Ecstasy Party Group Fucked By Men

When Joe first asked me to one of his Sexual Celebration parties, I was a little unsure. I'd heard about these parties around, and they sounded a little strange but also intensely exciting.

"Don't worry," he told me, trying with all his heart to convince me.

"It's just fun and passion. Imagine, a roomful of gorgeous people who all want to bring you to ecstasy and give you the best night of your life. They'll fulfill your every fantsasy." It was just too good to resist, so finally I agreed to go. So that night, I pulled on my lacy black 36D bra and black skintight minidress, checking out my voluptuous, well-toned body as I walked out the door, and headed out to the address Joe had told me about. When I walked in to the steamy apartment, I couldn't help but smile. The room was filled with people, both male and female, and all gorgeous and sexy. They were everywhere, kissing and fondling each other happily, often in groups of more than two. A tall, slender, exotically beautiful woman saw me and walked towards me, smiling. She had light brown skin and long, lustrous black hair, and was wearing even less than I was.

"Hello," she said, approaching me and touching my arm.

"My name is Selena. And you're beautiful."

"Hi, Selena," I replied.

"Mine's Rachel, and so are you." She smiled again, and kissed me gently on the lips, as soft and perfect a kiss as I'd ever felt. From that kiss, and the sexy music playing, and the whole general environment of the party, I was already feeling incredibly turned on. Selena's hand reached out and found my breast, touching it and squeezing it gently as our mouths opened in a long, wet french kiss. I unbuttoned the one remaining button on her wispy blouse and eagerly sought out her own gorgeous breasts, squeezing them hard and stroking them. I could hear her breath starting to come faster, and knew she was just as turned on as I was. We sank onto the couch together, kissing more passionately now and peeling off layers of clothing, urgently. She straddled me and began to massage my upper thighs, then my pussy lips, but not quite my clit, until I was gasping with wanting.

"Please...please..." I begged, pushing my hips up towards her hand to give her freer access. At this, Selena bent down and fastened her beautiful mouth onto my pussy, teasing my clit with her tongue until I was almost screaming with passion. She slipped her long tongue far up inside me, and then suddenly began sucking on my swollen clit with all her might.

"Yes! Yes!! More!!" I yelled, grabbing the back of her head with both my hands and pumping my hips up onto her mouth, fucking her mouth as hard as I could. Finally I came, in screaming ecstasy, throbbing and spasming as Selena kept licking up my wet pussy juices and swallowing them. When the orgasm was over, I suddenly realized that there were now more than two hands massaging my body. I opened my eyes to see that the whole crowd of the party was now surrounding me, kissing and stroking every inch of my flesh. I was already hot again, and surrendered myself to the passion around me, as two women began sucking on my breasts (one each) and a gorgeous, muscular man started spreading my legs and fingering my clit. This went on for minutes, a leisurely, wonderful sucking, fondling, and licking all over me. I was breathless with my wanting, my eyes closed, my head rolled back. Then, I felt hands at my waist, turning me over. The man at my vagina began gently sucking me, spreading my legs wide over his face. Other hands were there at the same time, and I felt a wetness at my butt.

Suddenly I realized what was happening - the combination of my pussy juices and his saliva were being rubbed into my asshole, as a lubricant. Before I could protest, an enormous hot cock was thrust into my formerly virgin asshole, buttfucking me as another man ate my pussy underneath. The sensations were incredible - other hands and mouths were still working my breasts, and another stiff cock was in my mouth, incredibly wide and long. I sucked it eagerly, as the man behind me began slowly pumping his huge dick in and out of my ass. Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any hotter, another dick appeared, even bigger than the other two, and thrust far into my pussy.

I was being doublefucked, hard, and it was so good, I couldn't believe it. The two competing rhythms were incredibly erotic, and my enormously swollen clit was rubbing against the cock at my front as the huge cock at my back was rocking in and out of my butt, so big it felt like it was going to burst right out of my stomach. Finally, we all came together, screaming and spasming and pumping, in unbelievably powerful multiple orgasms...

"Yess!! YESSSS!!!! OHH, AHHH, UNHHH, YESSS, YESS, YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hard as it is to believe, the night continued after that. There were eight men there, and nine women, all gorgeous and horny. We fucked each other's brains out, literally keeping it up until we were to exhausted to continue. Somehow I got home at the end, and slept for sixteen hours, waking up feeling better than I ever had. There's another party next week - and I can't wait.

written by teegee


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