Maid's Bisexual Sex Slave Tale In Dubai

Dubai is an oil rich shipping port city in the Persian Gulf. The city has a population of less than 700,000 people. Like a lot of Arab oil countries they import a lot of labor from other countries. In my case I am an Indian that has been hired as a maid for an Arab family.

Several years ago I left behind a husband and two children. Maids can not bring their families to Dubai. My income adds to the support of a large extended family back home in Kerala.

My husband has a 23 year old maid at home. I'm sure he is fucking her. But what can I do. I am afraid to go home anyway. I have been used by my employer and his family as a sex slave for years. I feel like my vagina and asshole has been use so much that I'm sure my husband would notice that my vagina and asshole are as large as one of these oil pipelines.

Several years ago a close girlfriend of mine found out about job openings in Dubai for domestic help that paid big money. She wanted me to join her in applying for such a job. Santha got her paper work in before me and was on her way more than a month before me.

Santha had been my lover from the first time we felt each other's pussy in the girl's bathroom at school. Her pussy was the first one I ever sucked. Even after we both had families we still would make arrangements to spend time with each other and enjoy our time with each other making love like we did as school girls. The rest of this story is the letter written to Santha.

Dear Santha:

I assumed you were in Dubai by the time I got on the train to Bombay. A neighbor, Azlam, from Kerala that had made all the arrangements for us was weighting at the Victoria train station. He took me to a hotel near the Sahar airport and checked us in. He took my passport saying that he needed to go to Bandra and use it to get my visa in order to work in Dubai.

When he returned he had someone he called Ahmad with him. Ahmad was only about 25 years old. His body was almost as smooth as a woman's. He had very little body hair. Ahmad told me that for me to get my visa stamped I had to let him fuck me and Azlam would watch. I didn't want to do it but I figured that if that was what it would take I would do it. The extra money I would make would support a large number of family members.

Ahmad removed his pants I saw a very large penis. It was much larger than my husband's. It frightened me. When he laid me on the bed he used a lubricant on my pussy. Then he knelt between my legs and fucked me. He was not satisfied doing it one time. He rested on my belly and when he was ready he did it again. This time he got up and had a couple of drinks of Rum as he rested. He gave me a tall glass of rum too. After he finished his drink, he stroked his penis a few times and he was ready to fuck me again. My poor pussy was raw by the time he was finished.

He wanted me to suck his cock after that. I refused to do that. I was so tired that I fell asleep. When I woke up I was naked and my clothes and bags were gone. I saw them sitting across from me on the couch. I tried to cover my nakedness, but they would not let me do that. They sat there looking at me and stroked their cocks. Both of their cocks were larger than my husband's. Then they sat there masturbating each other. The sight disgusted me.

Aslam told me that my friend Santha had spent a month in this same hotel room fucking both of them. I could at least spend 20 days. I had visions of Santha having to submit to this treatment for a month. It was obvious that every maid that wanted to work in the gulf countries had to fuck these agents and their friends to get a visa.

They fed me and filled me with Rum. I had never drunk before so I was always drunk or sick. They were taking turns fucking me. I have no idea how many times they fucked me. There were times I would wake up and one of them would be fucking me. Aslam fucked me one day and when he was finished he wanted me to suck his cock. I refused to do that, so Aslam told Ahmad to get on all fours. I watched as Ahmad got on the floor and Aslam got behind him and put the head of his circumcised penis in the asshole of his friend. It was disgusting watching Ahmad's penis get an erection while he was being fucked. Ahmad actually looked like he was enjoying being fucked. He shot a load of cum on the floor before Aslam climaxed in his ass.

After that I stayed sober enough to insist that they put on condoms before they fucked me. I didn't want Aids or any other disease. Eventually they would wake me up drilling their dicks into my asshole too. As soon as one would cum in me the other would replace him. By the end of the third week I felt like they could have put a Crick bat up my ass.

