Adult Theater Adventure

I was nervous since I had never done anything quite like this before. I sat in the parking lot for quite a few minutes waiting and thinking about what I assumed I might see - and do - if I went in. My thoughts were having the expected effect on me as I began to become more and more excited. The parking lot was for an adult theater in north Denver. It has a book store with an arcade in the lower level and a set of 3 theaters in the upper level - my destination. Finally, I went in and paid my admission. One admission allows access to theaters 1 and 2 which show straight porn movies; a little money and you get access to theater 3 which shows exclusively gay films. I was only interested in going into the first two theaters; I am a straight married man so gay films do not interest me.

First I went into theater 2 in the middle to see what was showing and saw two girls in a 69 licking each other's pussy and moaning a lot. After watching for a few minutes I decided to go into theater one which is furthest from the entry door.

Just inside the door is a small foyer-like entry with a curtain allowing access into the theater itself. There were a couple of men standing in the foyer watching the movie through the curtain. I had to squeeze past them requiring me to rub against one as I passed. As I moved against him, I felt his hard cock against my ass and am pretty sure I felt his hand press against my ass too! Wow - I didn't realize this might happen! Although startled, I didn't say anything because it did feel sort of nice to be fondled like that.

The theater was dark of course and I couldn't make out anything plainly. I saw a couple of men standing along the wall in front of me and decided to do the same so I moved past them and stood about mid-way down the side of the seats waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. Standing next to the wall, I watched the movie and was soon feeling my cock getting hard as I enjoyed the action. Slowly my eyes adjusted and I could make out people sitting in the seats. They were mostly single men sitting alone with a few exceptions of men sitting together. I realized these "couples" were fondling each other and some even had their cocks out of their pants and were stroking each other and in a couple of cases, one would be leaning over sucking the other guy's cock! What a show this was going to be. My stomach had butterflies as I realized this was going to be even more exciting than I had anticipated.

Just then, I sensed someone standing behind me - very close. I had been sort of shifting my weight side to side and "adjusting" myself as my cock got harder watching the action on the screen and in the seats. Now as I shifted my weight again, I felt a sensation of a body very close behind me and a hardness pressing against my ass! Not sure what to do, I just stood there but still had to shift my weight and also reach down and rearrange my cock as it pressed against my pants. Each time I shifted my weight, his cock rubbed across my ass.

Since it appeared I wasn't going to resist, the man behind me slowly increased the pressure of his obviously hard cock against me and then I felt his hands start to rub my back. When I still didn't resist, he became even more bold and reached around and rubbed my chest down to my belly and back up. I allowed myself to lean back against him and even pushed my ass against his cock which I have to admit was feeling pretty good pressing against my ass like that. He leaned forward and asked if what he was doing felt good and I nodded but of course told him that I was straight. He didn't seem to care about that, but reached up and unbuttoned my shirt and began rubbing his hands on my bare skin. I have a pretty hairy chest and he seemed to appreciate that. He took his time rubbing me, pinching my nipples and slowly pulled my shirt open.

Fearing that someone might see what he was doing, I looked around at the others in the theater since my eyes were fully adjusted to the dimness. I could see even more men as I took in the full seating area and was startled to see that the seats I was standing next to were occupied by a man AND A WOMAN! She had the aisle seat and could clearly see what was happening to me! I was suddenly nervous and thought I should stop what was happening to me when she smiled and leaned her head back against the seat and watched as the man continued fondling my chest and rubbing his hands down to my belly and back to my nipples. It was then that I noticed the man next to hear had a very hard cock sticking out of his pants and her hand was busily stroking it, rubbing her finger in the precum at the tip and occasionally licking it from her finger! I also saw that he had unbuttoned her blouse revealing her bare tits to anyone who wanted to watch as he pinched her nipples with one hand and was pushing the other hand up her skirt.

I also realized that they had an audience of other men turning in their seats looking at her bare tits and stroking themselves. Clearly she was enjoying their attention to her partial nakedness and seemed to be excited watching what was happening to me as her companion continued fondling her tits and she jacked his cock,

I felt my nipples being pinched a little harder as the cock behind me pressed more urgently against my ass. Then his hands strayed down to my buckle and he undid my pants! I was about to stop him when I noticed movement next to me and realized the woman and some of the men were enjoying the show I was putting on as well so I stood passively as I felt my pants slide to my ankles soon to be followed by my boxer shorts. There I was naked from the waist down, my cock standing hard for anyone to see and beginning to wonder just how straight I really am!

Things moved rapidly at that point as the man behind me followed suit and his pants were also around his ankles - I looked back and realized he hadn't been wearing underwear - just sweat pants! Then his hard bare cock was pushing against my bare ass and he was rubbing it up and down on me. At that time another man in the seat in front of the now virtually naked woman was beckoning me and my "friend" to stand closer so we moved forward together - his ass on my cock. My pants were still around my ankles so I bent over and pulled them off pressing my ass back against that hard cock as I bent over.

