Hotel Guard

Im a security guard in a nice hotel. I patrol the hallways and the dark corners, and I do love those dark corners sometimes! I was walking onto the fifth floor balcony one night a about 2:00 AM

when I heard a low moan. I peaked aroound the corner and saw a man and a woman in a close embrace. His back was to the wall and she was pressed against him. He was kissing her deeply while one hand pulled up her mini-skirt. She was about 5 foot 6 inches and beautifull.

I could see her tight ass and her smooth legs and his other hand reaching under the top of her panties to feel her cheeks. His hand moved to her front side to feel its way down her stomack and then between her legs. She squirmed and then whimpered as his hands found her wet slit from both sides. His one hand was working her clit while the other was sliding slowly in and out of her. At this point I was getting hard and had decided there was no way I was going to stop them. This is also when he looked up and saw me there.

I was startled but he just smiled and pushed his finger deeper into her with a wink. She broke from their kiss and started kissing his neck, then working her way down his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt. He was 6 foot 2 with plenty of muscle and as she started kissing his chest and then sucking his nipples, his broad chest and tight abs flexed in excitement. As she unbuttoned his pants he took his shirt all the way off and threw it in my direction. His (at least 7 inch) dick was free now and she was sucking it like mad. working her mouth all the way down and up very quickly. The pleasure was obvious on his face and he was breathing fast now. After a few minutes of sucking he pulled her up and tore her shirt open, letting the buttons fly. He grasped one tit in his hand and sucked her nipple hard. His other hand was reaching behind her again.

He wet his hand in her slit and then started rubbing her asshole slowly. She squeked with pleasure when his index finger pushed into her ass and the stroked her insides. She was pulling at her panties to get them off and he broke loose from her to help. That done he pulled her trim form against his tight muscled body and held her close before lifting her up and sliding her down to the sound of her moan of ecstsy. He seemed to be inside her now, his large dick fiiling her, her feet off the ground as his strong arms held her up. His hands were holding her ass and again he put his finger into it.

He worked his finger deep into her ass and moved it in rythm to their fucking. I had put my hand to myself and was stroking my flesh, getting hot and unconsciously fingering my nipples. Much in the way she was sucking his nipples. His eyes were closed but then shot open as she bit on his right nipple. He appeared to be in complete bliss as he fucked her pussy with his cock and fingered her ass. She started to moan louder and then mumbled over his chest,"Im coming!" She wigged on his dick as much as she could ( her feet of the ground remember) He then used a free finger on the hand that was fingering her to gesture me forward. My dick free, I walked up behind her. She didnt seem to know I was there.

He pulled his finger free and spread her ass to me. I was wet from my own precum and her pussy juices were smeared everywhere so I just pressed my prick against her. With a soft plop my dick pushed into her ass and continued deeper. She cried out (not in pain I think) and started another orgasm for herself. I pushed in and out of her ass while he fucked her from the front, our rythms matching and her orgasm continual. His hand were free now that she was held up between us. He reached to me and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. I smiled at this and reached around her to feel his shoulders. His body was hard and I rubbed his arms then his chest, finally grasping his niples as he pulled on mine.

We continued fucking her while we felt each other, she was cumming nonstop and we were in paridise. Our dicks ramming her, our hands roaming each others flesh. Our lip met and we kissed deeply. I could see her biting his shoulder now and he was grunting. He was pushing into her harder and faster and finally with a deep moan he flexed into her and shot his semen deep into her pussy. His hands pulling me into her I felt my dick pulse, my body shook as I to emptied myself into her. I pushed into her ass and exploded with great force.

We stood there a minute, still pressed together. She looked back at me and smiled, I smiled at her, we were all smiling. We were all still horny too. We separated though we stayed close. They asked me back to there room and there we spent the night in ecstasy. I was glad in the morning that the hotel was OK without me.

written by christianna


CATEGORIES encounters

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