My First Time with Bisex During Trip To France

I was 18 and had joined the Navy, for some adventure but I had seen only ocean for a month. Toulon, France was our first port of call. I was very hard up so I decided to go ashore. Somehow I ended up at a sidewalk cafe having a drink. Then this vision came walking down the street. She was about 5'4" with dark brown hair and dark complexion. She was well endowed with big firm tits and a figure that accented them well. The girl noticed me watching her and shocked me by stopping at my table. She asked in broken English if I was a sailor from the big ship in the harbor.

I guess my white uniform gave me away but I wasn't complaining. I said yes and she joined me at my table for some conversation. We had a hard time talking since my French was worse than her English but I got the idea she was interested and besides she kept giving me flashes of her hot tits when she would lean forward, which she did for some reason every few minutes.

After a few drinks, I found out her name was Monique and she asked me if I wanted to have dinner. I agreed and off we were to her apartment so she could change her clothes. When we got there I was introduced to her roommate Pierre. Seeing him caused me to rethink the chances of getting my wick wet.

Pierre was about 6' and had the same dark hair and dark complexion as Monique. His English was much better than hers was and I found myself talking to him. While Monique fixed us some wine. He could tell I was nervous but I guess he like that fact because when Monique bent over to set down our drinks she gave me a full shot of her tits. I couldn't help but stare and Pierre said, "she sure has some nice tits doesn't she." I was embarrassed at being caught but they both smiled and Pierre continued "and let me tell you Her pussy is hot too". I was nervous but horny and my young cock had a mind of its own.

He then said "she's hot for you and if you want she could suck your cock". Monique had sat on the couch next to me and her hand found my crotch. Her finger began to lightly trace the outline of my bulge as Pierre continued "she loves fucking hot young men in uniform and her pussy is tight and wet". I was speechless, here I was with this man talking about sex to me while this beautiful woman was rubbing my hard cock.

I managed to nod my head yes and Monique undid my pants and pull out my rock hard 7 inches. She smiled and bent over to lick its head and shaft. Pierre said, "she gives good head doesn't she". Again I nodded yes.Monique then took my cock into her mouth and started to suck with passion. I couldn't handle much more but she realized that I was close and backed off. He said "we have all night that I should be patient". Monique put my cock away and closed my pants, got up and left the room.

Pierre told me she was preparing dinner so I should relax. While we were waiting he asked me if I wanted to watch an X-rated film. I agreed and we started watching a French porn. On the TV a guy fed this slut his huge dick. Which she sucked as if she hadn't eaten in days. The guy then flipped her over and worked his cock into her ass.

Pierre pulled out his dick and said that he hoped I didn't mind but watching Monique and I had made him hot. I couldn't help but notice that his cock was huge at least nine inches and uncut. Pierre told me to relax, that we were all friends and that if I wanted I should masturbate also.

I was nervous but watching the porn and Pierre with his monster had made me hot again, so I pulled out my hardening cock and started to work it. I noticed that Pierre was checking me out so I watched the porn.

On the TV the guy was still fucking the girl in the ass but then another guy entered and the couple stopped fucking and both went down on the new guy. They took turns sucking his cock. Pierre said "man that's hot, two people sucking your cock at the same time". Then I realized that I was in for more than I had bargained for but I was too hot to care. Pierre and I gave up all pretenses of watching the porn and we watched each other. He said "you really have got a nice cock, Monique and I would like to enjoy it if you are interested and from your hardness I think you are."

Monique came in and told us dinner was ready, but first she licked both our cocks a couple times for fun. We ate a great meal and then settled back in the living room this time Pierre and I sat on the couch. Monique got up and did a slow strip tease in front of us that was so hot that Pierre and me both pulled out our cocks and started jacking them.

Monique took her dress off exposing her beautiful tits then she leaned over offering me a nipple to suck, which I took into mouth, licking it and sucking till she pulled away. Then facing away from me she bent over to remove her wet panties and revealed the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. I licked her ass first, then I dove for her dripping cunt. The nectar from her honey hole was sweet, a man could spend days there.

As I licked Monique I felt a hand on my cock, I knew it was Pierre but I could draw myself from that pussy. I had never been touch by another man and if my nose wasn't so deep up Monique's slash, I don't know how I would have reacted at first. But soon his hot mouth replaced his hand. Monique turned around and joined him as if to copy the porn I had seen earlier.

The sight of this man with a huge cock of his own sucking my dick was erotic. Monique started licking my balls and I couldn't take it any longer. I emptied a hefty load into Pierre's mouth. He took most of my juice but some leaked out.

