Insatiable Preggo - Sex with a Pregnant Woman

My name is Maggie. I am 40 years old. I am 5'6" and 200 lbs. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I am married to my husband Jim of 5 years now. I am also 8 months pregnant. I have recently come to the realization that I am bisexual. This story is about how I came to that realization.

Now, I say bisexual instead of lesbian because I could never give up my husband. I love him dearly and he is so good in bed. Anytime I feel his cock inside me I seem to instantly cum. Now, having said that, after a couple months ago I can never go back to being straight. There is something just incredibly hot about being with another woman. Tasting another woman is totally amazing. Having another woman taste me is so hot I can't go without it.

This pregnancy was a surprise. We already have 2 children and our youngest is 13. We are both excited and happy to have another baby on the way. I had totally forgotten how high my sex drive was during my other two pregnancies. I just can't cum enough. My husband and I have had sex every day (almost) for the past 4 months and I still masturbate a couple times a day. I wake up in the middle of the night either fingering myself or humping my husband. He loves it. Since I found out I was pregnant I have been sleeping naked. I just love the feeling of being naked better than sleeping even with just panties on. In turn, my husband has been sleeping naked too.

I saw we have sex every day because I get so horny while sleeping that I will back up and start humping my husband. We spoon every night and in that position his hard cock naturally slides into my wet pussy. I have woken up at least 4 nights every week to some seriously hot sex. I also wasn't multi-orgasmic until this pregnancy. I have an average of 5 orgasms during sex and have topped out at 13 orgasms (good ones not just subtle ones).

The 13 orgasms wasn't my husband. It was with a co-worker. We work together and I was so horny I just couldn't work anymore. He teases me and flirts hard with me. Well, in a moment of weakness I said, "Stop teasing me and lets do something about it."

He said, "Are you serious?"

I said, "Yes, I need to cum bad. I can't wait to get home to my husband. I need it now."

He said, "When does your husband get off work?"

I said, "Around 4."

He said, "Perfect. We are almost done now. It's only 1. Lets go back to your place and release some tension."

I said, "Ok. We can finish this work tomorrow morning."

So, we both drove back to my place. I was naked before I got upstairs. I'm not usually one to suck dick but I was on my knees sucking his 8 inch cock before he could get undressed. He stood there with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants around his ankles and I went all the way down till I could feel his balls. He neared an orgasm and I stopped. He layed me on the bed and ate my pussy better than I had every had it done. I had my first orgasm after about 2 minutes. He kept licking me until I had another orgasm just another few minutes later.

I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to feel his dick inside me. I got him on his back and got on top of him. I got his cock inside my pussy and could feel it hit the back of me. I sat up and rode his cock. I was getting all sweaty and my hair thrashing around. He held my ass as I fucked him. I had another 4 orgasms all back to back in just a few short minutes. I would have a mind blowing orgasm and need to slow down a bit then I would start feeling good again and get back to grinding his dick.

He had 3 wet orgasms in the hour we had sex. I fucked him until my pussy was quivering. I would've kept going but my husband was gonna be home in 15 minutes and I wanted to ease him into the idea of what I had just done instead of him walking in and seeing me doing it.

My husband did get home about 20 minutes later. Mike had left only 60 seconds prior. I was still laying in bed with cum oozing out of my pussy. I was sweaty and freshly fucked. My legs were spread eagle. My pussy was visibly throbbing.

Jim said, "My lord. What have you been doing?" He sounded interested.

I said, "Well, here is the thing. I was horny and in a moment of weakness and I did something."

He got naked and crawled up the bed between my legs. He said in a sexy voice, "You have been having sex, haven't you?"

I said, "You aren't mad? How can you tell?"

He said, "I know what you look like post-coital plus you have cum oozing out of your pussy."

I said, "You aren't mad?"

He said, "Actually, no i'm not. I find it really hot for some reason. You mind if I get a taste of you?"

I said, "No, not at all. Come up here and get you some baby."

He got on top of me and slid his dick inside my still throbbing pussy. He said, "The cum makes it all moist. It's still hot."

I said, "You like that?"

He said, "I won't lie. Feeling my cock inside your pussy moistened from another man's cum is really turning me on."

