Brian And Me Join Forces For Bisexual College Experience

I knew I was bi since I was in my mid teens but kept it hidden. I never acted on those impulses that grew all the time. I don't know why they existed but inside me was a desire to be with a guy sexually. I hated it and tried to get rid if it but there was no escaping the truth in the end. Eventually I just accepted it yet didn't take any effort to pursue it. Until college.

I moved out and went away to college at 18 and moved into the freshmen dorms. I was nervous and worried but excited as well. I had the place to myself for the first three days then my roommate showed up. We were pretty much feeling the same way and looking forward to it all. Brian was a good guy and we got along which I was thankful for after hearing some horror stories from others about their roommates. The classes started and it was tougher than I thought it would be but got through the first semester with good grades. Brian did just as well.

After that first semester, we were settled in and started to enjoy some of the social aspects of being a freshmen away from home. In other words, we partied a lot and had great fun. The chicks there were great and many times they were snuck in. Privacy was hard to come by and sometimes either Brian or I (or once in a while both) each had a girl in the room while the other was there. It was awkward at first but we got used to it and most of the girls didn't care.

As a side effect to that, I saw Brian naked more than I thought I would and once in a while would just watch him have sex with a girl. It was hot. He wasn't overly well hung, about the same as I, but it was my first time outside of a locker room shower I had seen someone else like this. And he was only 5 feet away most of the time. I was both thrilled for this and also it made me worry because sometimes even when he was clothed, I would look at him when he wasn't watching.

Around finals time of the second semester, I was in a crunch. I wasn't doing as well as I would like to. Not bad, just wanted better than C's so I was picking up some extra credit where I could so on top of studying for finals, I had other stuff. I was swamped and my socializing had to wait. Brian said he would do enough for both of us and he did. Oh he studied a lot too but he had more extra time than I so he was out much more. One other thing that occurred over this time was I started wearing panties. Not often but some of the girls left them behind and each of us had a few stored away.

They felt good to wear and made me feel a bit kinky so I would slip on a pair now and again and jack-off in them. I was doing just that one night, taking a short break from my work, when I heard the door being unlocked. I pulled my shorts up fast and sat at my desk. In came Brian being carried by another guy that lived down the hall named Bill. He was cool and laughing as he dropped him on his bed saying he was just too wasted to even walk. We joked about it and he left smiling.

I went back to the work but kept looking over to make sure Brian was alright. He seemed to be totally out of it. Every so often stirring a bit but that was all. About an hour later he started moving around so I looked and he was trying to get his jeans off but not having much luck. Of course he couldn't really do it and all he had managed to do was unsnap them and that took 10 minutes. I paused then went to help. He didn't even know I was there when I called to him telling him what I was doing. Like a band aid, I figure I would just yank them off and get back to work but it didn't happen that way.

I couldn't get them off him easily so I had to work at it a little. With a minimal amount of effort, I got them off once I removed his shoes and set them on the floor. I turned and saw I was looking down at his crotch. He was wearing blue briefs and I could see he was semi erect. Like a deer in the headlights, I stared then years of wonder and frustration took over. I called him once more and with no answer, I moved in and pressed my lips against his underwear covered cock. A spark shot through me and my kisses grew more passionate.

I tugged the briefs down to his ankles, opened his legs a bit, and went back to what I was doing this time right on his naked cock. It began to grow but still no sign of his awareness to my ministrations. I licked his shaft up and down while I cradled his balls. I was so hard myself by now and it dawned on me I was still in the panties. I think that made it even better for some reason. After several moments of this, I took him in my mouth. Just a little at first to see what he would do but still nothing. Slowly I slid down his cock and began giving him head.

Although I never did this before, I have had it done enough to have an idea what to do. The feel, the sensation, the smell, it was all great! I just kept thinking over and over that I had a cock in my mouth and that fueled me on even more. I was sucking him off the best I could when I felt his hand on my head. I froze. I was about to panic. Then, in a very drunken slur, he moaned out Mandy's name. That was a girl he was with a few nights ago. He didn't really have the ability to put any real pressure on my head but he kept quietly mumbling her name.

Fuck, he thinks I am a girl doing this to him. Well back to it I went. I didn't want to rush it but I knew I had better get it done. He may snap out of it. I was so scared and terrified that he would but right then, I couldn't stop. I was ecstatic and wanted this for so long, even though I denied it. He lasted about another 10 minutes and I felt his cum about to spurt out. I wished I would've kept my mouth there but I pulled off and some of it hit my face, the rest went on him and the bed.

I let out a deep and satisfied sigh, kissed his cock once more then used my tongue to clean him off and the bed. I grabbed a towel and wiped up the rest off my face and whatever else was lying around. I pulled his briefs back up and then his jeans although that was tougher. I even thought far enough ahead to get him off the bed and change his sheets tucking the used ones in my laundry to wash. I placed him back on his bed and moved him so he was face down sort of and played with his butt. First over his jeans then stuck my hand down his pants.

I knew then that I wanted to fuck him. That was going to be real difficult to pull off, and I didn't think I wanted to until that moment. He had a sexy ass and I wanted a piece of it. The next day all was as normal, he never had any idea that I blew him the night before or for that matter what had happened at all. I told him about Bill bringing him in wasted and he laughed and said that sounded about right. Knowing I got away with it was even better and so I watched for more opportunities. I gave him 6 more blowjobs very similar to the way of the first one until that all changed. But that is for another story.

written by freethinker32



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