Buck Wild College Sex With Professor

"How big is your clit?" That's the first thing he asked her as he entered the room.

"Big enough for it to feel like I am fucking a dick?" His words made me shudder, and the juice of my pussy seemed to ease out and soak my panties. He walked over and pushed me back on the bed, but my legs were still hanging over the edge. He took his dick out pushed it against my skirt, to the spot where my pussy was. It only took a matter of seconds before the top of my skirt was wet too. I spread my legs even further apart.

I had been wanting to have sex with my professor since the day I entered his class 2 months ago. Everyone said he was gay, and that secretly made me want him more. I wanted to experience that freakish type of nasty love making. My boyfriend was so boring in bed and I had a hard time getting him in the mood. I had tried everything, but he was always so tired. He played on our colleges' football team, was on the debate team, was pledging, and he kept up a 4.0 gpa.

Still, I was a horny 19 yr. old, and college was the place I had planned on releasing all of my sexual energy. I closed my eyes and allowed him to continue to rub his hard, short, fat dick, up and down my pussy on top of my clothing. I began to moan..."Ohhh, yes, yes...you make me want to suck the fuck out of your dick! Please, please...put it on my pussy, please go under my skirt..pull my panties to the side...yes, like that.. oh, yes, please...pl-pl-AHHHHH!" He had pulled up my skirt and had pulled my panties slightly over, and was rubbing his dick so hard on my clit that it hurt.

It seemed like he was bruising it with the head of his solid pole. I had to stop my mind from thinking nasty, filthy thoughts. I had hoped that he was gay, and that maybe I could have a threesome with him and his "Lover", How exciting! But it seemed as if he was just going to be a good lay.

"Yes, Ms. Mitchell, this pussy will do nicely" he said as he slapped his dick on my hood,"You have a swollen clit, it looks like a little penis coming from under a fat lip, let suck your little dick, bitch..." I was shocked! Yet, Excited! Maybe he was just trying to explore...who knew? He bent down and began to lick then suck my clit like it was a dick indeed. I felt like I wanted to shoot off in his mouth! I had often had dreams of coming with a dick of my own. I had dreamed of coming all over the face of some bitch or some man I had made my bitch. This was almost a fantasy come true, little did I know, it would get even better. He sucked back and forth, back and forth, licking my sloppy pussy lips every now and then. Then, he acted as if he could not take it any more.

He jumped up, ran over to his dresser and pulled out a blind fold He rushed over and placed it over my eyes. I allowed him to do so, ready to do whatever he asked. He flipped me over and with out warning, rammed his short, fat dick up my petite ass! "AH! AHHH! OH! Shit! You nasty bastard! You have been wanting to--ah! AH!---fuck me! Why didn't you--AHHH!!---you ---just do this ---in the first pl-pla-place!!" Professor White rammed his whole dick up in me as I said this...and that shut me up! I heard the door open, and I began to turn around so that I could remove the blindfold and see who was coming in.

Professor White pinned my shoulders down and kept my ass up as he pounded into my shit hole with the force of a horse. I wanted him to make his dick go all the way up to my throat, I wanted him to fuck my brains out. Then, all of a sudden, he paused...I heard kissing, then a moan from Professor White. His hard dick was still in me strectching me wide. I began to buck because his idle dick in my ass was turning me on hwile I heard him fondling some one else. What was going on? "Are you sure you want to see what is happening back here?" He asked. I was so horny, I was ready to come. "Yes! Can I turn over and take off the blind fold?" He pulled it off of my head, I turned over, letting his dick pop out of my ass. Someone had applied lipstick and a blonde wig to Professor White. He had on a padded bra on under his shirt that I had not noticed. Out jumps the stranger from the closet. It was my boyfriend.

I was speechless. He walked over to the Professor and Kissed him in the mouth while he rubbed his dick roughly. The professor moaned like a woman. Before I realized it, I was playing with my own pussy. The sight before my eyes was too much for me to take. "Do you want to see me fuck this old bitch, sweetie?" my boyfriend asked. "Fuck yes! Fuck her while she fucks me! Fuck that ass, and tear that shit up!" My boyfriend grabbed his dick hard to stop it from coming. This is why I couldn't hold his attention. He needed a little more than a pussy. Professor got in front of me and again rammed his dick in my ass.

I lay on my back, with the professor on top, and my boyfriend on his back and ass. "Let me put this whole long, 10 inch dick up this tight man pussy, you bitch!" and at that, the professor rammed even harder into me. I felt the force of two dicks coming to me at once. My boyfriend leaned across the Professors shoulder and stuck out his tongue to kiss me and the Professor. "You wanted to see me fuck him--arrg--didn't you?---Arrg!---you wanted to see me fuck another dude!"

"Oh, yes, baby, yes, fuck him while he fucks me. Baby, that means you are making him fuck me! You are fucking my ass through his ass, fuck him and fuck me! FUCK HIM AND FUCK ME!" The professor let out a moan and began to come all up in my ass. I felt the hot liquid, he fell to the side, and my boyfriend jumped on top of me and rammed his dick up into my ass filled with cum. This excited him so much that he and I both shuddered and came together. After a moment of resting, both of them leaned down to lick my pussy clean of thier cum. I wonder what my grade will be at the end of the semester.

written by premierd



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