I couldn't take much more and I told him. I told him that we had been fucking for over an hour. He still managed to make me cum two more times. I told him that if he wanted to pick up later to give me a couple hours to nap and eat and then we could fuck all night if he wanted. He took me up on that offer later.

Later on after we had sex for the second time for him and the third time for me we talked.

He said, "So, how long has this been going on?"

I said, "Honestly, that was my first time. I swear."

He said, "I believe you. So what do you think?"

I said, "I was so horny I couldn't think of anything else but work. He offered and without thought I took him up on it. If you had been home I would've just left work and fucked you."

He said, "Well, i'm not mad. If you ever get that horny again and you and I just can't get together you have my permission to do it again."

I said, "You really are ok with this aren't you?"

He said, "Yeah, I really am. Just don't lie about it if I ask you, k?"

I said, "Absolutely."

He said, "Do you think it will happen again?"

I said, "You want to know the truth?"

He said, "You know I do."

I said, "Yes, it certainly will. I am masturbating about 4 times a day on top of you and I having sex. I can promise you that when you and I are off work that you will get my undivided attention, but I can promise you that I will get in bed with him again."

He said, "See, I like your honesty. It's totally ok with me."

So, that was at 3 months pregnant. At the moment of this writing I am 8 months pregnant. Mike and I have had sex about 3 times a week every week since. I have also had sex with my husband's brother Greg, another co-worker steve and a really good friend named Mark. One weekday I had sex almost all day long. I had sex with 4 different men, one of which was my husband.

Keep in mind that my husband knows about everyone I have slept with. He also knows that it is because of my pregnancy that I am so horny. The doctor said it is not uncommon for a woman to have an increased sex drive. As long as I am being sexually safe he sees no problem in what I am doing so long as Jim is ok with it.

Now, my increased sex drive has left jim somewhat unsatisfied. We used to have sex daily but due to my increased apetite I have had other men over. Around 5 months pregnant is when I started having lovers over when jim was home. He is still ok with it. He says that he is ok with it and will often watch me have sex from across the room and will masturbate. Jim also has a lover for when masturbation isn't enough.

Now, this lover is not female. He has a male lover. That sorta surprised me. I'm never gonna tell my husband he can't sleep with someone seeing as how at one point I was fucking 4 different guys and 2 girls.

I first decided to go all the way with a girl when I was 6 months pregnant. Since my pregnancy I have been completely nude anytime I'm not at work. This also includes in the car running errands that I don't need to get out of the car for. I simply don't have the want to wear clothes. I like being nude and want to be able to suck on my tits or play with my pussy anytime I want.

I was upstairs in bed watching television. My best friend Carrie was with me. She wasn't nude but she was braless and only in panties. We were watching a porno with a storyline.

She said, "Man this is making me realy horny."

I said, "Take off your panties and jack off then."

She said, "That won't satisfy me. I need more."

For some reason I didn't even hesitate. I said, "Ok then. I will eat your pussy if you eat mine."

She said, "Are you serious?"

I said, "Dead serious. I am always horny anymore. I haven't ever been with a woman but I am definitely willing to try it out."

She said, "Awesome. I am totally for you and I having sex. So long as it's not just a one time thing."

I said, "If it's good I guarantee you that you will get laid as often as you want."

She took off her panties and we started making out. Right away I knew that I wanted her back in my bed very soon. I was laying down. She started sucking on my neck. She sucked down hard and it was so hot. I was loving it. She moved down to my nipples. She sucked on them and got some colostrum. She asked if it was ok for her to drink it and of course it was. So she sucked on my breasts for a while drinking the milk. She then kissed my pregnant belly moving slowly down to my pussy. Soon as her lips met mine I moaned out loud. It was so hot. I loved the feeling and thought of a woman licking my pussy. I had an orgasm literally 30 seconds later. We tried to 69 but with my belly that wasn't gonna be possible. Instead we took turns eating each other out. She also licked my anus and for me that was my first time. God the things you find out turn you on when you are pregnant. It's almost a requirement for anyone to give me a good rimming anytime I get laid.

7 orgasms and 45 minutes later we stopped. My husband walked into the bedroom while we were naked and holding each other. He asked what had been going on. I told him that we had just gotten through having sex. He said, "Wow, me too. Was it good?"

I said, "Amazing. You?"

He said, "Very nice."

written by maggie


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