College Sex Party

Lucia and I had been together since we were in high school. She and I were total opposites and that's why we worked so well together. She was very assertive and outspoken and needed to have control. I was more laid back. I was more in my own head, like a writer should be. When we were in high school, our parents just thought we were best friends, not lovers. It wasn't until Lucia started wearing rainbows and bought a necklace with the bisexual symbol on it did her parents find out she wasn't straight. They, in turn, called my parents and told them that I was a bisexual also. That was only partly right. I wasn't bisexual, I was a lesbian.

After our coming out, Lucia and I actually got closer, if that was at all possible. We wore matching bracelets with the French word for love engraved on it. We both went away to the same college. Even though our college had a policy against couples rooming together, Lucia and I made our relationship seem like a friendship long enough to get into the same dorm room.

The dorm room had four people in it with two bedrooms. Lucia and I convinced the other two girls to let us have a room to ourselves. Eventually, they found out we were lovers, but never reported us. Mostly because we told them we'd keep their stash of Adderall secret.

Lucia and I made love frequently. I also let Lucia go out on occasion and have sex with boys around college because she was bisexual and no matter how many times I fucked her with a strap-on, I'd never be able to satisfy that part of her.

One night, when I got home from my Intro to Philosophy class, I found Lucia lying in bed naked. She smiled at me. "I've been waiting for you," she said.

I quickly undressed and climbed into bed with her. I kissed her on the mouth as I ran my hand over her erect nipples. She reached over to the night stand and pulled out the gold vibrator. She turned it on and slid it between my legs. She ran it over my clit then quickly shoved it into my unsuspecting pussy. I moaned loudly. She smiled at me.

"Do you want the girls to call the RA?" Lucia joked.

I moved up and down on the vibrator as I fingered Lucia. By the time she made me come I was fucking her with three fingers. I used the vibrator that was still moist from my juices on her clit to send her over the edge.

After we had come down from her orgasmic high, Lucia and I cuddled close to each other. She kissed my forehead. "Sasha, I heard from a friend about a party this Friday," she said.

"I didn't hear about a party," I said. "Where is it?"

"It's at the Kappa Omega Alpha house," Lucia said. "It's a sex party."

I sat up and looked at her. "You want to go to a sex party?"

"I want us both to go to this sex party," Lucia said.

"You know I'm monogamous," I said.

"I don't want you to be," Lucia said. "But I know that the kind of sex I'm looking for you won't be into."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I want to have a threesome with a guy," Lucia said. "We could find one that would be okay with just fucking me and not touching you."

"I'll think about it," I said.

Lucia kissed me again, knowing that that was the end of discussion for now.

As Friday approached, Lucia had talked me into looking for a guy for a threesome. She came close to talking me into letting the guy do things to me. It was so hard to resist her when she used her puppy dog eyes. But I held my ground, barely.

Friday night, Lucia and I went out to the Kappa Omega Alpha house. The party was already started when we got there. There were boys and girls making out all over the place. Lucia put her arm around me and made sure that everyone saw us as we crossed the room. It didn't take too long before we were approached by a guy I recognized from my Biology class.

"Hey, Sasha," Marcus said. "I didn't expect to see you here."

I smirked, shyly. "I didn't expect to be here. But when the puppy dog eyes come out, I can't say no." I lightly hip checked Lucia.

"This your girl?" Marcus asked.

"Actually, she's my girl," Lucia said. She turned my head toward her and she kissed me hard on the lips. "Isn't that right baby?"

I smiled. "You will always be my girl."

"Are you looking for another girl?" Marcus asked. "I could point you in the right direction."

"Actually, we're looking for a guy," Lucia said. "You interested?"

He smiled and looked around the room. "Uh, yeah."

"Where do you want to do this?" I asked.

"I've got my room upstairs," Marcus said.

He led me and Lucia up to his room. Locking the door behind him he started to take off his clothes. Lucia followed suit. I removed my clothes slower than they did. When we were all completely naked, Lucia kissed me again. She used her tongue to penetrate my mouth. I could see Marcus stroking his cock as he watched Lucia and I make out.

Lucia moved me over to the bed and laid me down she kissed down my body to my tits. She started to suck my tits roughly she pulled away and pinched them both hard between her thumb and index fingers. I arched my back and moaned. Lucia got up and went over to Marcus. She pulled him closer to the bed.

"Finger her," she said.

I spread my legs and allowed Marcus's long black fingers to stroke my pussy. I watched as Lucia got down on her knees and take his half-hard cock into her hand. She began to stroke it, first slowly then picking up pace. As Marcus slid two fingers into me, I watched Lucia take his cock into her mouth. She began to give him a blowjob while she stroked his big balls.

