A Good Evening of Bisexual Fun

I took a long sip of my Rolling Rock as I hung up the phone, my face breaking into a broad smile. At long last Gene had agreed.

"Joan," I called to my wife, writing at her Macintosh in the other room. "Gene will be here in an hour. I assume you will be ready?"

"In an hour?" She answered. "I'm ready now. My nipples are hard just thinking about it."

"You finish your writing. I'll straighten things up."

Finishing my beer, I put it with the other bottles for return on the deposit, and cleaned up the room. Then, on into the bedroom. I changed the sheets, even though I knew they'd need to be changed again in a few hours.

Opening the nightstand drawer, I checked the equipment. Condoms, latex gloves, lube. Good. Everything we would need. I smiled again. Joan and I had been waiting to get into bed with Gene since we'd first met him three months before. Tonight we would.

Satisfied that everything was in order, I returned to the kitchen for another beer and lit a cigarette. Time always passes slowly when you are anticipating something. I looked at my watch. Forty-five minutes to go.

Fifteen minutes before Gene was due to show up, Joan came in and kissed me. "All finished for now," She said. "I think that I'll send the manuscript off tomorrow."

My wife is 5'8" tall, almost as tall as my 5'9", and she weighs around 130 pounds. I think she's the most beautiful woman in the state, but then, I'm biased. She keeps her dark hair short --- we both like it better that way. Her long legs and small breasts only serve to make me appreciate her body more.

She kissed me again, briefly, before going to get herself a beer, then sat down in her favorite chair as we waited for our friend to come over. We don't share lovers very often. While we have an open marriage, usually we keep our secondary lovers on the side. Gene would be a real treat for both of us.

Finally the doorbell rang. I walked over and opened it, welcoming him into the apartment. We gave each other a quick kiss on the cheek in greeting. "Beer?" I asked him as Joan welcomed him similarly. "No, thank you," he answered.

The three of us made small talk for about fifteen minutes, until the atmosphere was charged with the sexual tension we all felt. Finally, Joan broke down and said "One last check. I'm for this. Gene, are you comfortable with it? Fully consenting?"

"I wouldn't be here otherwise," he answered.


"I arranged it, didn't I? But it's good of you to ask." I replied.

"Very good." With that, she got up and started towards the bedroom, stripping off her blouse along the way. "You boys come along now."

We followed her lead. In the bedroom, shoes came off first, then we sat on the edge of the bed, somewhat awkwardly. Both Gene and I were apparently nervous. Removing her bra, my wife said "Come now, join me, off with the shirts." We complied. Finished, I kissed Joan, savoring those lips I could kiss for hours. Finally our kiss broke and I turned to Gene.

"Whoa. That looked hot," he said. I looked at his chest. It was fairly well developed, and moderately hairy, in comparison to mine, smooth with the exception of one small patch in the center. He moved closer to me, and our lips met. He hadn't shaved recently, and I loved the feel of his stubble against my chin.

His hand found the back of my head, running itself through my hair. How could he know that that was one of the things that arouses me most? Our kiss continued as I put my right hand around his back, my left finding Joan's and squeezing softly. He was almost as good a kisser as Joan! Hard to believe, since I feel that she's the best kisser I know. Then I felt her breasts pressing upon my back, and let out an involuntary gasp into Gene's mouth as her tongue began to lightly flick my left ear. She began to nibble gently on it. I could feel goosebumps rising all down my left side ldots and that's not all that was rising.

After an eternity our kiss ended. Smiling at me, Gene turned to my wife. I watched as this incredible man began to kiss my beautiful wife, and saw her nipples, already hard, tighten up even more. I decided to return the favour she had done for me and started on her ear.

When I knew that goosebumps were running all over her body, I turned to Gene to give him the same treatment, my right hand circling Joan's left nipple, my left on Gene's right. Circling, rolling, lightly pinching.

Their kiss broke, and I gave Joan a brief kiss before lowering my mouth to her breast. Gene matched my actions, and soon Joan's head was back, soft moans escaping from her lips. I felt her hands at my belt buckle, and when they had loosened it I took off my pants without stopping my mouths actions on her breast.

Gene's pants were also being undone, then she took off her own. For the next several minutes we were all fondling each other's chests, legs, arms, and kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling, and then kissing more.

Both Gene and I were hard, the heads of our cocks sticking out past our underwear, and Joan's panties had a large wet spot. I removed them, then put a glove on my right hand as I went down to taste her. Running my tongue around her labia, kissing her inner things (she loves to be kissed there), flicking my tongue across her clitoris.

I let one, then two of my gloved fingers enter her as my tongue continued its work on her clit. I felt Gene's hands remove my underwear and my cock was free. Quickly yet unhurriedly he fondled my shaft and then my balls, gently squeezing before going up to kiss Joan.

