Blue Film Scenario

The setting is the Old West. A young couple are heading west and have paused for a while to water their horses. While the horses are resting they spread a blanket on the ground next to the unhitched wagon and, having stripped naked, are making love.

As the couple are fucking in the missionary position the camera pans to the undergrowth where we see two escaped prisoners, one black the other white, watching them. They have clearly been without sex for some time as is betrayed by the expressions on their faces. Suddenly they rush out of the bushes and grab the young man, pull him off the girl and quickly overpowering him tie him spreadeagled to one of the wagon wheels.

The girl is horror struck as she watches the black guy strip naked, he has a magnificent ebony body and he is fully erect, his cock is much larger than her boyfriend's. He advances towards her, she seems transfixed by the size of his cock and spreads her legs giving all the men a view of her pussy gaping open and juicy from the shagging she had just been having.

The black man kneels down and eases his big cock slowly into her pussy. She squirms a little at first but then she moans with pleasure as her cunt stretches to accommodate him. He begins to fuck her hard and long.

The camera pans back to reveal the white guy gagging the hapless husband who has a perfect view of the black guy fucking his girl and hearing her moans of pleasure. He still has a full erection which is throbbing occasionally as he watches, releasing clear pre- cum which oozes down the shaft.

It is now the white guy's turn to strip. He has a firm body and the stiff cock rising from his neat blond bush puts the captive boyfriend to shame. He approaches the helpless male and stands in front of him, with a sideways movement he makes his cock "fence" with the other guy's. He places his cock between the other guy's legs and spreads his balls with his knob causing him to moan and release a torrent of pre-cum.

The white guy then steps back so his captive can have a clear view of his girlfriend being fucked. He then gently starts to wank him, cupping his balls occasionally, teasing him by bringing him near to orgasm but not allowing him to come. He wipes the pre-cum over his nipples whilst working his fingers up his arse with his other hand. When the boyfriend is making it clear by his moaning that he is desperate to shoot, the white guy smiles and walks over to the couple fucking on the ground.

He kneels down and offers his cock to the girl who sucks it greedily. The boyfriend's cock is now like steel and pouring with pre-cum he moans desperately, helplessly.

Suddenly, the black man dismounts and stands over the girl. Her hugely gaping, wet pussy is on full view as the black guy wanks his huge glistening cock and sends spurt after spurt of thick white spunk all over the girl, who wanks herself with one hand while spreading the spunk over her body with the other.

The white guy quickly takes the black guy's place and starts to fuck the girl who is now completely in a state of abandonment, begging to be fucked harder and screaming obscenities.

The black guy walks over to the boyfriend, his limp cock still huge is swinging like a pendulum.

He kneels in front of the boyfriend, and after handling him a little takes his cock in his mouth and starts to suck him. He doesn't last long and as he explodes huge quantities of spunk into the black guy's mouth, we see white rivulets escape and dribble down his chin.

With a smile of triumph he stands up, and wiping his chin with the back of his hand goes back to the couple on the ground. He taps his friend on the shoulder who dismounts and stands over the girl as his friend had done. This time the black guy takes up position behind his friend, his thick black cock fitting snuggly between his friend's bum cheeks as with one hand he fondles his friends nipples and with the other wanks his cock.

As his friend starts to come, he points his cock directly at the girl's cunt. She spreads her legs and raises her hips to receive his spunk and with all inhibitions now gone wanks herself. As the second copious amount of spunk that day is expertly aimed at her pussy she orgasms intensely, screaming obscenities as she holds her body arched and rigid before slumping back utterly exhausted and whimpering with pleasure.

The two escapees dress quickly and disappear into the bushes. The camera slowly covers the naked body of the girl in close up. She is lying with her legs apart showing everything she's got, drenched in sweat and spunk. She has a smile on her lips.

The camera the moves to the boyfriend, still bound to the wheel but now sagging against his bonds, eyes closed. The camera zooms in on his cock which is now tiny, a string of spunk is hanging down form his slit. Fade to black.

written by paulacockburn


CATEGORIES domination

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