He then kissed Monique sharing my load with her. Then he proceeded to clean my shrinking cock with his tongue. Monique came up and kissed me.

I tasted my own cum for the first time and it tasted good. Monique then positioned herself so she could suck on Pierre's huge uncut cock while I ate her some more.

Soon my young cock was ready to go so I entered Monique's pussy while she sucked Pierre. I pumped her pussy deep stroking steadily pulling almost completely out only to plunge to the hilt time and time again. She was moaning and I could tell she was getting close so I increased my fuck pace to send her over the edge. Monique came in spasms of ecstasy and moans.

Pierre was the only one who hadn't cum yet. I found myself drawn to his cock as Monique continued to suck it. Pierre told me to touch it if I wanted. I reached and touched another mans cock for the first time. It was hot and thick and the extra skin felt strange. I stroked it into Monique mouth a few times and she then got up so I could come in for a closer view. Pierre told me to taste it, I did. It tasted salty with precum but not bad. I couldn't believe I was about to suck cock. I licked the head and Pierre moaned. I glanced over at Monique who was three fingers deep into her hot cunt and fucking away. I took the head into my mouth and tried to take more. I sucked on it and used my tongue to play with the extra skin.

Pierre grabbed my head and forced more of his monster into my mouth. He said "that's it suck that big dick you know you wanted it". He pulled me off his cock and told me "I want you to tell me what you want". I couldn't say it but I needed his cock. I found my self saying" please Pierre, I want to suck you massive cock, I need to taste your cum". He smiled and fed me his dick that I sucked like there was no tomorrow. He rewarded me with a hot load of cum which gagged me but I tried to take as much as I could.

Pierre said," I could tell you would make a good cocksucker". Monique was hot for some more so this time I entered her ass and fucked her slow and hard. As I fucked her ass Pierre worked under Monique to lick her pussy. He licked my shaft and balls too. Then his tongue found my cherry asshole and the sensation of his hot tongue forcing my hole open and Monique's tight ass on my cock sent me over the edge. I blew my second load filling Monique's ass with hot cum. I pulled my spent cock from Monique's ass and Pierre took it into his mouth to clean.

I needed to recover though so I told him so. He reluctantly released my cock and Monique went to get us some drinks. I lay there in Pierre's arms and felt so comfortable with my new sexuality I turned to him and our lips met for the first time in an erotic kiss. Pierre then said to me "you have been so good and you are so sexy I want to complete this experience by fucking that hot navy ass but only if you want this cock" and he grabbed his 9 inch cock.

My asshole clinched involuntarily at the thought. But I had enjoyed his tongue and the way Monique acted when I fucked her ass caused me to say "yes". Pierre again forced me to verbalize my desires though. I looked into his eyes and said "Pierre will you please fuck my ass with that huge cock, I need to be broken in by that dick, I want you to fill me with your hot cum." He smiled and kissed me on the forehead. Monique returned with our drinks and Pierre told her that he was going to fuck my ass. She smiled and suggested we shower first. They had a huge shower so all three of us showered together. Pierre and I stood facing each and Monique was on her knees between us. She took turns sucking mine and Pierre's cocks. Monique then slipped a soapy finger into my ass. Then two fingers, she slowly worked them in and out, to open my ass.

We decided to get out the shower before I came too soon. Monique tongue dried my cock and balls. I decided to do the same for Pierre and I took his hard cock into my mouth. He was hot but pulled me off and they led me to the bedroom.

Monique lay on her back and I got on all fours so I could eat her pussy that was dripping wet. In this position my ass was sticking up in the air for Pierre. He took some lube and inserted a finger into my virgin ass. Pierre added a couple more fingers that hurt a little but the stimulation was intense.

Monique moaned from the work my tongue was doing to her clit. Pierre then withdrew his fingers and said "I hope you are ready because I am going to fuck you now". With that he pushed the fat cock head into my lubed ass the pain was incredible. I begged him to stop. He did but left his cock partially in my ass. The pain eased and Pierre continued his assault on my ass. Soon his entire 9 inches was filling me. Then he started fucking my ass. The pleasure and pain was driving me out of my mind. I yelled "fuck me, fuck me, ride my ass, your cock is so big." He began to pick up his pace, my dick was hard, and there was a hot pussy in my face but all I knew was the monster prick fucking my ass. Monique screamed as she came all over my face. That sent Pierre into a final frenzied rate as he approached orgasm. My whole body shook as I realized I was cumming, followed shortly by Pierre erupting into my asshole as he filled me with hot cum. We collapsed to the bed spent.

I was in France for two weeks and Pierre and Monique spent the entire time teaching me all about threesome sex.

written by mstuarte


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