I let a third, then a fourth finger enter her --- she was wet enough not to need any extra lubricant tonight. I lashed more strongly against her clit with my tongue, while pumping my fingers into and out of her.

I removed my head as I let my thumb begin to slip in. Only to the first knuckle at first, watching to make sure I wasn't hurting her. I began thrusting a little harder, pushing more, and all of a sudden i was fully inside of her. Her vagina swallowed my fist, feeling like my hand was in a vise. I curled my fingers in slightly, and began pumping again, knowing that the glove would protect each of us. She began to moan louder, tossing her head and shoulders around softly at first, then with more vigor.

Gene watched as I fisted her, his hand moving slowly up and down on his cock.

"Faster, harder," Joan moaned. "Fuck me with your fist."

I complied with her wishes, loving the way it felt to have her body swallow my hand. Seemingly without warning, although in fact her increasingly loud moans and vigorous tossing had foretold of the buildup of her climax, she came with a scream, her vagina spasming, tightening around around my hand. She bounced up, kissing me furiously as my free hand went around her, holding her, comforting her, as her breathing slowed and she began to relax.

As she lay back, satiated, she loosened enough so that I was able to remove my hand from her. As I took off the glove, she said softly "Mark, that was incredible. Thank you."

I glanced at Gene, who looked entranced at having watched the scene.

"I think I'm going to relax and watch the two of you now. I'm sure that I'm in for quite a treat," Joan said.

I kissed her one more time, then moved over to Gene. We kissed, our hands exploring each other's bodies. knowing Joan was watching everything only made it more exciting for me. His hands caressed my chest, my legs, my ass, as I felt his body.

I let out a gasp as his mouth found my left nipple, his tongue circling once, twice, three times, his teeth gently biting me. My hand found his cock and I caressed his hardness, fondled his balls, felt their hairiness, the contrast to the smoothness of his hard shaft, my thumb rolling the small drop of fluid that had escaped the slit around the head of his cock, moistening it.

I took an unlubed condom, unrolled it on him, bent down to suck him. I took his balls into my mouth, rolling them around, enjoying the thrill of hearing his gasp with pleasure. I always get off more by giving than receiving. My mouth went up his covered shaft, then I closed my lips over his head, pumping up and down, knowing he enjoyed it. His cock was longer than mine, about 7 or 8 inches long to my 6, but slightly thinner, about the size of a quarter, while mine is near half-dollar sized.

"Stop," he said. "Your turn."

He put a condom on me, and began to give me similar treatment, sucking my balls, then fondling them as he went up and down my shaft. His tongue lingered, going all over the head. I don't even mind wearing condoms anymore --- almost no difference in sensation, and the consequences of engaging in unprotected sex are more than enough to make me ignore the taste of latex.

His hand lowered itself to fondle my ass, then the crack. I couldn't take anymore.

"Enough. Please. I want to feel you inside of me."

I turned my head to kiss my wife as he put a glove on his left hand and poured some Probe onto it, then put one, two fingers inside of me, lubing me up. He repeated it a second time, then I gave him my full attention as I spread my legs out and he started to put his cock inside me. One, two, three inches went in, slowly, gently, inserting and withdrawing almost fully, then fucking me deeper. I could feel him in there, felt how amazing it was for his cock to go deeper and deeper inside of me. I was in heaven, I was in extasy. I began to jerk myself off as he got into his rhythm. He felt so incredible inside of me --- I wanted that moment of him fucking me to last forever.

"Faster," I whispered. "Deeper. Fuck me harder, put your cock all the way in me. I love the way you feel. You feel so good. Fuck me deeper and harder and faster, Gene. Oh yes it feels so wonderful."

Either hearing me, or simply knowing what I wanted, he increased his tempo, as my hand slid faster and faster up and down my cock. He was all the way in, now, then pulling back almost till he was out, then slamming down again. I could feel my balls tighten as my orgasm neared.

"I'm coming," he said, just as my cock also began to spurt into the condom. Coming at the same time like that was a new experience. Breathing heavily and moaning softly, he withdrew from me, taking care not to spill from his condom. Then he collapsed on top of me, our cocks touching, and kissed me. joan joined us, making for a three way kiss as our tongues jostled together outside our mouths.

"I need a cigarette," I said when the kiss finally broke, reaching to light one, taking a long drag. It's so stereotypical, but a cigarette always does go wonderfully after sex. "Thank you, Gene, that was wonderful. You are amazing."

"I must say I enjoyed it," Gene said, reaching for a drag.

"So," Joan said as she lit a cigarette of her own, a mischevious grin on her face. "When are we getting together again?"

written by medcore


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