Black Mistress Arrival

My wife and I are both standing on the grass by the driveway as our new Black Mistress arrives to change us into the white slaves we so desired. Our hands are to our sides as her car pulls in. She is gorgeous I noticed as she cracks the door open and stares at own white worthless bodies. Turn around and bend over white boy, she yells at me as she gets out and stands before us. I turn around immediately and bend over to present my worthless ass to the mistress. I feel the sole of her shoe plant on it for a moment as I am hurled forward on my stomach on the grass below. Get my bags white boy, she commands, throwing the key in the grass nearby. I crawl forward to locate the key as I glanced up slightly to see her grab the wife's white large tit roughly in her hand and tell her that her butt was sore and she was to come in and massage it with her tongue.

My cock sprung out as I search frantically for the key in the grass. It took a while, but I found it and opened the truck grabbing several of her bags. I passed by them in the living area, where mistress laid on her stomach on the coach and my wife face is buried deep in the crack of her beautiful mounds. I dare not stay as I continued to the bedroom which now was to become Mistress room. As demanded by email, all of our clothes had been removed from the room and placed in boxes since we wouldn't be needed any in her presence. I open the bags and started putting her clothes in the drawers and closet as I admired her outfits and underwear. When I was done, I went back to the car to get the rest while Mistress was moaning from the tongue rimming my wife was performing. Grabbing the rest, I proceeded back inside and entered the living area.

White boy, she yelled at me. Come here and lick my ass. Slut finish putting up my clothes. My wife jumped up and I could see the lust in her eyes and the wetness of her cunt as she passed me and tried to lift the heavy bags. I needed no encouragement as I immediately got down on my knees by the side of the couch and shoved my face between her crack and starting running it around and inside her loose asshole. I was in heaven at the moment. Slow down white boy, she said, you got all day to clean my ass. I slow down as directed only to wish she would let me tongue it as fast as I could. When she finally pushed my head back, I was very disappointed and kissing her ass as it departed. I watched as she rose from the couch and towered above me. Did you get the toys I requested, she commanded, staring down at my kneeling body below? Yes mistress, I replied. Bring them and put them on the coffee table, she commanded. I quickly got up and ran to kitchen to get the items from the adult bookstore that mistress had directed in her email. There were butt plugs, paddles, handcuffs, hoods, and many other items stored in a box there. We must have spent over a thousand dollars on all the items she wanted. Grabbing the box, I return to the living are and place it on the table while noticing the wife had returned and was bending over with her large white ass available for viewing. Join your slut wimp, she commanded, as I quickly complied getting by my wife side and bending over. Neither of us looked at the other as we waiting their in lust while she glanced at the items she requested. I felt her walk behind and demand that I put my arms in back which I did as she clamped the handcuffs on them.

My wife received the same command and cuffs. We were not unable to resist as we both remained bent over for her use. Several minutes passed for what seemed an eternity before we felt her presence behind us again. Whap. Owllll. I jump as the paddle landed on both ass cheeks. It felt like pins were pinning driven up my ass. I heard another slap and knew the wife had just received the same. I'm going to give each of you a taste of what is going to happen if you ever disobey me, she tutors us and then the paddle lands across my broad white ass again. I jerk in pain as did the wife as she continued to paddle each of our lily white fannies till we pleaded for mercy and begged to serve. I was hopping on each leg trying to maintain my position as the paddle kept descending and bumping the wife big ass at the same time. I knew she must be feeling the same even with her big butt. We were both in tears as it finally stopped and the mistress commented on how nice our fannies had turned a bright red. She left us for a moment as we kept position wanting so desperately to rub our sore butts in back but unable to reach our own asses.

I felt something cold between the cheeks of my ass and then pressure on my asshole as she started pushing the butt plug inside. It was tight as I never been fuck in there with anything other than my wife finger and tried as best as I could to relax as the pressure built up inside. My cock had a string of cum dripping on the floor below as it broke through my asshole entrance and I felt like I had a large turd stuck inside. I moaned as she patted it a few times before leaving me gasping for air and started working on the wife. I was so horny at the moment; I didn't even pay attention to them as I grew accustomed to the feel and started to enjoy it. My wife never allowed me to fuck her asshole as I new listened to her gasps and enjoyed the sound of her big butt being plugged.

