Frat Rush Sex Experiences

When I went to college, I wasn't able to see Jim. At first I didn't mind because their were plenty of girls around to occupy my interests. One girl in particular I had the hots for. Her name was Sara and she came from North Dakota. My chances of getting her were slim as she seemed to be dating her way through a fraternity.

I figured the best way to get ahold of her was to rush that frat. I went to all their events. It didn't hurt my chances that I owned a VCR (it was 1978). I managed to see her a couple of times and even talk to her briefly, but it was an unwritten rule that pledges didn't talk to the girls.

I pledged the frat and was accepted without problem. Surprisingly, I didn't go thru any initiation rites. The following Saturday night the frat was having a party for the pledges, word was that it was going to be a wild night. When I arrived Sara was behind the bar, it didn't get much better than this. Sara smiled at me and handed a beer to me. being young I drained it in a couple of minutes. Sara seemed to enjoy my desire to speed drink.

One of the nice things about the frat was the small size of the members, their were only 20 members including pledges. After several beers Sara asked me if I wanted to go upstairs and sit on the balcony, the cigar smoke was getting to her. Quickly I followed her up the staircase. On the balcony were the four other pledges along with the the Frat officers. We were told to line up and close our eyes. Blindfolds were put in place and we were led inside, and around and around for ten minutes. As I walked I heard doors being shut behind me. Finally, I was told to stop and sit down. I was sitting on the side of a waterbed.

A voice spoke up and told me to take off my shirt, I told them I was willing to do anything short of getting a tatoo. The voice said the were depending on me to do just that. I pulled the shirt off making sure that my blindfold was securely attached. Next I was pushed back onto the bed and my hands were lifted above my head. Suddenly, I felt the cold steel of hand cuffs around my wrists, and the clicking of of metal making a connection. I tried to wiggle, but the cuffs had been attached to something. My pants and underwear came off next. My legs were then pulled apart and tied down with some type of material.

There I lay buck naked with a blindfold on, tied to a bed. I figured I was going to be shaved from the neck down, and would spend the next several weeks itching every minute. The waves rocked me back and forth then I felt the familiar feel of pussy stradling my face. It had to be Sara, I began licking the pussy hair, feeling my way with my tongue to her lips.

At this time a tongue began lightly flicking across the base of my cock. I worked my mouth harder on the sweet mound, darting my tongue in and out of her hole. She began to moan, low and long at each thrust of my tongue. My prick ached for more attention, I desperately wanted my hands free to explore. I never thought eating pussy could be so hard without hands.

I began to twist my hips indicating I needed more attention. Quickly, it came, as another mouth joined in sucking one of my balls deep into the soft mouth. I thought for sure it was one of the other frat sisters. Then, my other ball was taken in a third mouth, I couldn't believe the intensity of the pleasure being placed on my crotch. I desperately wanted to see what I was feeling. Sara's(?) pussy began to twitch and she came violently, pushing her crotch practically down my throat. For a moment I thought I was going to suffocate. She slowly rolled off of me, and took off my blindfold.

I looked up at her naked body admiring what I had been fantasizing about. At that moment I felt my entire cock being swallowed, I had to see who was deep throating me. Sara moved away, I couldn't believe it, it was the Frat V.P., the other mouth was that of another pledge. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. The V.P.'s deep throating ability brought my load quickly. He swallowed the first shot, then let the rest go everywhere. The pledge was instructed to clean up the rest, which he did so quickly.

The V.P. stood up, he was virtually hairless unlike Jim, what a treat. He brought his dick to my face and and ordered me to suck him dry. I acted at first like I didn't know what I was doing in order to keep my past a secret. But within a couple of minutes I had the V.P. on the brink of orgasm. At this point, Sara joined in. We traded sucking his head and balls prolonging the pleasure. Finally, he gasped and let loose a load like I'd never seen before. Sara and I directed the shots to our mouths, but much of it went on our faces. We greedily licked each others faces clean. That was the beginning of my frat initiation weekend.

written by xwriter



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