Little Big Brother

My name is Mark and i m 28 years old 5 feet 10, 140 lbs. I have sister Marta who is 19 and brother Steve 18 years old. My girlfriend Sandra and i was in Australia for two years and when i was back to Europe they were waiting me on the airport. First i saw my sister, and one tall man was with her. I thought he is her new boyfriend but when i came closer i noticed that he is actually my younger brother.

"You grew up bro", i said looking him up.

"Yes big, actually little brother", he said with deep voice. He and my sister started to laugh

I felt little humiliated but i must resigned with fact that i am not bigger brother anymore. My sister drove us home. I was very tired of journey so i just hugged mom and dad when i arrived home and than went to sleep.

The next day I woke up about 9. My brother and sister just had the breakfast.

"Good morning", i said

"Good morning", they answered, "how did you sleep?"

Well, so we have little talk about last two years.

I really cant believe you have grown so much Steve. How tall are you exactly?

"6 feet five", he said eating big sandwich.

"What did you eat", i tried to be fun

"He is also became strong", marta said, "look at this biceps. Real man. Hey guys, you can try to arm wrestle."

"Yes it is good idea", said Steve

"Ok", i said with little scare.

His hand was much longer and wider, I noticed his little finger is bigger than my middle. Marta put some books under my arm that we would in the same level.

My brother was just smiling. He beat me easy.

"From now smally, i am in charge. Bring me the chocolate from fridge. Do you want some sister."

"Yes apple", she was looking to my brother with warm approbation.

"And apple"

I havent choice. I stand up and brought them what they want.

Few days later my girlfriend Sandra also came from Australia, she must stay one week longer because of job. She was also very surprised when she saw my brother. She only said what a man.

Sandra was very conservative, and she don't want to have sex with me before our marriage. But when she saw my brother i felt that she become little horny. Tomorrow Sandra and I were watching TV and she ask me about my brother, how he was growing so tall, when he come home and so on. I was angry on she she ask me that questions but i didn't said anything. I was also thinking how my brother is sexual developed.

That evening I get the question.

Sandra and I were eating dinner when my brother came home. It was summer and was very hot so he took off her shoes and trousers. He entered the room only in pants. I started to tremble when I saw the huge bulge in his pants. Sandra also started to tremble and to breath faster.

"What happend", you never see boy in pants.

Sandra cant talk. She only wanted to felt her cock wherever it would be. I felt that.

"Please put the trousers on. It is indecent", I said with a tremble voice

"Oh yea, it seems Sandra don't agree with you, don't you Sandra"

Sandra continued with no-word-saying. She just stared in huge bulge on his pants.

"Do you want me to take off it", Steve asked Sandra

"Yes" she screamed suddenly

"Ok baby just calm down", he coddled her head with his large hand, "just calm".

I cant do anything, i cant move. In the same time i was so humiliated, but in the other hand I wanted to see that monster.

He slowly took of his pants, and we were just front of the huge soft cock at least 7 inches long. My cock was fully hard.

"Now, take off your pants and trousers", my younger brother order to me

"Please brother, dont"

"Take off the trousers", he said louder.

"Please", i started to cry.

He slap me so hard i felt on the floor. He put his large foot on my face and repeated the order.

Sandra didn't speak all that time.

I started to take off my trousers. The smell of his foot was so strong.

"Lick it, suck my toes" he ordered. "And you Sandra suck my rod". He pull her hair and she started to suck his monster. I took off my trousers, and Steve saw the bulge of my hard cock.

"Ha ha ha you poor little dickhead, take of the pants fast". Look sandra, and tell me whos is the better. I took my pants off and Sandra for first time saw my cock. It was about 5 inches full hard, 2 inches smaller than my brother soft cock.

Sandra didn't say a word she just want to suck Steve's huge dick. Now when it become hard it was 11 inches long and very thick.

"Stop, now i want to fuck you." He pushed her and she fell on the bed.

"O you are the virgin but not for long. Do you want my huge rod inside you?"

"Yes yes I want" Sandra said while trembling.

He slowly entered her, and she screamed louder and louder with a horny voice. He was fucking her for one hour and she was finished several time and before he was cuming he stop, get it out and put the monster in Sandra's mouth.

"I want to finished in your mouth you horny little slut, suck it" he said and slap her. She sucked it faster and faster until the vulcan erupted. The huge amount of sperm filled Sandra's mouth. "Drink it slut", steve said. Drink it and than kiss my tiny brother. Sandra was satisfied like never before, she had content smile.

"Kiss my brother", he order her.

She obey him and kiss me. I felt the taste of my brother sperm

"From now, slut, who is the only one who can fuck you", asked Steve

"You master" answered Sandra submissively.

I was humiliated like never before. After that i had to lick my brother feet which are bigger then my head till my horny satisfied girlfriend licked his long fingers.

written by darija


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