I stood right next to the seated man who also had his cock out. He took mine in his hands and began to stroke me and fondle my balls, then he put his face to my crotch and began sucking my cock right in front of that woman! She watched fascinated by this gay activity in front of her (gay activity! I AM straight damn it!). She had turned in her seat and had her legs up in the air her skirt pushed up to her waist. There was no arm rest between the seats - and her companion was bent over licking her bare pussy. She hadn't been wearing any underwear at all? No bra and no panties!! She was moaning at the sensation of her cunt being licked while also watching a guy in front of her was getting sucked off and also having a cock rubbing on his ass - my ass! Mmm, what was going on - I was loving this and I AM STRAIGHT - aren't I?

I was wondering about this woman in this adult theater letting a guy bare her tits and eat her pussy while strangers could watch. Suddenly, a man sitting behind her stood and leaned over and began playing with her tits and stroking his cock. She turned from watching the cocksucker licking and sucking me and looked at the guy playing with her tits. When she turned, her lips brushed his hard cock and he grabbed her head and pressed his hard 7" cock it into her mouth! I wondered if I should try to do something when I realized she wanted to suck his cock and I watched her head bob back and fo rth sometimes pulling the cock out and licking it and his balls then sucking it into her mouth again. Watching this while my own cock was getting sucked and that hard cock rubbing my ass was rapidly bringing me close to cumming.

The woman was clearly loving the attention and I watched her arch her back as the tongue in her pussy brought her to a strong orgasm. Just as it did, I watched the hard cock she had been sucking until she started to cum suddenly shoot cum all over her face and tits as the guy stroked it. She leaned forward again and sucked him dry. As he left, another man quickly moved to take his place and she was soon sucking another guy. I couldn't take it any more and shot my load into the hungry mouth sucking my cock and just as I did, I felt hot cum splash on my back and ass as the cock behind me shot its load all over me. As I felt it running down my ass crack, I briefly worried about having cum on my body and clothes when I got home! However, before it stopped running down my leg, I felt more movement behind me as a man stood behind me then kneeled down and licked my legs, ass and back clean of the cum. Wondering about why he did that, I was soon surprised to feel his hard cock rubbing my ass and getting ready to shower me with his cum too! I was beginning to get into this and just bent over and leaned on the armrest of the seat in front of me where the guy had sucked my cock was sitting. That way, I could give the next cock good access to rub my ass while watching the cock sucking slut in the next row take cock after cock and get her mouth filled with strange men's cum.

By now, she had repositioned herself and was kneeling facing backwards on her seat. Her bare and very sexy ass was fully exposed and she was getting fucked doggy style while continuing to suck cock after cock getting her pussy and mouth drenched with stranger-cum. This was turning me on so much that I started getting hard again just as I felt yet another cock pressing against my ass and rubbing my slippery ass and across my virgin asshole.

Wanting a better view of the slut sucking cock, I decided to stand and move back a row and watch her suck and get fucked, I had already stepped out of my pants and shorts and someone had laid them across a seat so I was able to move more easily. The cocksucking woman was putting on a great show for everyone there and servicing any cock that came to her willing mouth. The last guy to fuck her had moved away and now an older man was standing behind her. He was only semi hard and frustrated. When she realized he was there but not fucking her, she turned back to him, smiled reassuringly and asked him if he would just like to lick her - a thoughtful cocksucking slut! He got a big grin and bent over and began tongue fucking her pussy and her asshole too! He obviously knew what he was doing because she was soon moaning and bucking as he tongued her ass and pussy until she had another orgasm, drenching the old guys face with her pussy juice.

About this time, I felt hands on my cock and balls and watched as a guy knelt in front of me and licked my cock and balls and began sucking me. The cock behind me soon shot another hot creamy load of cum on me and I again felt cum running down across my asshole. I was immediately treated to the feel of hands on my legs reaching up to my balls and cock which was still being sucked. A guy was kneeling behind me and began to lick the cum off my inner thighs. I spread my legs some for him and then was rewarded by a tongue deep in my asshole! Ohhh, shit that was nice. I was loving it and I AM STRAIGHT - at least I THINK I am straight! Not being able to hold it any longer, I shot my load for the second time in less than an hour and the waiting mouth took all of it and licked my cock and balls clean.

I looked and realized the little cocksucking slut had left but there were some very satisfied looking men in that theater - especially one older guy with a face still glistening from pussy juice and the memory of tonguing a sweet pussy and sexy asshole.

It was time for me to leave so I found my underwear and pants and put them on, buttoned my shirt and left the adult theater and walked to my car on wobbly legs.

I sat behind the wheel and and suddenly felt a hand on my crotch...she was sitting there with her tits still glistening from cum and exposed through her unbuttoned blouse. She asked if I had fun and said she wants to do it again only next time she wants me to suck some cocks too - my wife can be such a slut!

written by dan


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