Action in the Woods

I don't know about you but what really turns me on is watching and participating in hot bisex action. The following situation oc- curred nearly three years ago now but I still get a raging stiff hard-on every time I think about it.

I was working in the Bracknell area at the time and I stopped off in this car park after work to go for a run. Its quite a well known trolling area and I made sure I was wearing a sexy pair of running shorts in case any interesting opportunities arose (something's aris- ing right now actually as I recall what happened).

I parked the car and was just catching the end of a radio pro- gramme I'd been listening to when this XR3 pulled into the car park. It made a couple of circuits of the car park and then came and parked right next to me. Inside was a young blond guy of about 25 and a girl of about 20. They were obviously hot for it because no sooner had the car stopped than they were groping and feeling one another. This was making me really randy and my cock was uncontrollably bulging against the thin material of my shorts.

After about five minutes they got out of the car and came and stood right by my window, the boy feeling the girl's tits and then slipping his hand up under her mini-skirt and under her knicker elas- tic. He was wearing this really tight pair of bleached Levi's - real come-fuck-me's, they were. She had her hand round feeling his arse and pressing her body against his by now obviously throbbing prick. They then went off into the woods and I assumed this was the last I'd see of them and that they had just been teasing me. However I noticed in my mirror that they turned round to look in my direction a couple of times as they walked into the distance and as I was going for a run any way I set off shortly afterwards in their general direction.

I could find no sign of them and was about to give up and resume my run when I heard these most incredible grunting and groaning sounds. They came from a group of bushes a few yards away and I crept forward into a clearing and there he was - pumping and pounding away with his hot stiff cock in her lovely cunt. I must have stood on a twig or something as they suddenly turned and looked at me. I must say I didn't quite know what to do so I just stood there staring at this beautiful sight.

"Well don't just stand there," said the boy, "get it out. Marie loves the sight and feel of a good hard length of meat." Well, that was it - I needed no more persuading I can tell you and anyway if I'd not actually released my cock at that moment I think it would have burst right out of my shorts all on its own. Marie made me kneel down in front of her and she sucked away on my cock taking it right down her throat. All the while Alan (that was his name) was thrusting away at her and I stretched out my hand and gently stroked his arse as it gyrated up and down. Then, moving my hand down between his legs, I fondled his hairy balls and that lovely hard cock slipping and sliding in and out.

By now Alan was licking away at my cock as well and I was getting really turned on by my unexpected stroke of luck. "God I'd love to fuck you" I said, or words to that effect and Alan gently slid his cock out and stood up. He made Marie lie down on her side and told me to fuck her from behind so he would get a better view. I gently pushed my cock right up her receptive cunt and then just lay there for a while hardly daring to move for fear of coming. The lovely warm sensa- tion surrounding my cock was just indescribable and the sight of Alan jerking away on his huge throbbing dick with his Levi's down around his ankles made me quite delirious. "Let me do that I said to him" and I started to wank him with long steady strokes. Pretty soon his whole body seemed to stiffen and go rigid. By now I was pounding away into Marie getting nearer and nearer to the point of no return. Marie started coming and coming with muffled cries and gasps of pleasure.

The sound of her cries triggered Alan's monumental orgasm. He shot a stream of creamy white cum all over Marie's tits. Spurt after spurt seemed to come until he eventually fell down exhausted. Meanwhile I gave several long last thrusts, each one longer and deeper than the one before, and then, just in time I pulled out and let go my hot steamy load all over the two of them.

Alan and Marie were really beautiful and I often visit Bracknell Woods hoping to bump into them again but so far I never have.

written by mr bi jingle



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