd asked, but she was now glad he didn't ask. Bonnie pulls her fingers out of Sarah and reaches back to Jack, finding his head and then pulling him to her. Her prompting makes Jack point his tongue slightly and try to press it into her tightness. Savoring the feeling of the press, she releases him and slides her fingers back into Sarah, taking them out several times to lick Sarah's light taste onto her tongue.

Jack presses as hard as he can with his tongue, which isn't very hard. Bonnie's reaction told him he'd found a good spot, but he wants to eat her pussy again. He presses into her again, then licks her ass once more before retracing his steps back to her pussy. Dissatisfied with his position, he moves away, and turns himself over so that he is sitting on his ass, his erection hard as ever, and with a much better angle to tongue-fuck Bonnie. He places his mouth over her clit, his tongue pressing through her hair to find her nub. He reaches up with one hand and with his thumb and middle finger, and spreads Bonnie wide apart. He licks her soft inner lips and then focuses on her clit. As he finds it, Bonnie presses her weight down on him. He takes the hint and lightly sucks and licks at Bonnie's nub.

Jack hears Bonnie's breathing quicken and he hears soft moans as she presses her pussy onto him. He moves his hands to the sides of his face and presses up on her slightly, to give himself more room to move about - he releases his suction on her nub and licks down her slit, pressing his tongue into her when he feels the tip penetrate into her soft tunnel. He presses his tongue deeper, tasting her juices as he breathes in her scent. He breathes heavily onto her pussy, warming her. He has to hold her up hard as she reacts to his penetration by pressing down on him again. He quickly pulls his tongue out of her, and then thrusts it back in again, causing Bonnie to emit a small gasp. Liking her reaction, Jack pulls out and thrusts into her again and again. After a half dozen tongue thrusts, he moves quickly back to her clit, and sucks the fleshy hood and the hard nub into his mouth, flicking with his tongue. Bonnie sucks in her breath quickly as she feels the start of her orgasm build in her pussy.

Too busy eating and enjoying Bonnie for Jack to notice, Sarah got up off the bed when she looked sideways at Jack and saw his head under Bonnie's ass and his dick rock-hard, pointing at his navel. She moves slowly, trying to leave her surprise for the last moment - she positions herself next to Jack's waist and steps over him, straddling him. She reaches down and grabs his hard member, the purple head full, the ridge of the crown soft and round. She feels his cock jerk in her hand at her touch and quickly slides down him and places him at the entrance to her pussy. Oozing with Bonnie's saliva and her own slick pussy juices, she is more than ready to feel him fill her. Her hand guides his cock into her pussy. She sees him lift Bonnie slightly to see her, and sees him lick his lips as she slides his cock into her. Bonnie's insistent hips push down again, blocking Jack's view of Sarah, and she sees him dive into her cunt again.

Sarah settles down on Jack, as his hips push up lightly in an instinctive attempt to fill her further. Sarah lowers one hand to her pussy and moves the other to her erect nipple. Using her knees to lift herself up and slide his cock out of her, then quickly lowering herself back down, she fucks him while she rubs her finger over the hood of her clit and gently pinches her nipple with the other hand. Sarah continues to pleasure herself while she watches Bonnie fuck Jack's mouth.

Near orgasm now, Bonnie lays her head down on her arms while Jacks sucks on her clit and licks her pussy - he's doing better than most of the men that have given her head, and she has no intention of letting him stop now. She moans softly as Jack sucks on her nub, and after a moment mutters, "Tongue, tongue." She feels him lick her clit, then move down to thrust his tongue into her tunnel. Bonnie loves this and grinds her pussy into his face as hard as she can, frustrated that his hands are holding her up - but he responds to her pressure and pushes his tongue further into her, and she feels the tip moving like a snake in the middle of her tunnel. Pressing up as hard as he does, the tip of his nose presses lightly against her clit, and the dual sensations start to push her over the edge. She licks her lips and tastes Sarah's light juices. She lifts her head and looks back to see Sarah bouncing on Jack's cock, her small tits bouncing slightly with her movements.

Jack moves his mouth back to her clit once more and sucks it into his mouth. This time, Bonnie feels his teeth surround her nub, and the surprise hardness and the slight delicious pain forces an orgasm out of her. Bonnie gasps in a deep breath and lets it out slowly in a long moan as waves of pleasure emanate out from her encircled clit, up her body, to her hardened nipples and out her mouth. Jack, reacting to her obvious rush of orgasm, sucks her clit even harder, all the while now spreading her pussy lips with his thumbs, exposing her pinkness underneath her bush.

