Giving Commmands to Couple over the Phone

Being a long time fan of the Taletopia story archives and reading the beautiful storied written by many of the Authors I've been meaning to share with you my own since a long time and finally decided to sit down and get on with it. My name is Rickie a 25 yo male from a city called Mumbai in India. I'm a nice looking ( not wanting to get ahead of 5'10 guy with a fairly average built and a wheatish complexion and a member little more than 7 in and yes I'm a bi. i've had experiences with well a guy and lot's of times with him and have known a lot of people from the net but never managed to meet any one of them yet (except one). I have spoken to some over the phone with some stimulating sessions ( you know what I mean) of which i'm found of with both guys and girls. This story starts with one such encounter.

I met this one guy on one of the Mumbai chat sites who introduced himself as a 45 yo male from Mumbai (who said his name was Minesh ). As I don't mind the age difference much I asked him if he was comfortable with me and we had a chat. We chatted bout what we do what we like, certain specs bout ourselves (if you know what I mean) and the usual stuff and since I liked how that chat was going I asked him if I could add him to my Y+*(o messenger and he agreed. Over a period of time I came to know that he was a bi who was married and unlike many of the guys his type i come across his wife was aware of his preference. Since I hadn't known or met any such girl at least in Mumbai I didn't believe him until one of our phone sessions when I heard a woman's voice in the background. I asked him who i was and he said it was his wife.

Well he put her on the phone, introduced her self as Kirti, and I spoke to her and boy she had the most beautiful voice I've ever heard over the phone. It was one of those womanly seductive one's that you could just get lost into... anyways after our talk she said that she had to take care of some chores so gave the phone back to her husband. We spoke and soon came and then he said to me that Kirti was there licking his cum off his belly, she took the phone and said that he had cum like this after a long time and she really liked licking his cum and loved the taste of semen. after she finished licking she said that Minesh was taking her night gown off and getting her butt naked and said to me "Rickie hon I'll love you to talk dirty to me" since I was no newbie in this art I was more than happy to. I told her what I'll like Minesh to do to her and she would tell him to do the same, "I'd love to see Minesh stretch his tongue out and encircle it around the corners of your pussy " she told him to do just that "Ohh Rickie Minesh's tongue is going in and around my pussy and it's making me so wet ohhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm love it. He can suck dick and lick pussy with the same excellence ohhhhhhhh love what he's doing. Go on tell me what else you'd like him to do" she said.

By this time hearing a woman moan was getting me hard again and I was feeling my 8 inch member all over again. Moaning women, licking cunt and sucking cock is something I'd say I love and something that I'm good at is something that I've been told many times by my friend and many girls whom I've had the pleasure of sleeping with. I told her that I'd love to see Minehs wet his middle finger with your mouth and finger fuck her with and nibble on her tits at the same time and well again she did just that and moaned "ohhhhh gooodddddd aarrrrgrgggghhhhhh oh this is so good yeah fuck me Minesh fuck me"

Hey not yet I snapped, let me call the shot's here and surprisingly she obliged. At this time I was getting a bit curious and very horny and also wanting to see what else she'd let Minesh do to her. Apparently nibbling on her left tit had struck gold because she was moaning like crazy, well also could be because he was finger fucking her too, and I was getting horny hearing her moan and was gradually increasing the pace of stroking my cock too.

At this time I said "Kirti ask Minesh to stop and I want you to lick the finger he used on you like you were sucking cock and I guess she musta' done it like she meant it because I could hear Minesh cheer her on. Then when his finger was all clean I was all set to try what extreme she was gonna go to I asked her "Kirti I want you to lick very well Mineshe's thumb and middle finger" in a min she said done, "Then I want you to lie on the bed and spread your legs up and wide as you can" in a second go on was the reply then I gulped not knowing what the response would be asked her "Ask him to put his thumb in your ass and middle finger in your puccy finger fuck you like crazy and lick your cilt together" there was a pause for some time and I thought that I had pushed my luck here and then she said "I thought you'd never get there hon" and in a sec he was there doing that and for the first time while moaning she said "mmmm Rickie I really wish I could see you seeing Minesh do that, I want to see you stroke your cock at this"

"If I were there when this was going on you'd not be able to see me because I'd be under Minesh blowing him off, damn you got me so horny with your talk Kirti" I said.... "That's why I'm doing this hon" was her reply. Well this really raised my eyebrows and again she went on to her moaning " aaaarrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhh ohh faster Minesh, faster, Rickie's watching us faster do it faster, ohh oh rickied i'm gonna cum Yeah, yeah Minehs don't stop faster Minesh faster o oh yees yes yees yeesssssssssss....................."

Ok I said now I want Minesh to lie flat and you to climb on him and take his cock in your Pussy and fuck him like a good wife and boy she was more than happy to. she was on him with her hair open and all of him in her arching her back and gyrating her hips and I could begin to hear Minesh moan.

Now this was the voice I was waiting for because I wanted to cum with him. Again so I rhythmed my stroking to his moaning and I could hear Kirti moan and say "yeah Minesh how does that feel that's for you sweetie" and hear her typical moan with a bit of womanly grunting and I could hear Minesh announce "I'm gonna cum Kirti" and she began to gyrate faster and said "Yeah yeah ohh oh oh cumin me honey cum in me, I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy, cum in me" an I could hear a exploding orgasm from Minesh and hearing I shot cum... again all over my tummy and has panting with this really good two time action I had in a long time.

I could hear them smooching and slurping and was waiting for them to say bye for the night when Minehs came on the phone "Thanks buddy, this is a good conversation that we've had in a long time" they were more than welcome was my reply and asked them that if they were one of those couple's who liked to kiss a lot after sex and he said "Kirti believes that when two people are in love that they must exchange their juices in all way's and shouldn't shy away from doing it at any opportunity, that's why after we both came I licked her pussy juice and my cum from her pussy and we both kissed and were sharing it and tasting it orally and it's been a tradition since we first made love"

Well this was the sweetest reason and ritual I have ever heard I told him and would try that with my girl sometime I said. Kirti came on the phone and thanked me and said that she hoped I had a good time and I said that I most certainly did and love to try it again sometime. We had a lot of sessions like this one where we went on a little more longer every time with the role playing and the sex and one day she said to me that "Rickie, Minesh and I have talked about it and we'd like for you to join us sometime, if it was alright with you" I assured that I was more than happy to and we picked a date to meet on one of the beaches in Mumbai on week days so there would be less crowd and we could get a good deal on one of the shacks.

written by lexan


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