Three for Fun

It all started one night when my wife (Brenda) and I (Brad) were sharing sexual fantasies. It started with me telling her I wanted, of course what all guys want, a threesome with another woman. Then she told me that she would like to have a threesome with another guy. The only thing was who should the other guy be? At the time we had a friend of mine named Chuck living with us.

Chuck was a very attractive young man in his early twenties. He was more like a brother than a friend so asking him if he wanted to share my wife with me seemed rather strange. It never seemed like the timing was right to ask him, so I never did. Brenda and I would have fantasies where she would be sucking him off while I would be fucking her doggie style. Then the time came for us to move away to a different state. We said our good-byes and left town.

When we finally got moved into our new house I decided to invite our friend Chuck to stay the weekend with us. He came the next weekend much to our delight. The first night he was there we had some drinks and sat around and bullshitted then we went to bed. That night Brenda was extremely horny because she kept thinking about having two men at the same time. I asked her to tell me what she would do to him first. She said that she would like to have his nice young cock in her mouth and right at that point in time I decided that I would like to do the same.

I had never had a sexual encounter with another man or even thought about it for that matter, but right then and there I really wanted to see what it felt like to suck off another man. I took a chance and told Brenda what I was thinking. I was afraid she would freak out on me but I thought I needed to take that chance. She did not freak out as a matter of fact she got extremely turned on by the thought of it. Brenda asked me if I thought Chuck would go for it. I did not know but I was willing to take a shot at it. We decided why wait so we got our robes on and went to the guestroom where Chuck was sleeping.

I knew Chuck would be sleeping naked because he always did. When we opened the door he was laying on his back with nothing covering him. Seeing this my cock was instantly hard. Brenda knew that I really wanted to suck his cock and she was dripping wet with excitement. I moved to the bed dropped my robe and climbed on by Chucks feet. Brenda had crawled onto the bed next to him. She whispered in his ear that her and I had come down to have a little fun. He was startled and taken back a bit at first then as Brenda placed her hand on his cock he relaxed a little bit.

His cock was beautiful! It was about average size with a nicely trimmed area of pubic hair. I decided I had better let this whole thing get going before I just put his cock in my mouth. I asked Brenda if she would like to suck his cock. She didn't waste any time devouring his nice cock. I moved myself behind Brenda and buried my face in her sweet smelling pussy. I licked her to orgasm just as she had sucked Chuck to orgasm. So it was my turn to have Brenda suck me off.

I laid on my back while Brenda licked and sucked my hard shaft. Chuck was kind of just kneeling on the bed right next to me. I could see the remnants of Brenda's saliva and his come on the tip of his now limp cock. I reached my hand up and lightly brushed his cock just to see his reaction. He said if you are going to rub by it you might as well just rub it. With that I grabbed a hold of his flaccid member and started to stroke it. I asked him if he had ever had his cock sucked by another guy. He said no but he would like to try it.

He moved up towards my head and straddled my chest. His balls were hanging just inches from my mouth and I was staring right at his beautiful cock. I grabbed his now growing member and placed it between my waiting lips. It was like no other feeling I had ever felt. He fucked my face while Brenda was feverishly fingering my ass and sucking my cock. I reached my hands around his ass and squeezed his cheeks before moving my finger to his tight hole.

Brenda saw what I was doing and had reached up and covered my finger with KY. I stuck my finger in his ass. As soon as I did that I felt his cock explode in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but I couldn't. The rest was running down my cheeks. The feeling of his hot cum in my mouth made me explode into Brenda's mouth. Brenda moved up to my face and licked the rest of his cum off my cheeks. We all just kind off collapsed and went to sleep.

I hadn't been asleep very long when I felt a warm mouth on my stiffening cock. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Chuck with my fat cock in his mouth. He licked from my asshole to the tip of my cock then engulfed the entire shaft. He was a born natural! I reached over and started rubbing Brenda's soft mound. With the rubbing she woke up and went down to help Chuck suck my cock. She then told Chuck to get behind her and fuck her while she sucked me off. I then repositioned myself so Brenda and I were in the 69 position so I could lick her clit and his shaft and balls while he fucked her. Soon he came and filled her sweet box with his hot creamy cum. He then slid his cock out of her and into my mouth. I licked all the juices from his cock then sucked all the juices out of Brenda's pussy.

After a short rest and a smoke Brenda said she wanted to watch Chuck and I 69. We eagerly agreed and quickly got into position. Brenda instructed me to be on top, I complied. Chuck and I began sucking each other like pros. It was then I realized why she wanted me on top. She had gotten her dildo that was about the size of my cock out and lubricated it up nicely. She then spread some KY on my tight hole and slowly slid it into me. The feeling was so intense I came almost instantly filling Chucks mouth with my cum.

