Great Bisexual Trip

I have known for some time that I am bisexual. I live with my girlfriend (who has no idea) but I can't get enough of taletopia and watching gay porn on the net. I have had a couple of experiences years back with a couple of guys that I met on AOL, see my other story "Salsa Dancing".

Like I said it's been a couple of years since I have had sex of any kind with another man. But I have fantasized about it. The main object of these fantasizes is a friend of mine who is also straight and living with his girlfriend. He has a real hot body, about 5'6, 160 lbs with basically a swimmers build. He works in construction so that helps keep him fit. Me, I have the curse of an office worker and have developed a bit of a belly. But I do consider myself good looking with strong, hockey player legs.

Anyway, whenever we go out to the bars to shoot pool I can't help but focus on his body and wonder what it would be like to fuck him. Our conversation generally centers around sex and he has made it quite clear that he will cheat on his girlfriend just about any chance he gets. He was in the Navy for a couple of years and although he has told me stories of the many girls he has been with in the various ports, I keep thinking that there is something that he isn't telling me. Maybe it's just my over active imagination but I can definitely picture him and one of his navy buddies going down on each other. He has also told me of his road trips where he has hooked up with nasty woman in rest stops, but the only people that I know of available at a rest stop are other guys.

Well, he has a truck and occasionally we will go off roading in the desert on a Sunday and shoot his guns. Last weekend we decided it was time for a guys only camping trip to get away from the girls and basically drink a lot of beer. So we packed up the truck and took off into the mountains. That day was just like any other, we set up camp, smoked a joint and settled around the camp fire drinking a lot of beers. Our conversation had of course turned toward sex and I was asking about some of his navy stories. He told me a few of his exploits and then he started talking about one girl who was not the best looking, but would let him screw her in the ass. He went on and on about how great her ass was and that his current girlfriend felt that her ass was exit only. I told him how much I too loved anal sex and my girl would only give it up once in a blue moon. But when she did it was awesome for both of us. She could cum multiple times while I ass fucked her.

I could tell that he was getting jealous. And was asking for some very intimate details. At one point in this discussion I leaned forward to throw another log on the fire. While I did this I glanced at his crotch and noticed quite a tent happening in his sweat pants. We both became pretty quite just staring into the fire as we kept drinking. I would occasionally glance over and see that he was still very turned on. I was also not doing much to conceal the bulge that had grown in my pants. Almost hoping that he would notice.

I decided that I had better go to bed before the alcohol and pot made me say something that I might regret. So I announced that I was going into the tent. He told me he was too, but we needed to do something about the fire first. Well the beer had completely filled up my bladder so I just stood up, unzipped my pants and started to piss on the fire. He said good idea and the next thing I knew he was standing across from me pissing as well. We both were completely full and must have been pissing for a good two minutes. During that time I know I caught him checking out my still half hard pole. Of course I didn't mind because I was checking him out as well. It wasn't very thick, but it was cut with a beautiful, bulbous head. We finally finished putting out the fire and went to retire in the tent. It was amazing at how cold it had gotten. We didn't notice because we were so close to the fire and we were pretty wasted.

I had an extra blanket that I offered to put over both of our sleeping bags for some extra warmth. I knew that he would have to move a bit closer to me for that to work. He quickly agreed as we stripped down to our boxers and snaked into our bags as quick as possible. I was anxious to get out of the cold as well as hid the incredible hard on that he created.

As we laid there in the darkness trying to fall asleep he asked me out of nowhere a quick question. "how do you get Kelly to take it in her ass?"

I replied, "well I usually start by fingering her rectum while I screw her. This generally gets her pretty worked up until she is open to just about anything."

I heard him stirring in the bag as he said, "man I wish I had a tight ass like that to screw." My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could tell that he was rubbing his dick under the sleeping bag. I decided to go slow but I wanted to see where this conversation would go.

"So when you were in the navy and you would get horny like this, what would you do to relieve yourself when you were stuck on the ship with all guys?"

"Usually I would just take matters into my own hands like I am now."


"Well, yeah. There is a don't ask, don't tell policy, but when you're really horny, you can usually tell who would be willing to suck you off." His openess really took me by surprise and I didn't know what to say. So I decided to give some info that I never shared with any- one.

"I've let a couple of guys suck me off before. I have even fucked a guy once after getting real drunk at the bars."

By this time the buzz seemed to be wearing off. I could tell that he was incredibly aroused now. His hands were moving very fast on his cock. So I felt there would never be a better time. I unzipped my bag and then his and reached in to grab hold of his cock. As I wrapped my fingers around it, he let out a small moan and shifted to face me. I felt his hands on my chest working their way down to my cock. He slid a bit closer to me and I could feel his breath on my cheek. I lifted my lips to his and we met with a very passionate kiss. Our hands were all over each other now and I was in heaven.

He pulled away from me and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I simply answered by sliding my tongue back in his mouth. That was all the encouragement that he needed. Somehow we managed to work off our underwear and we were wrapped around each other grinding our cocks together. Man I wanted him. I slowly slid down his body to get a closer look at his cock. It was so hard. I swirled my tongue around the head and heard him breathing real hard. Working my lips over the mushroom head I took him as deep as I could. He must have been incredibly turned on because after just about two minutes of sucking his man hood, he grabbed the back of my head and without warning, emptied the thickest load ever down my throat. I continued to suck until I was sure he was done and worked my way back up to his mouth where we shared what was left of his spunk.

After he had calmed down some, he rolled me onto my back and I knew it was my turn. He got between my legs and licked from my cock head to my balls and then back. I could tell that he had done this before. He sucked me for about ten minutes and when I told him that I was going to cum, he clamped down and sucked all I had. After I was drained, he slowly sucked my balls into his mouth which had me moaning again. Then he lifted behind my knees and slid his tongue down to my ass. I loved having my hole eaten and he was a pro. He used my cum as lubricant as we alternated between tongue and finger fucking me. He knew I was getting into it and ready for the real thing. He slid back up my body lifting my ankles to my ears as he whispered, "Can I fuck your ass?" I answered him by sticking my tongue in his mouth tasting my cum and ass on his lips and pulling his hips to mine.

That was all the invitation he needed. He pulled back, spit on his palm and rubbed it on his cock. I knew he needed it, what had his girlfriend been thinking to deny this stud. Didn't she know that he would be after the first hot ass he could find? I felt the spongy head at my hole and begged him to shove it in me. In a single push he was buried to hilt and I felt his balls resting on my ass. It was wonderful. I could feel him deep inside me. Instead of pulling out he just kept flexing and slowly shifting, giving my prostate a wonderful message. Then he slowly fucked me, deep dicking me for about ten minutes before he finally moaned and filled me with his cum.

I was in heaven. His body slumped forward against my chest and that's when I realized that I had cum as well and our stomachs were stuck together. After he regained his breath he lightly kissed me and thanked me. I told him the pleasure was mine. We laid there there, still connected for quite a while until he went soft and slid out of me, along with some of his juices. Before falling asleep, he promised to return the favor tomorrow. Quite happy, we fell asleep in each others arms and knew that this would not be a one night stand.

written by phxguy


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