Introduced To BiSexual Action

Some years ago I had a co-worker who had this stunning SO. He was 23, she was 22, and I was 31. I outright told him one day I would like to know if he ever decided he wanted rid of her cause I wanted rights of first refusal. He smiled and told me the sun would go out before he let her go. I certainly under- stood why. Marla was about 5'10" and 130#'s. She had this really dark black thick hair down to her mid back. Her chest was quite full but not huge or overly big. She was a 36c. Her bottom was nice and round and so tight, my tongue would get hard when I saw her walking away from me. Don was no slouch, but, I never brought up that subject at all. He was over 6' and about 185 with nice wide shoulders and long legs.

I had been to there place a couple times for Saturday after- noon cookouts, movies on the vcr type thing. Don asked one day if I would be interested in coming over for a movie party and I said sure. When I arrived on that Saturday I was the first person and it turned out the only person invited. We had a drink and Marla had cooked Chinese. After dinner we went into the living room and Don flicked on the vcr. Lo and behold there is a movie of them in the act. Marla is leaning down Don toward the camera giving him a nice BJ.

Talk about instant erection. They were watching me watching the video. I was stunned. Don clicked it off after about 5 minutes and they explained that Don had told Marla about my comments, about her. She had always wanted two guys at once and finally convinced Don I would be the perfect third. I told her I was greatly appreciative of her selection and quite proud too. She walked over and wrapped her arms around me and tried to tickle my tonsils with her tongue as I massaged her cheeks.


We are in their king sized waterbed. She has given both of us a nice long blowjob and I have eaten her to orgasm. Don is lying on his back in the middle of the bed and she is kneeling down over him with his rock hard cock deep in her throat and I am behind her doing her doggie. She is moaning and I can feel her muscles working like crazy and she starts cumming. She rocks her hips and works her muscles in a long cum. About this time I can't stand it any longer and I unload in her banging hard and deep with each thrust. When she feels my jism spurting out she starts cumming again. When she finally winds back down to earth Marla falls over on the bed exhausted.

Don meanwhile has this tremendous erection sticking straight up in the air. He asks her what about his 'stick' (there little love term) and she tells him he will just have to wait for her to get it back together or convince me to finish him off. She looked at me smiling, expecting to see me blush. WRONG!! I said that if Don would clean her pussy up for her I would take care of that pole for him. I looked at him and he smiled and looked at her. When I looked to Marla her eyes were like saucers and she was slowly shaking her head up and down.

She said Don could eat her out but she had to watch me suck him off first. Don didn't really know what to do or say at this point, cause he figured her statement was a joke. And, suddenly I was taking her up on it. He just put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. I took that as assent and moved up and took his penis in my mouth. If it was possible he got harder and bigger. I did my slow work down from the tip to the base with my lips on him and then back off again. I licked and sucked and kissed his cock for about 20 minutes, bringing him almost to the point of no return and then backing down.

Meanwhile darling Marla was watching and had three fingers of one hand buried in her pussy and was rubbing her nipples with the other. Finally I took about half of Don into my mouth and began to run my tongue around the head, flick the soft underside of the glans and bob up and down as I sucked on him. He lasted about 45 seconds and started to arch up and buck as he exploded with a huge load of hot cum. I got it all and gently pulled off his now fading penis. I rolled over and pulled Marla to me and pressed my lips to hers and when she parted mine with her tongue I let his cum slide into her mouth. She jammed her fingers deep into her vaggie and climaxed all over again as we tongue fought his cum back and forth.

Before I knew it Saturday evening turned into Monday morning about 5:30 and I had to leave to go to work without sleep for nearly two days. Needless to say neither of us were worth a damn at work that day. That was his first time ever with any kind of malemale play, but it certainly was not his last. She had us suck each other 7-8 more times as she watched and masturbated. She even convinced him to take my cum the last time he sucked me, then she sucked it from his mouth.

I also introduced them to a few other things before he transferred to another state with the company. They are one of the couples in our camping group. She is now bi too and abso- lutely loves to be eaten by a woman.

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