I stopped sucking Chuck and asked him to fuck my ass. He was more than willing, before I even finished saying it he was behind me lubing his cock. He pressed the head against my ass and slowly slid it in. At first he was real gentle but as my ass relaxed he began a more steady, harder rhythm. I found myself begging him to fuck me harder and harder until I felt his cock explode in my ass. He then slid his cock out and Brenda put her mouth on my ass and licked the cum that was oozing out.

Brenda and I returned to our bedroom shortly after and fucked for what seemed like hours. She wanted me to tell her what I thought about what had just happened. I told her that I loved having another mans cock in my mouth and that I especially loved having my ass rode hard by another man. She was extremely turned on by this. She told me she wanted to watch it again and I told her that we could do it again tomorrow night. With the assurance she would get to see that again she went to sleep.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast with Chuck. At first nothing was said about the night before, then out of nowhere Chuck said he really liked it when he came in my mouth. I instantly got hard when I heard this. I asked him if he would like to cum in my mouth right now. He said yes as he pulled his cock out. I dropped to my knees in front of him on the kitchen floor. I rubbed his cock several times before engulfing it. Within two minutes Chuck was filling my mouth with his creamy cum. Brenda was fingering herself the whole time this was going on.

Brenda said she had to go to the store and get some stuff and that Chuck and I should stay there and have fun with one another. The only thing she wanted is for us to be able to fuck her when she got back. She said she would be back in a few hours and left. Chuck and I sucked each other for a while then I asked him to fuck my ass. He slid his slippery cock into my tight ass slowly at first until I relaxed a little then he road my ass for half an hour before squirting his hot cum into my ass. I asked him if he would like me to fuck his ass but he told me he wasn't ready for that but he would suck me off. We fell asleep on the couch until Brenda got home.

Brenda came in the house and found us naked and asleep she got on her knees in front of me and started sucking me off at the same time she began rubbing Chucks cock. Chuck and I woke up and took turns fucking Brenda. First I fucked her doggie style while she sucked Chuck off then we switched places. She came at least 20 times while we took turns fucking her. After we both filled her sweet pussy with our hot cum we showered and took a nap.

Brenda woke me up and told me she wanted to show me what she bought. She pulled out a sexy teddy and stockings. I noticed that they were bigger than her size so I began wondering. So I asked her, with a devilish smile on her face she told me they were for me! I smiled and told her she must be joking. She assured me it wasn't a joke as she handed me my new outfit. Brenda instructed me to go to the bathroom with her so she could shave all the hair off my body and get me ready for that night because she told me I was going to be her and Chuck's bitch. I was very excited about this as she shaved all and I mean all the hair off my body. Once I was shaved she helped me get dressed and put make up on me. Brenda then produced a wig from the same bag and had me put it on. She then told me that I was going to do everything that her and Chuck told me to do. With that she told me to go to our room and wait.

About 15 minutes Brenda called me out to the living room where her and Chuck were. Brenda was wearing jeans a t-shirt and a ball cap with her hair tucked up under it. She looked like a guy! Brenda asked Chuck what he would like for me to do for him since I was their bitch. Chuck said he could go for a good blowjob. With that I dropped to my knees, unzipped his fly and sucked him off. Brenda then told me she would like a blowjob too. She motioned for me to come over to her and kneel in front of her. I knelt down unzipped her jeans and much to my surprise I found a very large, very life like rubber cock in there. I proceeded to suck her cock while she placed her hand on the back of my head. She was fucking my face as I had fucked hers so many times. Chuck had gotten hard again and moved around behind me.

He lubed my ass with some KY and slid his cock in. He was fucking me hard and spanking my ass while I sucked my wife's cock. Then Brenda told Chuck she wanted to switch places. She got behind me and slid that huge cock into my ass. It hurt but it also felt good I was enjoying this but I need to cum also. I asked Chuck if he would 69 while she rammed my ass. He quickly slid under me and engulfed my cock. I came almost as soon as his tongue touched my cock. Chuck then told Brenda he wanted to fuck me so he could cum in my ass. Brenda moved out of the way and let him ride my ass until he was spurting load after load of hot cum into my hole.

They spent the rest of the weekend fucking me like that. It was great but soon it was Monday and Chuck had to leave and we had to go back to work. After he was gone Brenda asked if I liked being her bitch. I told her I absolutely loved it. She told me that her friend Sharon was coming up to visit in two weeks and that I could be their bitch also. That is a whole different story! I will send it in so you can enjoy.

written by brentjones


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