An Evening To Remember

Melissa and I were trying to rest our exhausted bodies, not to mention our worn out minds. We both had worked no stop for the past couple of months with no time for ourselves as man and wife. Being married for close to ten years and tending to two very demanding children, our busy life style left little for us to be alone as an adult couple. But tonight was one of those very rare occasions that someone actually volunteered to watch both of the kids and let us go out on the town.

Not wasting a minute of this precise time, Melissa and I had made plans with another couple in which we were acquaintances with from her work. Ted and Kelly were both a lot of fun especially when we did not have to worry about chase kids around or making sure they sat still during dinner. Arriving at one of our favorite hang outs right at happy hour, Melissa and I scanned the tables near the bar until we saw Kelly sitting at one of the booths in the back alone.

Quickly making our way to where she sat, Melissa said, "Hi, sorry we are late. Where's Ted?".

Kelley replied, "That's OK. I just got here a few minutes before you guys. Ted is running late himself, but he will join us as soon as he can get away from work."

"Boy, that sound familiar to us," I said was getting a good look at Kelly who was looking more attractive than usual.

Our conversation was interrupted by the waitress taking our drink order. The conversation resumed after she departed for the bar. We talked about the usual things. Work, children, current events, etc.

After having a few cold beers and nibbling on a few appetizers, the conversation quickly turned to my favorite topic. SEX. Of course alcohol does seem to give people the courage to speak more openly among others than any other time. Thank God.

As the beers went down the sex talk got more heated. Starting out with talk of different and favorite sexual positions, progressing to the strangest places that we had ever done the "dirty" at, finally getting really personal.

Kelly, " you guys really done it on a plane. That is wild. Ted and I are kind of wimps when it comes to sex outside our bedroom."

Melissa, "We were like that to at first. You will soon find out as soon as you have been married as long as we have. Same old sex. Day in and day out. Boring."

Kelly, "Yeah but what else is there to do once you have went through all the different positions."

Melissa,"There are tons of things you can do."

Kelly, "Like what. I know we have been talking about the different places you can have sex, but that to gets old."

Melissa, "Depends on what kind of fantasies you and Ted have."

Kelly, "What do you mean?"

Melissa, "Well. You will soon find out life is too short not to get as many different kind of experiences you can before its too late."

Kelly, "What?"

Melissa, "When you are confined to a wheelchair and sitting in some nursing home, it will be to late for you to take care of any regrets of not going out and living life when you are still young enough to do it."

Kelly, "Give me some examples. Some of your fantasies."

We were all on our fifth beer and I exactly knew where my wife was going with this. Removing myself from the conversation totally and watching these two beautiful ladies dance around the topic in which everyone at that table knew was going to be finally discussed before the night was over was turning me on.

Melissa, "I don't know. Everyone has different thoughts. Different things turn on different people."

Kelly, "What turns you on Melissa?"

Melissa, "Well since you are going to ask me so bluntly, I will answer in the same way. The sight of another woman's nude body really turns me on."

Kelly, "Wow. Me too, but I have never told that to anyone before. And I can't believe I have told both of you."

My wife and I have discussed everything about our relationship possible over the ten years that we had been together. Even though we don't consider ourselves swingers, Melissa and I are open in the occasional "threesome" if the opportunity presented itself. And have experience this once before with a different lady from her work, I knew exactly how my wife thought processed worked. She was feeling out Kelly and leading into her web of seduction and it was turning me on like you could not believe.

Melissa, "Well in that case I wonder what else you have not told us about yourself."

Kelly looked down and let out a little bit of laughter out of embarrassment.

Melissa, "Kelly, you don't have to be shy with us. We are all friends here. And what you tell us will not go any future than this table. I can promise you that."

Kelly, "Well that is good to know."

Melissa, "So with that said, why don't you tell us more about any of your fantasies."

Kelly, "I don't know."

"Ever thought about being with another woman," asked Melissa bluntly? I knew my wife now was going in for the kill.

"That is for sure Ted's fantasies. To see me with another woman. Tell you the truth, I have never had the opportunity, but if it ever presented itself I would not be apposed to at least trying it once," replied Kelly who took a quick drink showing that she couldn't believe she just let it be known that she was open to having sex with another female.

