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For three years I was a professional massage therapist in San Francisco. I had many interesting clients, learned a lot, but finally decided to give it up when it started to become draining. Too many clients wanted sex, which wasn't so bad when I found myself attracted to them--- I just made sure I stayed professional during the entire massage. Afterwards, well, all sorts of fun things could happen. I found some great friends this way, some of whom are still a wonderful part of my life. Unfortunately this was the exception, not the rule. Most of my clients were burdensome, unattractive people. And not always physically. In fact, it was often physically attractive people who would reveal a moral/ethical deficit that turned me off. Something like, "My husband has no idea I'm here... but let's not talk about that loser." And then I was stuck with that person's nasty energy for an hour. Yuck. Like I said, draining. I always tried to explain that the touch I delivered was more along the lines of a mother rubbing your back at night, tucking you in to bed, rather than a sexual thing. Interestingly enough, when I was able to "turn someone around" they would often speak of how they realized it was just this kind of nurturing they were seeking after all. I would always then point out, "well, sex is easy to find in SF; it's the warmth and nurturing that's trickier!" After the client would leave, I'd vacillate between feeling victorious that I'd done good--- and completely drained. Was it worth all the effort? Of course it was. But when I began feeling literally sick-- like I was coming down with a cold-- after more and more massages, I realized I needed to get out of this profession. But like I said, there were also some incredible exceptions:

One of my best experiences as a masseur was the day a guy called me to ask if I would massage his wife. Of course I would massage her. He explained that she was rather quiet and shy, and preferred to accompany her, so she would feel more comfortable about going to a stranger's house. Of course he could come too.

I have to admit I was a little intrigued about his kind of thing. I'd never massaged a couple before. I had quite a few butterflies in my stomach as I set up the table, anticipating their arrival; a few more when the doorbell actually rang.

Oh my. A truly stunning couple. She looked like a mix of Asian and Hispanic heritage, he was more Mediterranean. Sara was petite. Amazingly petite! On the table, when she was lying on her stomach, my hand took up every square inch of her back.

Justin was very tall and had penetrating dark-brown eyes. His lean body was apparent beneath his white golf shirt and jeans. Both of them were probably in their mid-20s.

I by the way, am 37 (I was 31 when I met this couple), 6'3", 190#, have a brown crewcut, clean-shaven face, brownish-greenish eyes, and big, gifted hands. I really love doing massage, and believe I have a talent for calming people with my hands. My parents are of Irish and Polish descent.

I asked Sara about any physical problems she might have had, et al-- then told her to please put her clothes on the chair and get under the sheet on the table face-down, and I'll be back in a few minutes.

Justin sat quietly in another chair, and smiled a lot. Seemed like a sweet guy. In fact, I could sense they were a loving, communicative couple. In our pre-massage little chat, they touched each other a lot, and when I was finishing some last-minute setting up, they whispered sweet things back and forth like two people who really know each other well, trust each other, and enjoy each other's company.

I began to work on Sara. I love working on women because they get more goosebumps than men. Their bodies are so much softer and pliable and respond more readily to the slightest touch. I used my soothing voice to explain what I was doing each step of the way, noticing various points of tension in her body, asking pertinent questions [I loved that Justin didn't chime in with answers; he let Sara speak for herself], giving advice on how to become more aware of tension, how to respond to it more objectively, and how to massage herself to relieve it.

I suddenly had an idea. I invited Justin to come over to the table. I realized I could teach him some techniques too, so that perhaps he'd be able to administer them to Sara when needed. I had him stand on the other side of her, across from me. I'd demonstrate a particular move, then have him do it. A couple of these moves were tricky, and so I took advantage of showing him more readily how to employ them--- by putting my hands on his and guiding them across her body.

Touching Justin's strong hands did arouse something in me. He was so kind, sensual, present. He really seemed to understand what I was showing him and followed very well. A couple times I demonstrated a move on her, then performed it on him to show him how it would feel. In order to do this though, I had to keep wiping my oiled hand on a towel. I finally suggested that Justin remove his clothing too, if he was comfortable. Justin smiled and obliged.

I was a little taken back by the beauty of Justin's body. I was no stranger to seeing beautiful male bodies; I see them in the gym all the time. But those other guys always seemed aloof, spending more time looking in the mirror than acknowledging the people around them. Justin was different. He was already a beautiful person in my eyes. So his nude body only augmented this beauty, made me want to touch him in ways I've never considered before.

As if reading my mind, Justin asked if I was OK. "Of course," I stammered. I instinctively took a deep breath and resumed the massage. Sara suddenly said, "Hey, no fair-- we're naked and you still have your clothes on."

What a great invitation! I threw caution to the wind and removed my shorts and tank top. I was nervous, though. This whole thing was so new to me, I didn't know what to do. Luckily I was working. Hmmm! So I did the logical thing and resumed the massage. I had Justin take one of Sara's feet, while I held the other. I showed him the various reflex points, maneuvers, amount of pressure to use, etc. We stood at her feet side by side. Occasionally our hips would touch, which caused me to get little chills of excitement. Sara just moaned with the pleasure of having two men work on her little body.

