Two Girls To The Cook Out Party

My friend Nikki and I decided to go to a cookout hosted by an older man we had met on the internet. I was 21 and so was Nikki. We had heard about his parties. We knew there would be hot older men there as well as women. We put on our halter tops and short shorts and went on our way.

It began at 2:00pm on Saturday and we arrived around 3:00. The party was in full swing. Everyone was drinking and eating hotdogs and burgers from the grill. We sat at Harry's table with his friends. The men and women were in their late thirties and forties. They made us feel really comfortable.

About 5 we all went inside since the evening sun became really intense. Harry had a large house with a large recreation room. He turned on his big screen TV and put in an orgie movie. Everyone started really checkin each other out. One man grabbed another man's wife and sat her on the ping pong table. Another woman got up beside them and starting suckin on the her titties. The man got up on the table and squated and shoved his cock into the woman's pussy. He was screwin her brains out. He had a nice ass and it made me horny watching it move back and forth. I felt an urge to go over and lick his ass.

A man had already taken Nikki on the floor. I felt a hand on my titties and it was a woman with long dark hair and a great tan. Then a man came over and said his name was Thom and he wanted to fuck me. He was an older man with graying hair and he had a stern look. He sent chills down my spine. I knew he was going to pound me. He took off my shorts and pulled me towards the other side of the ping pong table.

By this time everyone was engaged in some type of sexual activity. I felt myself being sat on the table and the woman had followed. She pulled my legs apart. But before she could eat my pussy, Thom pulled her back. He settled himself between my legs, I saw the hugeness of him for the first time. I was a little scared. He put one of my legs over his shoulder and held the other one apart. I grabbed the edge of the table to brace myself. He shoved himself inside me. It felt so good. He immediately started pounding me with such force I thought he would pull me off the edge of the table.The woman was sucking my nipples, she put her hand on my clit. She could hardly keep it there because he was fuckin me so hard.

I felt her rubbin my clit and I came all over his big cock.

He pulled out and the woman started rubbin my clit harder. She bent down and started lickin my pussy. She put her tongue deep inside. I was rockin back and forth. She started suckin on my clit. She sucked it hard in her mouth. Thom shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked it and rubbed his balls. He got up and moved behind the woman and fucked her in her asshole. He was moving slowly and drivin her to scream.

An older woman in her late forties, came up and started lickin my pussy. She shoved her finger in my asshole and moved it in and out really fast. Then I felt her tongue on my asshole. She spit and shoved it deep inside my ass with her tongue. She told me to get up on the table on my hands and knees. I did as she said. She rubbed my clit in circular motions. Then I felt three fingers go in my ass. She finger fucked my ass and rubbed my clit until I came. Then she stuck her tongue on my sensitive clit and licked it back and forth. I came again.

The night continued into the morning hours. We all fell asleep tangled together. It was a hot experience.

written by sashatide


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