My Swinging Wife In The Adult Theater

My wife & I were doing some occasional swinging & she wanted to go to an adult theater. We went in & sat in the next to the back row well away from the isle. Once settled in she began to notice the men playing with their cocks nearby & she got turned on. I took out my cock for her to stroke, undid her blouse (no bra!) exposing both of her breasts as I cupped them & played with her nipples. A nice looking man sat down a few seats over, was watching us & stroking his nice large cock. I motioned to him & he immediately moved next to us, still stroking his cock.

She watched for a min, then he took his hand away, letting his cock stick straight up. I whispered for her to play with him, so she reached over & began stroking him. He began to play with one of her breasts while I played with the other one. Her skirt was up pretty high & he was caressing her leg, then slowly moved up to her cunt, which by now was dripping wet! He fingered her while she kept stroking his large cock (about 8.5 thick inches). He began to squirm & moan that he was about to cum, so she suddenly leaned over & started to suck his throbbing cock, which suddenly exploded a large load of hot sperm. She swallowed every drop & sucked him dry.

She leaned back, smiled at me & said, "Boy that was good! I really loved it." After a few min. he slid down on the floor in front of her, even though it was a tight fit, & began to eat her pussy. She lifted her legs onto the seat back in front of us to make it easier. I gave her a long wet kiss, tasting his cum in her mouth, while I played with both of her breasts, & he continued to eat her cunt & clit. We had quite a few other men watching & this really got her turned on! Another man moved over by her & she immediately started stroking his cock. It wasn't quite as big, but she had his cock in one hand mine in the other, my hands on her breasts & a hot mouth bringing her hot cunt to a massive orgasm. All of this action caused the man next to her to start to cum & she immediately leaned over & took his load in her mouth.

Later she told me his cock wasn't as big, but he just couldn't stop shooting & it was all she could do to take what seamed like 4 big loads in succession! The man between her legs straightened up & said he was hard as a rock & could he fuck her? She liked that idea so he eased into her and started to slowly pump his cock into her cunt. The man on her right had moved off, so someone else had moved in. She started to stroke his cock, when he moved up onto his knees & made it easy for her to suck him. The man fucking her took about 10 min to cum, but by now she was going though climax after climax every few min. He came deep inside of her cunt & a min later the cock she was sucking shot his gift into her mouth.

We all rested up & watched the movie a few min when another man wanted to fuck her. While he fucked her dripping cunt I moved up so that she could suck my cock as I was about ready to cum. A couple of min later I filled her mouth with my cum which she swallowed down. She just sat there just enjoying the cock that was fucking her still having her multiple orgasms. All of a sudden he moaned I'm going to cum!, & she grabbed his ass pulling him deep into her cunt as he filled her. After this we left & went to an arcade booth where I spent 10 min eating & sucking her well-fucked cunt, bringing her to a huge climax! I love to eat & suck a well-fucked cunt!!

written by harolds


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