Marcus moaned and closed his eyes. He added another finger to my pussy and began to finger me harder. He stopped fingering me when Lucia pulled away from his now fully hard cock. It was huge. I'd never seen a cock that big before, then again, I wasn't a good judge of cock sizes.

Lucia went over to her bag and pulled out one of our dildos. She returned to me and Marcus. She removed his fingers from inside of me and slowly slid the dildo into me. She bent over for Marcus to access her from behind. I watched him get behind my lover and slowly push into her pussy. She made eye contact with me as she let out a long, low moan. As he began to thrust into her, she moved the dildo at the same pace. Marcus began thrusting faster into her and she speed up with the dildo. She began fucking me hard and deep with the dildo. Without notice Marcus stopped. He pulled out of Lucia and slapped her ass with his cock. Then he reentered her hard and fast. She thrust forward and moaned.

She kissed my mouth as she continued to fuck me with the dildo and be fucked by a big black cock. Marcus was holding Lucia by her hips and began fucking her so fast we couldn't continue to kiss. She couldn't even manage to fuck me with the dildo. All she could do was grip my thigh, close her eyes and moan. He was going to make her come like this if he continued at this pace. Her short nails digging into my thigh didn't hurt but instead had a stimulating effect. Lucia's moans became louder and her breathing became more rigid. Her body began to twitch as her first orgasm washed over her. He slowed. His breathing was fast and shallow and he had sweat on his face and chest.

"Feel good, baby?" Marcus asked.

"God, yes," Lucia said.

Marcus looked at me. "You want it too baby."

Even though I almost didn't want to admit it, I wanted to let Marcus fuck me like that. I nodded slightly.

Marcus smiled and pulled out of Lucia. "I'll even let you ride."

Marcus climbed onto the bed and lay down. His cock stood straight into the air. Lucia pulled the dildo out of me. She then helped me onto Marcus. When I felt his cock on my opening, he grabbed hold of it and moved it back and forth from my clit to my ass. When he stopped, I slowly lowered myself. I felt my pussy being filled up by the enormous cock I was straddling. When I was down as far as I could get, I stopped for a moment. Marcus put his hands on my hips. I watched Lucia move up next to Marcus, I knew she wanted to watch me fuck a man. This made her so hot; I knew she'd probably convince me to do it again.

I slowly began to move up and down on the cock. I began to pick up speed and rode Marcus's cock hard and fast. He began to finger my clit with his thumb. As I rode him, Lucia kissed him. "I want to sit on your face," she told him.

Without waiting for his response, she swung her leg over his face. She lowered her pussy to his mouth. She leaned forward and kissed me. I had to pull away if I wanted to keep riding him. As my muscles began to tighten, I knew I was close to my impending orgasm. I began to ride him harder, faster, and deeper. I heard him moan against Lucia's pussy. She had closed her eyes from the pleasure of being eaten out. From all the years of fucking her, I could tell by the look on her face that she was close to an orgasm. If I timed it right we could both come at the same time for him.

I took Lucia's hands and put them on my tits. She pinched, squeezed, and shook my tits. She flicked my nipples. She licked her fingers and ran saliva over my nipples then blew on them. This was making holding of my orgasm even harder but I didn't care I was ready to come and at this point I didn't care if Lucia was going to come with me or not.

I dropped hard onto Marcus's cock and grabbed hold of his sides. I gripped tightly as I came hard, moaning loudly. Just as I moaned, so did Lucia. She was coming also. As my orgasm continued to wash over me, I began riding him slowly again. I watched Lucia get off his face. He had her pussy juices all over his face. He lifted me up and put me on the bed, his cock still inside me.

"My turn to come," he said.

He started fucking my pussy hard and fast. Lucia lay next to me and sucked my tits as Marcus fucked my pussy. He held onto my hips as he thrust into me. His balls were slapping my ass. Lucia reached down and stroked my clit as she continued to fondle my tits. I felt my second orgasm beginning to build within me. I wanted to hold it off until Marcus was going to come.

"Tell me when you're going to come," he said.

"I could come anytime," I said.

He closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. He thrust into me as deep and fast as he could. He moaned. "I'm going to-" He didn't even finish his sentence before he pulled his cock out of my pussy and shot hot cum all over my stomach. With Lucia still stroking my pussy I came. She pulled away from my tits and licked the cum off my stomach and his cock.

That was my most recent experience with a man. Knowing Lucia, though, it won't be the last time a she shares me with a man.

written by sexykitty1003



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