Bisexual Hitch Hiker

When I was 23, I wasn't ready to accept that I was gay, and I had been dating a really nice girl that I met in college. So, we got married. Seemed like the thing to do a the time. I was in love with her, and we had some really good sex. Plus, she was my best friend. I guess I am truly Bi. But if I had to give up either man-sex or woman-sex, I would give up woman-sex. No matter how much sex I got with my wife, and there was a LOT, I was still thinking about sucking a hard cock now and then.

So, a couple of years after we got married, when I had some time by myself when she went to visit her mom and sisters, I got the urge. My only outlet was "cruising." I had some friends who were gay, and who I had had sex with in college before I got serious about dating the girl who I married. But I didn't want to get back into that scene. The network was too close and the word might get back to my wife. I loved her and didn't want to hurt her. So, I was reduced to cruising for strangers for sex. I had never done that as an active seeker, though I had been cruised by guys when I was younger and willing to accept blowjobs from strangers. So, I knew the ropes.

I started by checking the main road between a nearby college town and our city - often there were young men hitchhiking from college to the city and back, about 20 miles. The college was in a small town and it was fairly safe to hitchhike, or to pick up young clean-cut guys who were obviously college people. Some of these boys were just looking for a ride, but some were cruising for sex. There was a clear signal. Casually rub your crotch. If the guy is willing and available, he just as casually rubs his crotch. Nobody needs to say a word. If he's not looking for sex, he either won't recognize the signal, or he will ignore it.

My first try at this game was such a winner, I have to tell about it. I drove over to the college town on Friday afternoon, so I could catch the guys going to the city for the weekend or for a Friday night. There were several guys hitching in the couple of blocks before main street turned into a freeway. I made a couple of passes on the other side of the street, with my "gaydar" engaged, and saw a couple of likely prospects.

I turned and came back, stopped for the first one, who was a rather young- looking "boy-next-door" type. He was dressed casually in a pair of baggy, soft cotton shorts and a t-shirt. For action, maybe? I could tell by his eye contact and the way he looked at me, he was interested. He said "going to the city?" - I said "get in." When we pulled away, I glanced over at him and he was looking at me and smiling. I reached for my crotch, maintaining eye contact. He didn't bat an eye, and reached for his crotch. Bingo! He smiled broader. I said "need any help with that?" He answered by unzipping and hauling out a semi-stiff cock. He had no underwear on, so this operation was quick and easy. I said "that's beautiful," as he stroked it and quickly it got hard as rock. He had a smooth, straight cock, cut, with the head bigger than the shaft.

He was squeezing the base with one hand, so the head was soon bulging, thin skin stretched so tight it looked like it would burst. I couldn't wait to get this beautiful thing in my mouth. I said "lets stop at the rest area up ahead, there are some trails off there where we could get some privacy." "I'm ready" he said. I unzipped my pants and dug out my cock, then stroked it to a full hardon, glancing at his when I could take my eyes of the road. We entertained each other for a few miles until we got to the turn-off, each slowly and sensuously jacking our cocks, watching the other, and now and then reaching over to play with the other's cock for a bit. I almost came before we got to the rest area.

When I pulled in, there were other cars around, so we had to wait until our cocks were down enough to get them back into our shorts, before we could get out of the car. As soon as it looked OK, we got out and walked innocently into the woods, and found a private spot off the trail. I was on my knees and going after his cock in seconds, and had it in my mouth up to the hilt. Mygod it felt good to have a hard cock in my mouth again! I sucked and licked and enjoyed the hell out if his cock for a few minutes, until he started squirting cum in my mouth. I took it all with gusto, and then held his softening cock in my mouth for a while.

Then I licked his cock and balls and inhaled his sex scent until he said "let me at yours." Reluctantly, I stood and let him go down on me, sucking my cock with as much enjoyment as I got from his. I soon shot my load into his throat, and he ate it up. We stood and caressed each other's soft cocks for a bit, then got back on the road. I took him to the city, each of us with our zippers down and play with each other's now hardening cocks, all the way. Mygod, I love to suck cocks!

written by anonymous


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