Some Public Fun

My husband and I had taken a vacation at one of those timeshare resorts in Orlando. We decided to take a late night swim at one of the 3 swimming pools on the property. The pool house had lots of floating toys and rafts. We picked out one flat raft and another single chair that floated half in the water and half out of the water.

There were a few other people at the pool but they soon left, and this is when things got interesting. I have always wanted to have sex in a swimming pool and I knew it wouldn't take much to get my husband in the mood, too. I pulled my bikini top down so that my tits were exposed. I went over to the chair my husband was floating in and started rubbing my tits against his legs. He's a sucker for my tits and within a minute, he was sporting a big fat hard on. I pulled his swim trunks down and his massive cock popped out, the swollen head just above the water level. I teased the head of his cock with my tongue, and before you know it I was bobbing my face in and out of the water to get as much of his cock in my mouth as possible.

I brought him to the brink of cumming several times, but stopped short every time, because I wanted his cum inside me. We traded places in the chair and soon he was licking my pussy and sucking my clit so nicely that I thought I would cream his tongue right then. But he was also going to make me wait, and he teased me for several more minutes, alternating tongue and finger to my throbbing pussy and clit.

I couldn't hold my pussy still for one minute longer,I really wanted to get on his cock, so I told him to get on the floating raft so I could ride his cock. It took a little maneuvering but the raft was not very wide, so I was able to get on it and get down on his cock, which was pure and simple heaven. Just then we heard some people coming, so I quickly pulled my bikini top over my tits and hard nipples. We both sat up on the raft, which took our asses down into the water, and pretended as if we were just floating around together on the raft. The cool water felt really good on my fiery pussy, which only made me all the more eager to slide up and down on that nice hard cock. All the while, his cock was so hard inside me that it was tough to act normal when the people came to the pool looking for a diving mask they had left behind. They even started asking us questions, like if we were on our honeymoon and if we had been to Disneyworld yet.

As soon as the other vacationers left, I started to just gently rock on that glorious cock. The look on my husbands face showed that he was enjoying it as much as I was. In this position, my husband was able to lean down and suck my nipples while I sat on him, engulfing his cock with my spasming pussy. I had him lay back so that I could get some real movement, and I rode his cock nice and slow, which drove him wild and had me on the edge of cumming with every stroke.

After several minutes of this, we were both ready to cum. So, in perfect unison, we both sat up and put our asses down into the water. The cool water again felt so good on my pussy, and he got his cock into me so deep, that I could not hold off cumming for another minute. He came at the same time and my pussy squeezed his cock so tight that it felt like we would never get apart. We just sat there for another few minutes, not believing how amazing that had felt, when suddenly we heard another group of vacationers coming. We got down into the water, got our suits back on. My husband gave me a wink and we got out of the pool.

written by jackstart


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