It came time to have Sara turn over. She said, "I don't need this sheet, you can get rid of it."

Ugh. I always used the sheet on my clients. Yet, there was something so wonderfully electric about this couple that I got rid of the sheet.

Sara was now lying on her back, the sheet removed, and I have to say she was quite beautiful. I noticed Justin's penis gorging slightly from the sight of his nude wife. This of course caused me to stir too. Back to the massage. I took one leg and demonstrated moves on the calf and thigh, which Justin mimicked smoothly and gracefully. The only difference was that Justin's hands traveled much "farther north" than mine. For a few moments, I pulled back and took in the natural grace of Justin's strokes as he slowly worked his hands along Sara's inner thighs. He was good. He got closer to her vagina, and when one of his fingers casually glided in beneath the little mound of pubic hair, Sara let out a spontaneous moan of pleasure.

Justin turned his head toward me and smiled one of the sweetest smiles I've seen in a long time. And then gestured with his head for me to come back to what I had been doing. I showed Justin a wonderful technique involving the inner thigh and back of the thigh to prevent sciatica. It involved lifting the leg slightly from just below the buttocks, then letting it go. I dared to allow my hand to be within range of her vagina, and let my pinkie ever-so-slightly trail along the folds of her labia. It was extremely moist. Both Justin and I were now really excited, as evidenced by our penises, which were quite erect.

I tried not to stare, but it was difficult not to do so. There was a little drop of preseminal fluid collecting at the tip of Justin's penis, and it glistened in the light shining through the skylight above. Back to her inner thighs, we both began rubbing and working our way towards and away from this beautiful vagina. Sara was slowly undulating beneath our strong collective touch, and breathing deeply. I watched as Justin slowly brought his handsome face down between her legs. He took a deep breath, smiled, and said, "Oh, I love how you smell!" This fascinated me. His honesty. His candor. And of course I was immediately curious. "May I?" "Of course!" Down my own head went to the source, I breathed, stared, was transfixed by the aroma. I felt Justin put his hand on my head. Gently he pushed me closer to Sara's vagina.

There was something so amazingly exciting about feeling Justin's big hand, which was now rubbing my crewcut and neck. I took another bold step. I actually put my nose right on her pubic hair and sniffed. It was glorious. Justin kept pushing. So out came my tongue. Sara's juices were plentiful. It always amazes me how a woman can be so wet, yet the pubic hair acts as a barrier to that wetness. You gotta get past it to enjoy it. And enjoy it I did. Sara continued her heavy breathing and moaning. A pretty steady growl that went up and down in pitch and fervor. My tongue sought out her wonderful throbbing clitoris and lapped it up like a dog. Long full strokes. Justin was continuing to rub my neck with one hand, while his other caressed my chest and stomach. It felt fantastic. Another bold move.

My hand reached for Justin's penis. I squeezed it from the base and a stream of precum oozed from him. I encircled the head of his penis with my hand to spread the fluid, and it became the perfect lubricant for my firm strokes up and down. He pulled away after a couple strokes, and for a minute I worried I had offended him. His chuckle relieved me: "whoa, that will make me come too fast!"

At this point I removed my face from Sara's crotch, smiled at both of them, and said, "You two are beautiful." They both smiled and thanked me, told me I'm beautiful too. I suggested we get off this table and move to my bedroom. Without a word, they were following me. I turned down the bedsheets, and the three of us enjoyed one of the most incredible afternoons of a lifetime. I won't bore you with every detail, but I'll say that one of the highlights was when Sara said, "I see the way you guys keep looking at each other, I'm gonna pull back for a little while. Let's see you two make love."

Wow. Justin's kisses were strong and gentle at the same time. It was so oddly enticing and wonderful to feel the sandpaper roughness of his stubble against my lips and tongue. He seemed to have a penchant for running his tongue along my teeth, a sensation I'd never felt before. And of course I followed suit, which was also a delight. Our attempt at intercourse never quite panned out, which was actually fine with me. It was fun just trying. We smeared oil on our anuses and as Sara watched, took turns pushing our penises into each other's opening. We each were able to get our dicks about half way in, but then the pain was too excruciating to go any further. The sensation actually gave me great insight as to how women must feel being penetrated. I think I acquired a resolutely gentler approach that day, which continues to garner great compliments and gratitude from the women in my life. Another big highlight was when all three of us kissed. Wow. It was so exciting to feel the contrast of Sara's softness with Justin's hardness. Both Justin and I relished being inside Sara's beautiful cunt, and while one was fucking her, the other either kissed her or just stretched out on the bed and took it all in.

Believe it or not, we did not form a friendship after that exciting day. I never heard from them again. Maybe it was a little much for them to process. It certainly was for me. I mean, it felt like I had fallen in love with both of them. That would have been difficult emotional territory to navigate, had we become friends. Oh well. It was what it was, and for a long time afterward, I had some pretty intense masturbation sessions recalling them!

It would be magical to run into them again sometime, but I have learned over the years to let things be. If we're meant to meet again, it will happen.

written by scanthweb


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