My Boyfriend's Favourite Fantasy

I enter a lounge where a couple are seated on a settee. I have been ordered not to speak and to obey their orders. They tell me to stand in front of them and to strip. When I am completely naked they order me to close my eyes and stand with my hands by my side. When they have examined me, they order me to play with myself until I am erect. Once I am stiff I am told to stop and put my hands by my sides. I am then allowed to open my eyes.

The husband then stands up and walks behind me whilst his wife strips down to stockings and suspender belt. I feel my hands seized and tied behind me by the husband. The wife seats herself in front of me with one foot on the couch, her legs wide apart, revealing all she has to me. She spreads herself so I can see better, I hear the husband start to undress, the wife starts to masturbate.

I am ordered to turn to one side and kneel down. The husband, naked, stands in front of me and orders me to suck his cock. I suck his cock and lick his balls until he has a huge erection, the wife continues to play with herself as she watches and I can hear the squelching sound as she becomes more aroused.

A small coffee table is brought and placed in front of me. I am ordered to bend over it. I suddenly feel a sharp pain as a whip is brought across my buttocks. I know I must not cry out as the husband continues to whip me. Occasionally he reaches under me to fondle my cock and balls to mix pleasure with pain. When my cheeks are glowing red, I hear him rustling some paper as he puts on a condom. I feel his cock between my cheeks as he enters me, gently at first, then more roughly as he proceeds to give me a good hard fucking.

The wife starts to moan softly as she watches, the squelching sounds becoming faster. Just before the husband is about to come, he withdraws and pushes me off the table. I roll onto my back. He roughly pushes my legs apart as he pulls off the condom. He kneels between my thighs and starts to bring himself off by hand. As he comes he points himself at my cock and balls and covers me with his spunk. He milks every last drop of come over me and then spreads it over my cock and balls so that my bush is matted with his spunk and my erection glistening with it.

He stands up as his wife gives a little cry and, moving quickly from the couch, mounts me. She is hot and very slippery. She fucks me hard and urgently. Neither of us lasts long. As I spurt long and deep into her, she milks me with the muscles of her cunt until I am completely drained.

She quickly dismounts and squats over my face and orders me to lick her clean. I lick and suck her, swallowing my own spunk and her juices, until she is clean.

She then stands at one side of me, her husband at the other. I am ordered to close my eyes. I hear the distinctive click and whirr of a Polaroid camera. The husband puts his foot under me and rolls me over onto my front. I land at the wife's feet. My hands are untied, the wife rolls me onto my back with her foot. My clothes are thrown in a bundle onto me, I am ordered to dress and get out.

They then leave the room, I dress and let myself out of the back door and drive away.

The next day I receive a Polaroid photograph in the post.

written by paulacockburn


CATEGORIES domination

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