Hard And Straight 2

Her hands found my pants, and she began working the buttons on my 501s. Her hand slipped into my shorts, and grabbed Mr. Tubesteak, who was ready to come out and play.

"Jolene, tell me what you want me to do," I asked. I was sure I could pleasure her, bur I wanted her to tell me what pleased her. She seemed to be very confident as she polished my flagpole.

"I want you to do me hard and straight," she said. "No bullshit, just a hard, straight fuck." It was the first time she swore in front of me. I was impressed. I loved her assertiveness.

I kissed her lovingly around her neck as she continued to pump my cock. Her grip was not as rough as mine, but it was still pleasurable. I pulled the straps of her leotard off her shoulders and down. She helped by pulling it down to expose her breasts. They were beautiful firm little breasts that hugged her ribcage. Her nipples were erect, as much from the arousal as the weather. I lightly brushed her nipples with my lips. She pushed my head down on her breast, and I took as much of it in my mouth as It was able. It was luscious. I loved the fresh smell of her hot, tight little body.

As I roamed her breasts, neck and face with my mouth, I worked on her pants. Again, Jolene assisted, taking off the leotard and the jeans in one fell swoop. Her skin was milky white and smooth to the touch. She seemed so fragile, like a doll. I explored her beautiful smooth body with my hands, stopping to admire the different aspects of it. I moved my hand up her thigh to her snatch. I didn't quite know what to do, but I felt her slit with my index finger. She was hot and moist. She opened her legs to allow me easy access. As I massaged her moist slit, she moaned with approval. Guessing that she was ready for the main man, I carefully mounted her.

I guided my cock to her slit with my hand. Jolene, sensing that I was hesitant, grabbed my hips to guide me forward. She raised her hips to meet me as I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy. "Ooohhh, take it slow big boy, just rub your cock against my pussy for a minute. Give her a chance to get the juices flowing." I gently rimmed her slit, trying to control myself with the wild anticipation of soon being inside her. When she was ready she raised her hips again and motioned for me to enter. The head of my cock penetrated with a little effort. The sensation was outrageous! It felt so good, and she was so tight.

"I don't do this very often," said Jolene, "but I know you're the man to break me in again." I promised that she would not be disappointed.

My cock, thick as it is, was slow going. I needed to push a little, work it around, and push a little more. She was moist, and she worked her pussy lips with her fingers to keep me lubed as I penetrated. She moaned with delight as I pushed a little deeper. She seemed to get equal pleasure from her diddling As my cock moved deeper, and thicker, she moaned "Oooohhh, Nick." I didn't let on, but FYI, Nick was not in the house, Jay was. Undeterred, I resolved to give her the hard, straight fuck she asked for.

Just a few more inches, and I was in, buried to my balls. I continued to work it around as Jolene rocked her hips up and down. Her intensity increased as she began to rock harder and moan louder.

She whimpered, "Oooohhh, Nick, fuck me harder, keep it goin big boy."

I kept my rhythm going as she squealed with delight as an orgasm rushed over her. When she quieted down, I increased my intensity. Just a few more strokes, and I was shooting my wad.

We laid still for what seemed like an eternity listening to the waves lapping up on the shore. The sweat of our bodies mingling between us. The cool breeze on my back. I was spent and very satisfied. I got up on my knees, helped Jolene gather her clothes, and got myself dressed. We walked back up the hill to the car headed out.

Jolene made an excuse that she had to go back to Nick's house to see her friend, so we returned to the party. When we returned, the party was quieting down. Only a few people were left, and Jolene's friend didn't appear to be around.

I offered to take her home, but she said, "That's OK, I'll find a way home-thanks."

"Can I call you?" I asked.

"I'll call you, OK?" Jolene responded.

As I left, I saw Jolene talking to Nick. Maybe she needed a little warm-up for "Nick at Nite." Good for her, I thought to myself, I was out looking for a receptacle, and that's what I got. Women can play that game too. I did get a good fuck out of it. I just wish my cherry didn't go to some flighty bimbo.

On my way back to the car, there were a few guys arguing in the street. It turned out, they were trying to take Peter Colarocchio's car keys away from him. He was loaded, and he'd never make it driving. His girlfriend, Grace, was with him, and the argument had something to do with Pete not wanting Grace to drive his precious car. The guys weren't a lot of help, and Grace walked away, distraught.

As Grace passed me, I asked if I could help. She didn't know what to do, so I offered to take both of them home. "Don't worry," I reassured her, "I know how to talk to Pete." I put Grace in my car, and went back to deal with Pete.

I wasn't sure what I was going to say to Pete as I approached him. He was a bull-headed jerk on just about everything.

"Pete, hey bud, I've got Grace in my car, let's go."

"What the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend in your car?" he shouted.

"You can kick my ass later," I replied as I walked away.

I pulled up next to Pete and his prized car on the way out.

"Nice car bud, I'd hate to see you wreck it. C'mon let's live to see another day, OK?"

Pete piled in the back seat without another word. He passed out a few minutes later. The ride home was quiet. Grace was obviously angry with Pete for drinking like a slob, and the only conversation was to get directions.

When we reached her house, I parked on the street. I walked around the car and opened the door for her. She was a little unsteady herself, and I had to help her up.

"Grace, I'm glad that I was there to help you, and that you made it home safely."

I reassured her that I'd get Pete home safely. She thanked me and gave me a hug.

"Walk me to the back door?" she asked.

Grace led the way toward the back door and spun on her heel as we reached the patio. She threw her arms around me in a passionate kiss. Our lips melted together as we explored each others bodies. I grabbed her tight ass cheeks and humped my hot rod against her shapely hip. She unbuttoned my 501s and groped for my throbbing member. The pearl buttons on her short-cropped cashmere sweater opened easily to reveal firm and ample breasts. She wore a strapless push-up lace bra. Her breasts were spilling out of the half-cups She shuddered as I cupped her breast in my hand my mouth explored the cavity between her mounds. She was obviously primed and ready for action. Her hand found its intended target, and she pulled my jeans off my ass with her other hand. I was standing before her bare-assed with a full erection looking straight at her and my jeans halfway down my thighs.

She was a horny bitch, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Her miniskirt hit the ground and her bra and panties shortly after. She left her cashmere sweater on, draping off her shoulders and framing her breasts in the most sensuous way. The light from the back door reflected off her smooth olive skin and played with her beautiful flowing dark locks. In one fluid motion, she laid back on the edge of the picnic table, and rested her ankles on my shoulders.

"Go to it nice boy!" she shouted.

I pushed my cock toward her hole unsure of what I would find. Her pussy was really moist, and my cock pressed easily past her pussy lips. She moaned as my head lodged in her hole. I pushed in slowly, wanting to savor the fantastic sensation. She thrust her hips toward me in a frenzy, wanting me to fill her hole. I kept applying steady pressure, as her hot pussy swallowed my engorged cock. My cock is wider in the middle than at the head, so her cunt lips got tighter as I inched inward. I stopped half-way in, where my cock is widest. It was wild to look down and see my cock stretching those moist, luscious lips. I leaned in to lick her nipples and kiss her breasts as I slowly moved my hips twisting my cock around inside her. It was driving her wild! She let out a low gutteral moan followed by a quick breath. Suddenly she started undulating rapidly pumping my cock as her pussy got tighter. She moaned in sweet release and shoved her pussy the rest of the way down my cock.

The story continues in Part 3: Hard And Straight

written by jay_stud



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