Lisa And Jack Meet

Lisa had never gone to a club before, but she figured, what's the worst that could happen? Walking up to the bar, she looked around and she noticed how many girls were drunk and practically humping the guys that were hitting on them. The bartender was busy getting drinks for the girls that were already buzzed and dressed slutty, so she sat down on the stool to wait. She looked around at the dull lights high up in the rafters with the strobe lights a little lower so that light blinked but you could still see what the hell was going on. There was a girl on the dance floor that every guy couldn't help but look at, and she could see why.

The girl had blonde hair that went to the small of her back; she was tan and was dancing like she should have had a giant sliver pole. As Lisa looked at the girl she couldn't help but compare herself to the blonde. The blonde was wearing a low cut tank top that showed off that she was wearing a black push up bra, while Lisa was wearing a baby doll tee and a fitted denim jacket. Blondie had tight short shorts and high heels and Lisa? Well she had on jeans and sneakers.

"Hot, isn't she?" Lisa jumped at the sudden voice. Turning, her eyes met with the voices owner. She was caught off guard by how green his eyes.

"Umm, yeah, if you like that." She tried to say as if the girl wasn't really that hot. He chuckled and Lisa could feel her cheeks getting warm.

"Well don't worry about her, she may look like a bombshell, but she packs a nasty surprise. One I'm sure you don't have." Nasty surprise? What the hell did he mean by that? And how did he know she didn't have one, whatever it was.

"So I'm guessing you know from experience??" she asked, suddenly wishing she didn't. He just smiled at that. The bartender finally decided he would acknowledge her existence and she couldn't help but be glad for the interruption.

"Another one Jack??" he said looking at the green eyed man.

"Yeah, and an apple martini for the lady." he said.

"Actually this lady will have a beer." she said. She couldn't stand those fruity girl drinks. The bartender smirk at the man put down two beers and walked away.

"So she's not into hot blondes or fruity drinks, interesting." he said, taking a swig of beer. Lisa couldn't help but laugh.

"Is Jack really your name, or does he call everyone that??" she motioned to the bartender.

"It is, in fact." he said, smiling.

"And what might yours be?" said Jack.

"Lisa, last time I checked." She said wishing it sounded as witty as it did in her head. Lisa started to shift in her seat, realizing Jack might actually be into her and she should try and see if it goes anywhere. Three months is a long dry spell for her sex life and she really needed to break that dry spell. Jack was still leaning against the bar, so she must not have scared him away yet.

"So what bring such a pretty lady to this dank, dirty club?" Jack asked, putting his hand on her knee.

"Just needed a change of pace, I guess. You?" she said, slightly leaning in.

"Looking for some fun, is all." Jack said, sliding his hand up slowly, waiting for her to stop him. She didn't move to stop him, or even break eye contact. In fact she moved so he could get further up her thigh, loving the feeling of his hand getting so close to her pussy.

"I like fun" she said, hoping he wouldn't stop. He leaned in to whisper into her ear, "Why don't we get out of here?" he said, and then kissed her neck.

He only lived around the corner, so they got there in seconds. They went up to his apartment and they both pulled off their coats and tossed them on the couch. Jack went to the fridge and got out two beers and opened them, handing her one. Lisa was looking around, while drinking the beer, when she saw a room with a bed and a bunch of clothes on the floor.

"This your room?" she said.

"Yeah" said Jack. She walked in, sat on his bed, and leaned back on her elbows. Jack followed her in, and taking both beers and placing them on the floor, she started to push her back while kissing her. Lisa slowly laid back as Jack slid his hands up her shirt. He slid her shirt off and unhooked her bra, throwing them both aside. As their kisses got more passionate, the more they lost themselves in each other, pulling off each other's clothes. Lisa could feel Jack's dick pressing hard against her wet pussy. He slid his big dick into her tight pussy and as he plunged deep in she couldn't help but moan in pleasure. He was slamming into her, loving the feeling of his balls slapping her ass, and she was obviously enjoying it too. Just as she was losing herself in the moment, she felt a second pair of hands on her.

While Jack was kissing her neck, she looked over his shoulder and what she saw was almost enough to make her freak out and run away, almost. There was the blonde from the club, sitting on the bed with her hands all over Lisa's boobs. The blonde must not have wanted to be kicked out of the fun because then she slid a hand down to play with Lisa's clit. This was all too much for Lisa to handle because she started to cum. Jack must have noticed because he pulled out, and started to lick all around and inside her, not letting any of her sweetness get away. He was really loving this because as he liked Lisa, the blonde got down and was sucking on his dick. When she was finished cumming, he grabbing her hips, rolled her onto her stomach, and crawled up to whisper in her ear.

"You don't mind if my roommate Jamie joins, do you? She really knows how to use that surprise I was telling you about." He said. She was really curious so she agreed. Smiling, Jack started kissing her neck and down her back, kissed the small of her back. He put his hands on her hips and she knew that meant it was time for doggie style. Lisa got on all fours and Jamie snuck under her and as Jack started pounding Lisa's pussy from behind with his balls swinging, Jamie and Lisa started kissing. Jamie was fondling Lisa's boob while playing with herself. With the three of them all moaning in pleasure, Lisa couldn't help herself from cumming once more. This time, Jamie turned around when Jack pulled out and started licking Lisa's oozing pussy. It was then that Lisa learned of the surprise. There was Jamie's dick in Lisa's face. Lisa only paused for a moment before going down on the dick in front of her.

Jack was entertaining himself by going between two sets of breasts, fondling, kissing and sucking on nipples. Once again Lisa was licked clean and ready for more. She wanted to try something new and decided to get on Jamie's dick, and tugged on Jacks wrist for him to go behind her. He knew what she wanted and couldn't wait. Lisa lifted a little and Jack got real close, his balls rubbing against Jamie's as Lisa went down on both dicks. With Jamie's dick in her pussy, and Jack's dick in her ass, she was going up and down, slow at first but slowly going faster and faster. Lisa and Jamie where kissing as best they could with Jack reaching around to the middle of them to once more play with boobs. With all of them moaning and Lisa starting to squeak more and more, it wasn't long before the three of them where cumming all at once.

written by sexgoddess


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