"Oh really," uttered Melissa who now was staring at Kelly waiting for eye contact so Kelly knew she meant what she was about to say to her.

After Kelly place her beer bottle back on its coaster she noticed, in fact she could feel it before she actually seen with her own eyes, the intensity of Melissa's energy that was emanating from her body towards the object of her focus; which happened to be her.

"How would you like to have your first experience with another woman tonight," asked Melissa while her hand simultaneously found Kelly's right knee under the table.

Not knowing how to react at first, Kelly let the beer and wet pussy help her answer for her, "I would be very open to that."

I was going out of my mind at this point, not to mention my penis was about to poke a hole through the leg of my pants.

With Kelly's answer, Melissa leaned over to me as whispered, "Is this OK?" One of our rules. Even that we were open to having sex with other people in situations like this, we felt that there had to be ground rules which we had developed over a long course of discussions concerning this very thing.

I quickly nodded yes indicating my approval with Melissa whispering the following request, "Can you go to the bathroom for a few minutes so I can make sure this thing goes through for us tonight?"

"Excuse me ladies, I have to use the restroom," I announced as I stood up and made my way to the mens room.

Knowing very well what my wife was doing, it was no surprise to find her now to be sitting next to Kelly with fresh beers for all upon my return.

I sat down as the two ladies were still engaged in discussing a possible threesome. As more of the alcohol was being consumed, the more bold the two ladies became. Now flirting with one another and complementing how each of them looked, my wife's hand disappeared again underneath the table once again. I knew she was finally going in for the kill.

Melissa's hand landed on Kelly's upper thigh which was covered by her silky skirt. Kelly acting at first like she didn't know that her hand was on her leg, eventually spread her legs slightly apart giving Melissa permission to explore her uncharted area. With such an invitation, Melissa's hand worked Kelly's skirt up slightly and found that the skin of her inner thigh was as silky as her skirt.

With the expression on Kelly's face changing and her slurred speech being slightly interrupted as she attempted to continue on in the conversation as if nothing was going on underneath the table, I knew Melissa was working her magic.

Finding that Kelly's panties were completely wet, Melissa moved them to one side finding the warmth of her pussy making her own swell up in anticipation of taboo activity in such a public place.

Bring Kelly to almost orgasm right their in the restaurant had all of us heated to the point we all thought our brains were going to blow, when Ted (Kelly's husband) arrived bring our little party to a quick halt.

Believing the reason his wife was fumbling around with her words was due to the amount of beers she had drank, Ted did not expect anything as he join us at the table.

With the conversation returning back to the same old stuff that we usually discussed together as a couple, the night went on with three very agitated people wanting to cum like it was no body's business.

After Ted had his first beer, he excused himself to the restroom with Kelly also having to relieve herself after have several bottles without a pee break.

Melissa to this opportunity to return sitting by me. We discussed what transpired and found we were both totally turned on and wanting a lot more.

After Ted and Kelly returned, it did not take Ted a long time to catch up with us with him taking a few shots for compensation for the lost happy hour time. Of course our conversation once again found itself surrounding SEX, with every topic imaginable being discussed.

With Melissa foot finding its way between Kelly's legs, who had taken her panties completely off in the bathroom giving better access to her box and Melissa and I taking turns in caressing our each other private parts also under the table, it was not a problem when Melissa began to openly flirt with Ted. Flirting to the point of making sexual comments that under any other circumstance would have made Kelly or I jealous, but in the present state of mind shared by everyone at the table, we were both silently encouraging Melissa to go for it.

Once again, Melissa leaned over and whispered, "Is this OK?"

Never really discussing having a threesome with another male or foursome with another couple, I found myself turned on by the aspect as I knew Melissa was ready for anything tonight.

Know knowing where Melissa was going with this I gave her the nod of acceptance with Kelly, who also figured out what was going on, and I this time excusing ourselves to the rest room to return to find once again Melissa had changed places.

Sitting down, Kelly and I could tell Ted had been taken back by Melissa aggressive behavior, but had given in to the point that as we were sitting down we could see that her hand was on his thigh.

written by anonymous


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