I finally threatened to jump out the window if they didn't give me, my passport and visa and let me go as they promised. I had given him Rs.50, 000/-. The next day I acted like I was going to jump out the window. Aslam became afraid that I was going to do it. He came back with my passport and visa along with an Arab. He was dressed in the white robe like an Arab and the head gear of one, anyway. Apparently he was in charge of supplying the entire maid service to United Arab Enterprises (UAE). So when he requested that I service him I agreed. When he lifted his robe I was shocked to see that his dick was so large. It was larger at the base that at the head and his dick was uncircumcised. When he pulled the foreskin back it looked like a dark purple head and pre-cum was dripping from the hole. He held my legs in the air as he fucked me. When he climaxed he pulled out of me and rolled me back farther then aimed his wet penis at my asshole and fucked me again until he came in my ass.

Then he insisted that I suck his cock too. In short order he shot a mouthful of cum into my mouth. I spit it out. He was unhappy because he wanted me to swallow it. I diluted some rum with water and rinsed my mouth out. Then I found out he was an Arab working at the Sahar Airport. The next morning I was given my passport and visa and my luggage. I was put on the plane headed for Dubai.

When I arrived in Dubai a chauffer named Joseph was there to pick me up. My new Arab employer lived in the suburbs. I was to learn the 98% of all Dubai are Emiri Muslims. As if I could tell one kind of Muslim from another.

Over the next ten years not only was I the house maid to the family but a sexual toy too. I was given a separate room far from the master bedroom so that he could visit my room and fuck me at his pleasure.

His chauffer was always trying to get me to fuck him or suck him. I did play with him a little for the extra money he gave me. The rest of the staff was a cook and a gardener. The cook was an older woman that cooked a lot of goat and lamb. The gardener is worth mentioning here because he was so young.

He was young when I first got there. I would guess he was eighteen. The chauffer and he had rooms off the garage. The master of the home had three cars at the time, the Mercedes Benz that the chauffer drove, a Chevy Serbian and a sports car that the wife drove when the husband was not around.

The gardener was another toy of the master of the house. When that randy old man was not fucking me or his wife he would take the boy into the garden shed and have the boy drop his shorts. Then he would fuck his ass or mouth at his pleasure. The boy seemed to enjoy it though.

The only two that were not being molested by the family were the cook and the chauffer. Of course the chauffer was always trying to get me or the cook to service him. I was a little upset when I found out that he was getting blowjobs from the gardener and fucking him in the ass too. After that he was lucky to get a hand job from me.

When the master would get home he wanted to fuck his wife, more than that he wanted some of us to watch. As soon as his son turned 18 he was allowed to join. The boy's father allowed him to suck on my breasts while he fucked me. Sometimes he also let him fuck me too. Now that Klim is eighteen, when he gets home from school he wants to suck my pussy. He wants my wet panties to masturbate with. I have to give it to the Arab's these men have penises like horses. Klim at eighteen is hung like his father. When he skins back the foreskin the head of his dick looks like a doorknob. It is all I can do to take it in my pussy or rectum.

The master hired a new gardener when Kilm reached twenty. He was a pretty boy with blue eyes. I know that Kilm is fucking him too. Even Joseph told me he was fucking him too.

His wife was named Mumtaz and she knew that he was fucking me and many a time watched as he did it. This led to her being more than a little mean to me. When the master was gone she would come into the bathroom when I was cleaning it and sit on the toilet. She would lift her blue robe and show me her bald pussy and make me suck her off. She claimed that she found my hairy cunt repulsive, so she would fuck me in the ass with her strap-on dildo.

When the master was gone on trips she would call me to her bedroom and be on the bed in a nightgown with no under clothes on. She would show me that Arabian women used a cream to keep their pussies hairless like a child's. Then she made me eat her for hours. She never knew how much I enjoyed that.

Then some times when I was ironing the children's clothes she would come into my room and make me kneel down as she covered my body with her blue robe. She never had underpants on. I was required to suck her pussy until she was satisfied. Then at times I was required to tongue fuck her asshole until she got off too. In the all years I don't think a night went by that I was not being use by one member of the family or the other.

As the daughter grew up I was her nanny too. When she turned 18 she was allowed to suck my breasts at her pleasure. Sometimes her mom required I suck her pussy when she wanted it. Now that was one job I didn't mind at all. That child was making so many demands on me sexually that even her father was not getting into my bed as much as he wanted.

That brings me to the present. He decided that he needed a second house keeper. I told him that I had a friend in Dubai and that he could acquire your contract cheep enough. I hope this letter finds you well and we are soon reunited.

Love Matha

written by jan


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