Jack enjoys Bonnie's orgasm immensely, and revels to trying to extend it by stretching her, licking her, and sucking her until she cannot stand it any longer. He laps at her juices hungrily, stopping to nip and suck on her lips as he licks her pussy clean. Finally, she shudders and pulls her hips up to lift off of him - he gives her soft pussy a last lick as she rolls away from him and he takes a deep breath as Sarah lowers herself down on him again. He lifts his head slightly to watch Sarah diddle her clit and pull gently on each of her nipples, her eyes closed and concentrating. He loves to watch her use him and is mesmerized until Bonnie breaks the spell. She comes next to him and bends down to kiss him, their tongues mingling. She moves her mouth to suck his lower lip between hers, and then she licks her own juices off his face. The feel of her tongue on his face is unique and almost makes him forget about Sarah, until she pounds her hips down on his again.

After Bonnie licks Jack's face, tasting her familiar taste diluted by his saliva, she moves down to his nipples and sucks on one as she pinches the other with her fingers. Seeing both women using his body, giving him pleasure, is a dream come true for him. He puts his hand on Bonnie's head and holds her to his nipple, signaling his desire for her to continue, and reaches out to gently squeeze Bonnie's hanging tit with his other hand. He presses his hips up to meet Sarah's thrusts, marveling in the sensations these two women are giving him.

Bonnie sucks Jack's nipple hard, pulling his hardness and the surrounding skin into her mouth. She hears Jack whispering "Oh, yes," and feels his hand press down even harder. She smiles slightly, then moves her mouth to bring her teeth around his nipple. Biting gently but firmly, she pinches his other nipple between her fingers at the same time. Jack lets out a hard breath and Bonnie applies a touch more pressure on both nipples before moving away from him. She stands, knees slightly weak from her still subsiding orgasm, and watches Sarah for a moment, trying to gauge them. After only second, it is obvious that Sarah is close to her peak, and Bonnie moves to her, and cups her breast in her hand. She leans forward and licks Sarah's ear lobe, then whispers "I want to taste his cum inside you."

Sarah opens her eyes and quickly nods her agreement. "Come for me, Jack," Sarah whispers loudly as she moves her hand away from her clit - she wants Jack to come inside her, but she wants Bonnie's tongue to give her an orgasm. Jack's face contorts as he starts to press his hips harder and harder into Sarah. Sarah stops her own motions and holds steady above him, letting his motion thrust his cock into her pussy. After just a few more moments, Jack trusts hard into her and stays up, and she feels his cock twitch inside her. Jack moans as he feels him jism explode into Sarah's soft pussy, and tries to press himself further into her than possible as the white liquid spurts out. He releases a hard breath as his muscles collapse and his ass falls to the chair, his softening cock pulling out of Sarah with a slight pop.

As she swings her legs out from over Jack, Sarah can feel his wetness start to slide out of her pussy and down her leg. She moves quickly and sits on the edge of the bed next to Jack, and Bonnie wastes no time. Her mouth quickly covers Sarah's pussy, and Sarah wraps both hands around Bonnie's head as Bonnie's tongue darts in and out of Sarah's slit, slurping at Jack's come as it oozes out of Sarah. Bonnie normally does not enjoy the taste of semen, but the combination of Jack's strong taste and Sarah's light flavor is something new, and she relishes each second. Knowing that Sarah saved her orgasm for her, though, Bonnie soon focuses on Sarah's clit, and reaches into her pussy with two fingers.

Sarah feels the fingers enter her as Bonnie sucks on her clit, and she begins to feel her orgasm build again. She closes her eyes and lets her head fall back as she pulls Bonnie's mouth harder onto her. Then she feels Jack's teeth nip at her nipple, sending sharp pleasurable pains up into her head and back down into her clit. He moves his teeth away and licks her nipple, but she wants him to bite, and says, "Bite it."

Both Jack and Bonnie think Sarah is talking to them, so Jack gently bites Sarah's nipple again just as Bonnie gently bites Sarah's clit. These two powerful sensations are all Sarah needs, and with a loud, sharp scream, she comes, her body shaking slightly, and her eyes closed tightly. Jack and Bonnie continue to nip at Sarah through her orgasm, and after a few moments they give rise to a second powerful wave. Sarah releases Bonnie's head, her back gives out, and she bounces onto the bed. Bonnie releases Sarah's pussy as Sarah collapses.

For a moment they all three stay where they are as Sarah's orgasm subsides and her breathing slows. All three are covered in sweat, with the tastes of the others swirling in their mouths. One by one, they lick their lips and wipe the sweat from their brows. After a few more moments, Bonnie walks slowly back to the bathroom and returns with three wine glasses and an open bottle of white wine. She pours the three glasses full and then hands one to Jack and one to Sarah.

Bonnie holds up her glass to the others and says, "Thanks, guys - that was delicious." Sarah and Jack nod in agreement and sip their wine. After another moment, Sarah says "We'll have to do that again soon."

Jack sighs and finishes his glass. "Very, very soon," he says.

written by jackstart



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