Big Mama's New Gifts

Last year it was a white salesman she had enslaved and given her. She had used him for her pleasure for over 8 months before she tired of him and gave him to her sister Doris. This year, her daughter promised her a white couple whom she had enslaved this year and inherited all their wealth. The man was a lawyer; she had told her while the wife was a teacher. She had driven over 700 miles to arrive at her new home (their old home) and was wet thinking about how and what she could do with them. Her daughter had sent her their key to the home and told her they would be tied up and ready when she arrived. She wanted to take her time and make them suffer longer but her pussy was tingling with excitement so she drove straight up.

The place was fairly isolated in the woods she noticed and when she drove up if was a very nice two-story house that must have cost a lot. Her daughter had made them take a week vacation for their initial training with her but told her they had to return to work afterwards to make her money so she could live the life of luxury her daughter planned for her. The couple was experienced and had a dungeon in the basement of their home. The daughter had used them plenty of times in the past and felt like Big Mama could train them much better.

She got out the car and opened the door with the key. She saw two big white asses staring at her as she entered the door. They had been tied up with their hands cuffed in back and tied to the roof raffle above. This made their heads come down to their knees and their asses were poking straight up for her inspection. Their ankles were also tied to maintain their position. She knew their mouths would be plugged as normal. She stood in the doorway and admired their asses. The man had a tight ass with hair in the crack. His asshole had been used several times in the past. He was in his 40s at least. The wife on the other hand was also in her 40s and had a large ass with well-developed tits she noticed underneath. Both had bumps on their butts, which she enjoyed looking at after a good hard spanking. Before she got through with them those assholes would clench on her command. Her daughter had done good she thought as she reached down and stroked her cunt through her dress several times.

Slowly she walked up behind the couple noticing they had earmuffs on and couldn't hear her as she approached. This was going to be enjoyable. She watched them squirmed in their bondage moving their ass and legs trying to get some relief. Their tiny little assholes were just poking out wanting attention. She quickly undressed. Being rather large her big black boobs huge down as she rubbed them in pleasure of the sucking they were going too get.

Standing behind each of them she put a hand behind their butts and pointed a finger at their brownie holes. Time to wake up and pleasure me, she thought, as she shoved her finger quickly up each of their asses at the same time. She smiled at the thought of how sore their assholes would be later. They jump with the intrusion clenching their ass cheeks tight around her finger in surprise. Oh she just loved to torture new white slaves.

She started shoving her finger in and out their asses enjoying their groans and panic. There was nothing they could do to protect their butts. Their butts were wiggling madly but their arms strained above prevented any movement of any use. She kept toying with their butt holes for a while noticing her daughter had let her a lot of new toys on the couch she could play with. She pulled her fingers out watching their holes tighten back up and went to the couch and got a nice big paddle.

Big Mama New Gifts II ===================== First she got behind the man and took good aim before slamming the paddle across his butt cheeks making a nice red spot on the cheeks. It was so exciting to hear the paddle sound on his tight little ass. She gave him twenty good licks enjoying his wiggling and screams in his mouth plug. Stepping aside, she move to the woman with the bigger ass and rubbed her pussy at the thought of paddling her fat ass. She laid the paddle hard across her bums gleaming in delight as they shook with her first hit. She continued till her ass was as red as her husband who was remaining limp in his bondage. Enough for the fun and games, she thought, It was time for her to have some fun now.

Walking in front of the couple, she allowed them to see her lower half for the first time. She enjoyed their look of fear as they tried to look up from between their knees. Their faces were just about in the proper place to please her large hairy cunt aas she started masturbating in front of them. She reached down and pulled the man hair upward forcing his face in her snatch while she immediately rotated her hips to push her cunt all over his face. She came in no time masturbating on his nose and let his head drop back down afterwards.

She knew the female would be expecting the same but Doris had a special dislike for white females. Several times in the past they had screwed her on the job and she enjoyed getting back at them. She walked to the front of the woman and turn around presenting her a close up view of her huge black ass. She gave her a few moments to realize her plight before reaching back and grabbing her head to lift her head. Knowing she had it properly positioned, she leaned back till her nose was deep in her crack. Then she started rocking up and down on it maintaining the woman position by her hair. Soon her tongue was going to be in it she thought but right now she wanted her to get a good sniff of it. Maybe a nice brown nose for now. She didn't want her to stay too long in that position, as she knew she would have trouble breathing between her huge ass globes. She pushed her face back with her butt as she walked away leaving the woman exhausted and hanging there.

Knowing they had been in their position for hours, she needed to release them soon before the cramps set in but first things first. She walked around them toying with their genitals. She pulled the woman tits downward and squeezed her nipples hard watching her face grimaced in pain in delight. Reaching downward she grabbed her cunt hair and started tugging downward for some more enjoyment. The man was more fun as she noticed his cock was sticking straight out and dripping. She started reaching underneath his ass and squeezing his nuts as he yelled in his plug loudly. It was so much fun that she started slapping his drooping balls with her hand to make him shake more.

Telling them bluntly that she took no shit from her white slaves, she knew she had made her introduction now so she better let their hands down before they hurt themselves. She reached up and removed the hook on their cuffs above and watched as their hands fell on their backs and they moaned in relief and tried to straighten their legs. It was only to be short lived; however, as she demanded a lot of attention and they were going to supply it.

written by leefs


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