Best Friend Gets His Face Fucked by Me

It's 10.50pm and the doorbell rings. I'm at the living room in my couch about to put some porn on and masturbate to. The doorbell rings again, I get up and walk to the door and open it. It's my best friend Will. I look at him, "I have to tell you something, its about Angela" he says looking at me all tensed up and frustrated. Angela is his girlfriend.

"Come in". I say. We walk to the living room and sit down at the couch. He starts telling me what happened and all I can think of is fucking his face, putting my crotch on to his face and riding it until I cum. He broke up with Angela apparently, she cheated on him. I listen to him as he is talking but i can think about is my pussy on his face. I can feel the wetness and the tingly feeling.

He drops his phone on the floor. We are sitting close to one another. He bends to pick his phone up, I grab hold of his face. He looks at me, oh he looks so innocent. He allows me to take his face in my hands. I kiss him and he kisses back. Our lips are locking and in that moment I want his tongue and his face so bad in my pussy. I grab hold of his face again and push him to the floor, facing me and with my legs spread wide open.

I am only wearing a red dress and no underwear. I push his face deep into my pussy, I think he is drowning as I hear him making those gag noises. He tries to move away to talk but I don't let him, he is still on my pussy. My eyes instantly roll to the back of my head and I let out a loud moan as well as holding his head firmly closer to my pussy. He starts licking, I can feel it. His tongue starts to flap about deep inside my pussy.

I moan so loudly. I start riding his forehead, tongue and his nose as well as his lips. At this moment I am so horny. I can't take no more. I feel like I'm about to cum. I grind on his face much harder to the point where I see him struggling to breath. But I like it. It turns me on. I'm almost about to come. I let go off his head and he is still flapping his tongue around inside my clean shaved pussy. I'm almost about to cum. I let out a sigh, I came.

My eyes were rolled to the back of my head and I shake uncontrollably. My legs... I can't feel them. He is still down there licking me clean now.

written by lovergirl23
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