If I Could

Let me introduce myself first, my name's Rick, I'm 19 and just got started my first year at college. I'm just your average looking guy, never was the most popular guy in high school but nevertheless there were some people who liked me and thought of me as being a great guy :) So did my girlfriend Jennifer, she is the most pretty girl I've ever seen and I considered myself as the luckiest guy in the world being the guy that she loved. She was the girl-next-door I madly fell in love with, I think everybody considered us as being right for each other and so did I.

Until this year we did everything together, we always went to the same schools and our social lives were kinda based on each other. But this year, after we both graduated from high school, I decided to go to another college, far away from home. I told her that I wanted to see what life is like away from everything you know, from everyone you know. She said she wasn't ready to do that and decided to go to a local college back at home. We promised each other that whatever happened we would never forgot the thing we had and how much we loved each other. But last week, when we had to say goodbye, I really had a tough time dealing with not being able to see her for a few months and I couldn't keep myself from saying I loved her and that way it became a real hard time for both of us, so we promised to keep in contact.

So here I was, in a new town with all this new people around me. I moved in the dorm and I already met a few of my new dorm-mates, they seemed nice but at the moment my mind was elsewhere, with Jennifer. School was starting next week, so I had another week to get to know everything and everyone, but today there was this big welcome-party and since a few guys asked me to join them, I agreed and went along. I had been to parties before, so I was used to people doing wild things and trying to find a new date, some just for a night, others trying to find their true love... But this was way bigger than anything I had ever seen, so I was a bit overwhelmed.

Anyway it was getting late (or early, as you could also say) and us guys were getting drunk from all the beers we had to drink, I mean being a freshman at college, you kinda have to proof yourself and drinking is part of that :) I wasn't the person who drank much, so it didn't take a long time for me to get drunk, only two or three beers was enough to lose control. Normally I was a really shy guy, but now I decided to dance along with the others and just make some fun. After about an hour I decided it was enough for me and wanted to go back to the dorm, just about then another boy entered the room and looked me right in my eyes. I got a funny feeling and didn't know what was happening to me, I couldn't move, I just stared in this guys' eyes, they were so special. Two blue eyes, in which you could drown if you weren't careful enough. He noticed I still was staring and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Robin. If you could stop staring for a moment, you maybe could tell me your name." he said.

Just at that moment I felt my head starting to spin and I had to get out. I hated myself for drinking too much and went outside to throw up, leaving my new found friend alone with probably the worst impression I guy could make. One of my buddies just left the party and saw me, he took me back to the dorm.

I woke up the next day at noon with the sound of Jake, my neighbour shouting at the door to open up. I got up, wearing just my boxers to find that I had the most painful headache I had ever had, I just put on a t-shirt and opened the door.

"Man, you really shouldn't drink that much, you know!" Jake said with a smile when he saw my face.

"Yeah remind me, next time there's a party, not to go with you again." I joked. "Why are here shouting like a fool at my door anyway, you knew I drank to much last night." I asked.

"Hey, don't blame me. It's just that there was a phone call that might interest you." he said.

"Jennifer?" I asked.

"Nope man, you really miss that girl, don't you? It was your roommate calling to tell that he's coming over in a hour." Jake told me.

"Wow, in an hour. Jeezes, I've still got to clean up and take a shower. I better hurry!" I said while I began taking my clothes together and put them away in the closet. After 15 minutes, the room was kinda clean, well it was fine to me anyway. So a quick shower then! On my way to the bathroom, I passed the kitchen where I quickly took an apple to eat and hurried myself to the shower. You see, our dorm has a communal bathroom with several showers to share with my other dorm-mates. I went in to see I was alone, well normally I also would have been showered and dressed already at this hour, but just last night... well I'll try not to drink next time I go to a party. Man, this headache was killing me. The hot water felt good on my body, I always enjoy a good hot shower, it makes me forget all my problems. Just enjoying the water pouring on every muscle in your body :) I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist and was just about to brush my teeth when this guy entered. He looked kinda familiar, but I didn't know where I knew him from.

"So I see, you made it back to your room last night." he smiled.

"Yeah, I did. Just made it." I joked.

He saw me looking at him again, trying to remember him. "The name's Robin, remember? From last night." he said.

"I'm sorry, I had a bit to much alcohol yesterday. You see, normally I don't drink but Jake and the guys were drinking and gave some beers too. I was really sick." I tried to explain.

He smiled and said he understood. Then he looked me in the eyes again and asked me what my name was. These eyes, I remembered. I saw them last night and told myself it were the most beautiful eyes I ever saw.

"Your eyes..." I said "... I remember you now Robin."

He smiled, "So, well I guess you took a good look at them. But I still don't know your name!"

"Oh sorry, I'm Rick." I wanted to shake his hand, but just when I put out my hand, my towel slipped. Here I stood, fully exposed to Robin. I really know how to make a good impression to people, last night I just could avoid throwing up on him and now I was playing mister-exhibitionist to him. "I'm sorry Robin. I guess this isn't my day." I smiled. "But hey, there's nothing to hide that I didn't see before."

We shook hands and told him my new roommate was coming over, so I had to hurry. Just when I was about to enter my room, I saw another guy standing there. He had the same height as me, about 6' and he had brown hair and eyes. He was really cute and seemed nice too.

"So you must be Rick," the guy told me, "I'm Josh."

"Hi Josh, nice to meet you. So a freshman too?" I asked him.

"Well, not really. It's my second year, but I just got transferred from another college. We moved and I wanted to get away from some people I knew." he told me.

"Oh, sounds like love-problems." I smiled. "So, I guess this girl hurt you a lot then?"

"Actually, his name is Matthew and all I can say is that I really loved him, but there was no future for us."

Wow, I wasn't expecting this at all. My first time living alone and now I had a gay-roomy, speaking of new things.

"Well, then you should move on Josh. I mean, I'm sure there are lots of nice guys waiting for you here." I said.

"Thanks, I didn't know how you were gonna react, but I wanted to be honest with you." Josh said.

"That's kind of you. It's all a bit new to me, I mean I don't know any gay guys, but I'm cool with it." I smiled. "So Josh, let's get you unpacked and introduce to our dorm-mates."

written by joshbc20



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