First Bi Experience Getting Fucked

I have always enjoyed adult movies and while I was in the Boston area would go to the adult theaters often. Being neither shy or easily offended, I would often take out my cock and stroke it even if other guys could see me. I often noticed guys going through a curtain, but did not know what was happening there. Eventually I decided to go back and found stairs leading up to the balcony. On many occasions after that I would go upstairs and watch others having sex - usually guys sucking each other off, and on occasion being fucked. Watching them would give me a hard on which I openly jerked off, shooting a stream of cum onto the floor. On a couple of occasions a guy would jerk me off and then I would leave. One adult video that had a definite impact on me was Orgy at the Poisenberry Bar. The sight of a cock framed in stockings and garters really turned me on.

Some time later, after I had been in New Orleans for a while, I started watching the she-male and female impersonator videos. Again, the sight of a big hard cock surrounded by female lingerie absolutely intrigued me. I went out and bought a garter, some stockings and panties. Putting them on gave me a raging hardon that stuck out of my panties, which I quickly jerked off. What surprised me was that after a pretty strong orgasm I stayed hard. After jerking off three times my cock finally softened to the point it would stay inside my panties. For some time after that, whenever I got home and took my uniform off, on would go the garter, stockings and panties. After a while I had a good collection of lingerie - garters, stockings, bustiers, and panties of various styles and colors. I would also still go out to the adult theaters even though things were much tamer than I had seen in Boston due in large part to the increased awareness of AIDS and the unsafe sex practices as well as a surprisingly more conservative attitude locally. One afternoon after being watched jerking off for a while I was going to put my cock away when the guy sitting a few chairs away suddenly moved in front of me and gave me one helluva blow job.

One night I was really horny and decided to wear the lingerie when I went to the theater. This, being early in the week, turned out to be a night where it was pretty quiet there. In the bathroom someone had written a phone number with a message that he wanted company. For some reason I decided to see what this could lead to. I had been thinking about trying sucking a cock and possibly even being fucked in the ass, and it seemed that 'opportunity' was knocking, so I called. I told him where I was - we talked for a minute and then I told him I was wearing stockings and panties. Well, he definitely wanted me to come over. His motel was across the street so I reached in, adjusted my cock in my panties and headed over.

Well, I got there and went in and we talked a little bit. He was a salesman from Houston selling some equipment used in oil drilling and I noticed he was wearing a wedding band. This made me a little more comfortable about going on. After talking for a while he said he wanted to see my panties and nylons. We both got up and undressed with him stripping all the way and me down to my lingerie. We laid back down on the bed and started to play with each others cocks. After a while he turned around bringing his cock up by my face. Everything was feeling right and I opened my mouth, lowering it over my very first cock and sucking him deep. I still remember how soft and hot the skin of his cock felt on my tounge and that I liked the way his cock seemed to get even harder as I sucked on him.

I spent several minutes exploring his cock with my tounge, licking it from the tip and down the shaft, taking his balls in my mouth and sucking them softly while I stroked his cock. I licked my way back up his cock and again took him as deep into my mouth as I could.

After sucking him vigorously (and really enjoying it) for a while, my jaw started to get a little sore and I wanted to experience being fucked, so I looked up and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He wanted to, so as he went to get some lotion for lubricant I got out a rubber that I had brought along. When he got back, I put the rubber in my mouth and then sucked in his cock and worked the rubber on him with my tounge (something a call girl had done to me before). I quickly pulled off my panties and laid back spreading my legs wide offering my virgin ass to him. He spread the lotion on my ass and on his cock and started to slide his cock into me. At first it hurt a lot and I asked him to stop for a moment. After a very brief rest, I guided his cock to my ass and he slowly slid his cock fully into me. What a feeling to be filled with hard cock! He started to fuck me slowly and I started to jerk my cock off. It is hard to describe the pleasure I felt as he continued fucking me. I remember that just as he buried his cock deep into me hard and started coming, my own cock exploded shooting a very large load of come, some of it splashing across my face.

We stayed there resting for a moment and then he slowly pulled his cock out of my somewhat sore ass. We cleaned up and I left. What I regret the most is that I didn't give him my phone number so he could call me when he came to town. I never did see him again, although I did visit the same theater many times later hoping to.

That was my first experience, and since then I've only had a couple of encounters where I gave a blow job or received one. What I would truly love to experience is being in bed with an attractive couple while both her and I were decked out in stockings and garters and possibly (with her assistance) makeup. I would love for her and I to kneel in front of him and both of us suck and lick his cock, passing it between us as he comes in our mouths, or even for her to be riding me while we are sucking him off together.

written by anonymous


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