Mowing the Neighbours Lawn

Several years ago the widow next door moved to an apartment in North Springs, leaving her house vacant for about 6 months as she tried to sell it. I kept the lawn mowed and checked to make sure that no one broke in and damaged it. Finally a divorced mother of two teenagers bought the house and moved in one week when my wife and I were on vacation. When we returned home from our vacation it was about 2:00 a.m. and both the houses were dark. After sleeping late, I went to the shed in the back and got the mower, intending to cut both yards since they hadn't been cut in a week.

I pushed the mower into the backyard next door and was about to start the motor when a blond woman wearing a bikini top and short shorts came out of the sliding door in the basement and asked me what I was doing in her backyard. That was my introduction to Stacy. As I explained that I had been gone for a week and that I had been keeping the yard cut I had a chance to give my new neighbor more than a once over. She was about 35 (actually she was 36 I found out later), 5' 6" in height, and weighed about 115 pounds. She was very tanned and her stomach was flat and her legs trim, a result of her participation in ALTA. While not large, her breasts firmly pushed against the bright yellow bikini top and I could see just the hint of the soft white underside of her breast under the band.

About that time my wife came to the back yard wondering why she hadn't heard the mower start and we had re-introductions all around. We went into her house and, over a cold beer, found out that she was a native of Atlanta (having grown up in Buckhead) and that she had two teenaged children, a daughter of 18 and a son of 14. She and her ex- husband had just gone through an unpleasant divorce and she had almost nothing good to say about him. As I was finishing my beer, her daughter Tracy walked onto the porch wearing only thin satin baby doll pajamas with her nipples tracing lines in the green fabric. As she stretched, her arms raised and the pajamas rose up so that her stomach was exposed and I could see light brown hairs escaping from the crotch of her panties. As Tracy walked into the kitchen, I had to re-adjust my position to hide my growing erection.

Leaving the two women talking and catching up on all their mutual friends, I went back to the yard and started cutting the grass. After finishing with Stacy's yards I cut my own, starting in the front and ending in my own backyard. As I started the mower, I noticed Tracy lying face down on a chaise lounge wearing only the bottoms of a thong- style bikini. As I watched, she reached down and took the bottle of sun tan lotion and let it drip on her exposed ass. Putting the bottle back on the grass, her hands went behind and began to rub the slippery oil into her skin, her buttocks gleaming in the sun light. In spite of my now solid erection, I started the mower and began to cut my yard, but I must admit that I walked much slower when I was moving in her direction.

When I finished the yard and had just put the mower away, Tracy came out of the house carrying another cold beer. I watched the sway of her hips and the gentle bob of her breasts as she walked toward me. Just as she got to me, she stepped on something sharp and stumbled into me, her slick skin rubbing against my sweaty chest as my hands went around her instinctively to keep her from falling. As she stood there rubbing her hurt foot, her breasts were firmly pressed into my chest and her thigh was inserted between my legs, rubbing on my crotch. After what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds, she put her leg down and stepped back, looking deep into my eyes as she handed me the beer, her fingers lingering on mine for an extended period of time.

"I though you might like this," she said as her fingers continued to stroke mine. My only confusion was what she thought I might like: the beer or the feel of her young body. As I thanked her, she turned and walked back to her chaise, her buttocks naked except for the thin white strip that went down the crack of her ass. By now I had a complete, raging erection that I couldn't hide, even under my Levis. As she got to the chaise, she turned her head and looked at me over one shoulder as she reached back and untied the bikini top, holding it with her hands as she again lay on her stomach, the firmness of her white breasts compacted and pressing out from her body.

When my wife finally got home, I was just getting out of the shower and was drying off. She sat on the bed and talked about our new neighbor and all her problems. When she got around to talking about Tracy, my cock started to thicken and rise as pulsations of pleasure ran through my crotch. I walked up to her, took her hand, and put it on my cock. "You've got to be kidding!" she exclaimed. "It's the middle of the day and we just got back from vacation. Besides, I've already made the beds and I'm getting hungry. Put some clothes on and let's go to Rio Bravo for lunch." And that was that!

Over the next several months we got to know Stacy even better. She would play her tennis matches and then come over and sit on our porch talking with my wife. Sometimes she would stay until after dinner time, drinking beer and laughing with my wife about some nonsense some of their friends had gotten into. Usually I would join them on the porch and I enjoyed watching Stacy's trim legs under her short tennis skirt and the outline of her breasts under the bodice of her dress, but sometimes I got upset that we didn't have dinner and had to go to Morrison's Cafeteria when it got "too late to fix dinner". During this same time I got to know both Tracy and her brother Bobby better also. They would come over looking for their mother and we would go to the basement and play Ping-Pong while the two adults continued their gossip and beers. While Bobby was a competent player, Tracy was excellent. Her serve and backhand were better than mine, but my forehand smashes usually won me the games. Since we played round-robin style with the winner playing the person who sat out the last game, sometimes I would intentionally lose so I could watch her bouncing breasts under the tee shirt and her firm ass under the running shorts she usually wore. As we played longer and longer, her sweat would turn the tee shirt and her bra into nearly transparent cellophane as I could faintly see the outlines of her nipples darkly pressed against the wet material.

One night when I was outside washing my car under the spotlights, Stacy came over and asked if I would help her change a light bulb in her kitchen. She couldn't turn the bulb and she was afraid that she would break it if she forced it. My wife was at a shower for the daughter of a friend and I had seen both kids leave to go to a football game at the high school. I got the short kitchen stool and started working on the light bulb, trying to turn it with a towel when I felt cool fingers stroking the head of my cock! Looking down, I saw Stacy standing in front of me, her hand touching the head of my cock where it was exposed under my shorts. Since I was washing the car, I hadn't bothered to wear underpants and, apparently, when I raised my arms to work on the light, my shorts had ridden up, exposing the end of my prick. As I watched, her hand went further into my shorts and I felt her grasp the shaft of my swiftly hardening shaft. As she pulled the skin back and forth, I watched her tongue dart out of her mouth and moisten her red lips as she leaned forward and took just the head into her mouth, her lips firmly clasping my prick at the top of the shaft. I could feel the suction of her lips as her tongue slid back and forth over the sensitive glans, poking wetly at the slit as she tried to get her tongue into its opening. I was having trouble standing on the stool and I nearly fell off as she pulled my cock harder and harder, her hand becoming a blur as she masterbated me into her mouth.

Pulling her head back, but maintaining a firm grip on my rigid shaft, she told me that she wanted me to fuck her, right then, right there. I stepped back off the stool as she quickly pushed her little tennis panties to the floor, carrying her undies with them. As I watched, she reached down and spread the front of her pussy, letting me see the bright pink moistness between her inner lips. Her fingers forced the hood over her clit to retract and it poked pinkly out like a miniature cock. Rubbing her finger over its surface, her breath started coming faster and faster. She pulled me to her and used my cock to rub her clit, and I could feel its hard bud rubbing into the slit as she fucked herself into me. Without a word she turned and leaned over the sink, leaning over and reaching back to spread her pussy.

"Don't wait. Put it in me now. Shove your cock all the way up my cunt and fuck me until I can't stand it!" Her pink pussy was gleaming in the wetness of her own fluids and her inner lips, swollen with blood, framed the pulsating opening to her cunt. Could I refuse?

written by godiggity


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