Hors D'oevurs.

How long had we been chatting on the internet? It felt like months, but I knew it was just a week or two. We'd met for a drink and had got on well. Hell you were nicer than I had expected and you had such a smile. But it was the legs I noticed. Long, nicely shaped and framed with a short skirt. When you crossed your legs I could here the nylon rustle and that very sound made my man hood stir.

You had left, giving me your home number and address. Mutual promises to meet were made and I had every intention of seeing you again. If nothing else to see that smile and those legs. Now that day had arrived and you'd invited me round for dinner. I was early and that fitted in with my plans. I made sure the car was parked two houses down, so you would not be aware I was early. I quietly slipped though the gate, l anticipating how the next hour would go. I spotted the side door and knew from your texts, your were in the kitchen. I slowly turned the handle and I breathed a sigh of relief. The door opened an inch and made no sound. I placed my eye against the doors gap, and I saw you, your back to me. You were wearing high heals, barely black stockings, a slightly shorter skirt, which made your legs look longer and even more sexy. A tight fitting top and your hair was hung down past your neck.

I could see you were peeling something in the sink, so I slowly opened the door, ad slipped into the kitchen. Unaware of me as I walked silently across the room and stopped a foot behind you.. My slipped my hands round your waist and I felt you jump. "My darling you look good enough to eat" I whispered, and I felt you relax as may hands travelled from your waist to seek those breasts that were encased in your tight fitting top. I pushed my face into your hair and breathed in your scent.

My hands cupped your breasts and massaged them.. I could feel your nipples respond and start to appear through the thin material. My darling was not wearing a bra, and that made my arousal stir. I could feel the nipples with my fingers and gently teased them through the cotton. You turned your head so our lips could meet and whispered "your early you naughty man". Our lips met and we kissed gently, but my tongue wanted access to your warm wet mouth. Your lips parted and my tongue slid into your mouth, seeking the tip of your own tongue. I could smell your perfume and wanted you so much. My hands lifted the hem of your blouse and made contact with your smooth skin. I felt your goose bumps and heard you breathe in. I gently ran my fingers along your skin, travelling upwards, seeking those nipples. I felt the weight of your breasts as my hands cupped them and my fingers found each of your nipples. Both erect and both responsive to my nails gently pinching them.

Your hands reached round and cupped my bottom, pulling me closer to you. You could feel my excitement press into you and you pushed yourself against it. Now I moaned, and you twisted to face me. Our kisses became almost beyond our control, as my hands sought to free you of your blouse. You stepped back far enough to let it slide over your head. I could now see your breasts and the erect nipples. You shook your hair straight as I lowered my hands to your skirts catch. The space between us allowed that to slide to the floor and for you to step out of it.

I stood back so I could see you and your smile as well as your naked breasts. I looked down to see your shaven mound encased in lacy boy shorts, garter belt and those stocking legs in high heels. We kissed, then your hands sought to release me. You unzipped my trousers and with shaking hands let my erection spring free. I breathed in as you kissed me one last time on the lips .Then your hands lifted my t shirt free and your lips kissed their way down my chest. Each nipple was sucked into your mouth and gently bitten. Then you travelled down, your wet hands scratching my back as you slowly knelt. Standing before your face you could see my erection, the fore skin exposing the head, which glistened with my pre cum. You ran your tongue over your lipstick covered lips before you teased its tip onto my cocks head. It twitched in response as you ran the tip round it, licking up the wetness. Then you ran your tongue round the heads base before you sank your wet warm pussy mouth over my cock.

You sucked it in and I could feel me fill your mouth as if it as if it was the tastiest lolly in the world. Your eyes looked up and you could see me trying to keep my knees locked and remain stood up right.

A smile crossed your face as your lip sticked mouth sucked at my erection. I could feel it twitch and feel the start of myself coming. My god no one had ever done this to me, had never got me so aroused. I groaned as in my excitement I felt it twitch and strain to come. You sucked harder as with one final twitch the cock shot its jet into your mouth pussy. Your smile broadened and you stood up to kiss me long deep before you swallowed your hors d'oevurs. My hands cupped your lacy panties and I pushed you against the kitchen units. You stood on your heels toes to enable your panties covered bottom to sit itself onto the work top. I pushed you gently further on, and when you were sat comfortably, I parted your stocking thighs, I could see the crutch of your panties and I could tell how aroused you were.

Your hands were pinching and playing with your own nipples as your head was tilted back, a quiet moan coming from your pussy mouth. A pussy scented with the taste of me. I gazed at your panties and knew that a shaven mound awaited me. I ran a finger along your stockings, over the lacy top and across your thighs skin. My fingers tips touched your panties crutch and their wet state was no shock to me. You groaned as a finger lifted your panties crutch clear and I could see your lips exposed in their aroused state. My hands each took hold of your soaked panties and you lifted yourself clear of the work top as I pulled them down your stocking legs. I held them in my hands and lifting them to my face inhaled your sent from the wet material.

Now my fingers sought the fountain of that wetness. You parted your legs further so I could see your lips and your wet slit. With shaking fingers I slid them along the slit and could feel them almost being sucked into your soaking wet pussy. But I wanted your lips as you leant back against the wall and pushed your pussy out towards me. I lowered my mouth to that wet haven and touched your lips with my tongue tips. You groaned as I sucked thj engorged lip into my mouth, as you had done with my own reaction. You groaned again as the enflamed lip was stretched as I sucked it, as I tasted you off it.

I could feel my own arousal returning as I let my tongue finally sink into your wet hole. I could smell your scent, could feel your juices cover and fill my mouth. I could inhale your scent and feel your juices fill my nostrils.

I stood up, and you leaned forward trying to kiss me. But with one hand on each buttock I pulled you forward of the work top. You slid clear and impaled your pussy onto my new erection. It sank into to your warm wet haven and filled you. We stood there, your pussy filled with my straining erection as our nails scratched each others backs. As our mouths sought each other. You pushed your self down onto my cock as it shock and twitched a second time. I thrust it into you, pumping. But this time it was no mouth pussy that it shot its load into, but your warm wet enflamed pussy. The juices filled you and ran down my shaft and your skin. You pressed yourself closer as you came. As you moaned and threw your head back. As your body convulsed against me, pressing yourself down onto my cock on which you were impaled. You convulsed with orgasm as you twitched and jerked in ecstasy...

We stood there, you knees so weak you need to lean against the work top. You smiled and whisper "maybe we should shower before we eat?" I nodded and hand in hand we sought your bathroom and the shower cubical.

written by sharon


CATEGORIES encounters

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