She leaves us for the moment to go down the hall into her new bedroom as we both maintain our positions in a bent over and ass plugged.

Both of us dared not move for fear of another paddling. We could hear noises inside the bedroom as we struggled hoping to get some relief between our legs. Finally I heard her walking into the bathroom. White boy get in here now, she yelled out. I leaned up on my shaking knees and made my way down the hall into the bathroom. Mistress was standing there waiting on me with her hands on her hips. She had a white corset on as I could see her beautiful full tits above and her glistering bush below. My cock sprang out in delight at the sight of her. Slave, she commanded, I have to pee. Kneel in the tub. My heart jumped as I passed her walking into the tub and getting on my knees facing her. I watched her walk over with her heavenly bush only inches from my face and then her stream of piss splatter as I closed my eyelids to avoid the burn. Her piss was running all over my face and down my chest to my cock which was catching it as it fell. It felt nice and warm as she continued to I felt only drops hitting down below.

I opened my eyes only to see her grab the toilet paper and rub her clit a few times before throwing it in the tub with me. Turning her back to me, she yelled back, clean that tub and yourself before you come back in. I watched her butt sway as she walked out and wondered how I was going to do that with my hands still handcuffed in back. Finally I lay on my back in the piss soaked tub and with my feet turned the cold water facet on. The cold water of the shower hit my chest as I shivered and tried to get the hot water on also. Finally, I was able to get it warm enough and let it spray on me as I shifted in the tub to try to clean my body off and the tub. When I was done, I lay back down and turned the facets back off with the same misery. My next problem was drying as I got out of the tub and rubbed my front all over the handing tile and then my rear and back. Pulling the towel off, I used my feet to move it over the floor to clean it before squatting down and retrieving it to put back up.

It felt like an hour had passed before I walked back in the living area. Mistress was seated on the couch with a smoke in one hand and a drink in the other. My wife was on its side with her head to the floor and her ass high in the air. Her dildo had been shifted from her asshole to her mouth. I watched mistress move her hand with the smoke over and drop her ashes on my white ass and her moans as the ashes hit her asshole. Are you clean white boy, mistress demanded, staring at my entrance. Yes mam, I replied, standing like a fool with a cock sticking straight out. She stuck her foot out. Come here and lick my toes, she commanded. I walked over and getting on my knee bent over and started running my tongue in and between her sweet toes. It was very awkward as my weight was all forward and trying to maintain balance was difficult. I tired to lower my ass to shift the weight but mistress immediately yelled at me to get it back up and I complied. I tongued bathed each of her feet till she was satisfied.

My wife was moaning throughout my licking. White boy, mistress yelled looking down at the pitiful worm below. Get over here and clean my ashtray. It took only a second to realize what she meant as I got back on my knees and crawled around my wife broad white butt and look down. Her asshole was covered in ashes as I leaned forward and starting cleaning it with my tongue. I could tell my wife was enjoying it as she moaned in pleasure. I thought to myself, I hope mistress had burned her asshole well as I continued to lick her puckered ring. When mistress was satisfied, she bent over and removed the dildo from my wife mouth and started putting it back up her asshole while I watched. Halfway in, she told me to finish it off with my mouth.

I opened my mouth grabbing the back of the black rubber cock and pushed as hard as I could driving it all the way end. Revenge is sweet, I thought. White boy, stand up and dance for me. I want to see that little worm and butt of yours wiggle for my pleasure. I got up and started dancing as best I could shifting my way from side to side making my cock bounce around. She watched with a smile as I humiliated myself in front of her. Upon command, I turned around and kept up my dancing with a new addition of pushing my ass backwards ever so often hoping she would enjoy it.

written by leefs


CATEGORIES domination

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