Nice But Naughty Meets The UPS Man

Hello to all the readers? My name is Najai and I live out on a country road on the outskirts of town. I don't see many people. I go to town twice a month. One day as I was sitting at my computer, it came to me to put on my see thru nightie and sit around the house. I got up and put on my black nightie. I opened up my window blinds and sit at the computer just playing my favorite game spider solitaire. I heard a knock on the door, I got up and looked to see who it was, it was the UPS man. I opened the door and he said, I have a booxx for you. I said ok could you bring it in. I could see he was nervous and I began to walk with a sexy walk. Did I tell you I have big boobs and a ass too. He went out to get the box and he came in. I told him, I don't get many visits out here. I leaned over so he could see my boobs and I asked him could you help me open the box. He said yes of course.

When I went into the kitchen to get a knife I could see he had a bulge in his pants. I thought bingo. I handed him the knife and as he cut open the box. I went over to him and rubbed my boobs against him, as I was going to the box. I took the pot and pans out of the box and said, thank you. I took the pots and pans into the kitchen and I seen him rub his cock. I undone my nightie so when I turned around he could see everything. When I turned around he was staring at me and his bulge was huge.

I pulled off my nightie and went over to him. I took my hand and rubbed his cock, he moaned. I unfasten his pants and took off his pants and underwear. He walked over to the living room and he laid on the floor. I took is cock and I eased it in my ass. I began to fuck him slowly and he was moaning, I fucked him and he filled my ass full of cum. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it until it was hard again. I then laid on top of him and put his cock in my pussy and we fucked it felt good to be fucked. I could feel he was about ready to shoot I took it out and he sprayed his cum all over my tits.

He then licked my boobs clean and he ate my pussy until I began to cum . He then washed up and he left. I went and took me a hot bath. I put on another nightie, this one showed off everything. I had went into my bedroom to get a TV guide to see what was coming on. Just then someone rung the door bell. I looked out and see a woman in a short skirtset. I had never been with a woman but often dreamed about it. I said, to myself well time will tell. I opened the door and said oh could I help you. She said, Oh I waned to know, if you had your phone on I somehow locked myself out of the house and my Mom has the other key. I need to call her and have her to bring it to me Her Mom told her it would be awhile before she could come out. She told her to come ASAP she had been at work and she had the rest of the day off and she needed to relax. She hung up and said thanks. I told her she could stay at my house if she like until her Mom came she said, No I better not. She kept looking at my body. I introduced myself and she said her name is Le'asia. I said nice to meet you. She left and went out the door.

I was horny again, I knew then I wanted to be with a woman. About 10 minutes later she came back. She rung the door bell and said, if you don't mind I will sit her until Mom comes. She asked could she call her Mom again. She told her it would be about an hour and a half before she could get out, she was getting her ceiling redone. We began to talk and of course I bought up sex. We were talking and I asked her had she ever been with a woman she said, a couple of times, I asked her how was it. She said it was great. I moved closer to her and asked her would you like to be with me? She got up and began to pulled her jacket and her skirt off she was naked in no time at all. I pulled off my nightie and we went into the bedroom.

She told me to lie down on the bed and she got on top of me. She began to kiss my lips and I returned the kiss. She then licked my boobs and I began to moan then she licked down to my navel then to my pussy. She opened up my legs and she began to lick and suck my pussy. I moan and I could feel the juices coming, she licked me and I cummed all over her face. I then rolled her over and I returned the favor, she kept saying yes baby suck my pussy lick it oh yeah stick your tongue in my pussy oh make me cum and lick it clean. I fucked her good. I climbed on top of her and I began to rub my pussy on hers and she was humping me like a man. We both began to cum and both our pussies were wet.She pushed me off of her and tuned me over and she began to lick my ass. I had never had this done before.

She pushed her tongue in my ass and I began to fuck her tongue. I felt my pussy getting wet and I pt my hand down to rub my pussy, she moved my hand and I began to cum like crazy. She turned me over and began to clean up my juices. She told me she had better go before her Mom came. I laid there and went to sleep. The next morning, to my surprise she came back and we got started again. she now fucks me everyday and when she is at work. I fuck the UPS man. Could you imagine what happen when she came home early and g-came down to the house and I was in the bed with the UPS man?

written by najaip


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