Forcing Me To Answer Questions

I am 38, stand 5'10" brown hair & eyes. Always keep my hair very short. I have an average build, great smile & butt. It was late one night & one of my co-workers (female) called and wanted me to meet her at a local dive bar. She wanted to introduce me to her new boyfriend. As I drove up to the bar I notice only about 4 cars outside the place. Once inside their were about 7 people including the bar help. My friend was sitting at the bar with her boyfriend & one of his friends Scott.

Immediately I was turn on, not by her boyfriend but his friend. Scott is about 30. Same build as I, stocky construction worker build. We begin to drink and drink. Scott continued to do shots. I was dumb enough to go along with it even though I usually don't drink much. We closed down the bar & head back to her boyfriend house. Once inside the house my friend & her boyfriend headed up stairs to do whatever which left Scott & myself down stair drinking.

As we sat on the sofa & I listen to him talk, all he talked about was pussy. I figure he was horny so I took off my glasses & made my move. I put my hand on his leg. I thought he was going to hit me. He stood up and asked me what the fuck I was doing. He asked me if I was a fag! I could not even look at him as I sat on the sofa. He made me look at him an answer him.

"Yes I am a fag"

He asked me if I like sucking dick!

I shook my head but again he made me answer him.

"Yes I like sucking dick"

The next thing I know he bitch-slapped me & ask me if I was fag enough to suck his dick if he pulled it out.

I thought I was going to pass out. I don't know if it was from having a long time fantasy of being humiliated or him bitch slapping me. I was lite headed.

He unzipped his fly and pull out his dick. It was about 5 inches soft which quickly grew to about 8 inches.

He noted it was my duty to get him hard.

I sucked him to completion. He held my head on his cock, then made me clean him up.

Once I was done he kept saying "I can no believe you're a fag, I would have never known." Needless to say I was so shame I had to find a way to leave the house. All I keep thinking about is I want more. I was meant to be submissive to a real man.

written by hellohandsomeman


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