An Afternoon of Delights with my Wife

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon as I sat playing around with my computer and my wife is doing the never-ending task of HOUSEWORK. I was engaged in an online chat with another computer user and I glance over to my right and notice that my wife is putting away my jeans and I figure now is a good time to have a little fun with her, I sneak up behind her and tickle her ass, she loves that as it drives her absolutely wild. What can I say, I've got great hands.

So now I'm back at my terminal telling my online friend that I just had to go tickle my wife's tush as she has just an absolutely GORGEOUS ass. My online friend sends back a message of approval and suggests that I give my wife some more attention. Who am I to refuse? Now Hot Buns slides over to my side and opens her robe to reveal nothing but her lovely womanhood for me to gaze upom, we decide that a little afternoon delight is in order but there is a minor technicality; the results of a sexually transmitted disease: CHILDREN, and they are running loose around the house when all of a sudden we hear a knock at the door, ALAS it is my kind sweet father-in-law offering to take his grandkids out to the park for the afternoon figuring we could use a break.

That old guy is a consummate GENIUS and we can hardly contain ourselves at this most welcome yet unexpected surprise! Who are we to refuse a most generous offer like that? We would be out of our minds! So we most happily accept his offer and send our children off with Gramps for the afternoon. YES YES YES we are ALONE for the afternoon. Hot Buns decides to take a bath just so she can freshen up a little bit and I kick back and watch the football game while she is in the tub.

While I'm waiting for her I watch the football game and my team is winning at the half so I figure that this is a good sign as they have had a bad season up to this point. I am right about this because after what seems like an eternity she emerges from the bathroom wearing a brand spanking new red negligee with black lace that does nothing but enhance her beauty and make me hunger for her sexiness. Then she says to me "You want to sit there and watch the game or do you want to play our own idea of contact sports?" Well I'm no fool, I shut off the TV and turn on the CD player and put in some mood music and set the volume to a soft level.

She slinks next to me as I stand at the stereo and she presses herself next to me and strokes my neck and nibbles on my ear OH YEAH I love it when she does that as it gets me going. While she strokes and nibbles I slide my hand down the back of her negligee and caress her soft yet firm and shapely buttocks the way that turns her into putty in my deft hands. We decide to move to a more comfortable location to resume our interlude, namely our bedroom! We get into the bedroom and we fall in each others arms upon our bed start fondling one another like two caged animals in heat. As our tongues probe each others mouths she slides a hand down inside the waistband of my jeans and strokes my stiffening manhood with a deft touch that only she can master and at the same time she manages to loosen my belt and unzip my fly with a touch from years of practice (Now am I a lucky guy or what?) and she manages to free my throbbing member from the confines of my jeans. At this point all I can do is lay back and enjoy what I know will be coming very SOON, BLOWJOB!!!!!!

I lay back and after a few minutes of her fondling my shaft she licks her lips and starts by kissing my cock all over and licking the head with her talented tongue in such a way that in a matter of seconds I am ROCK HARD. She follows this by engulfing my engorged member into her waiting mouth and she sucks it in and out of her mouth like she hasn't had a meal in weeks. After several minutes of her sucking and licking I am going out of my fucking mind and I feel the urge to reciprocate but she denies me the oppurtunity for the moment as she wants to tease me further with her practiced art of fellatio until I go completely NUTS, so I continue to enjoy her talented tongue and mouth doing its magic on my tallywhacker until she is forced to come up for air.

I seize the moment to slide my fingers down to her willing womanhood which I find to be in its usual state; DRENCHED WITH AROUSAL!!!!!! Now it's time for my hands to do their work, one hand working her breasts and nipples and the other hand fingering her twat. She moans ecstatically as my fingers slide into her box and probe around inside for her g-spot, once I locate her g-spot she melts in my hands, I finger her g-spot and her clit for several minutes as her moaning gets louder and louder and then her womanly juices emanate from her love tunnel, now it's time for me to get down to some serious cunt-munching because you gotta remember this is no quickie it's an afternoon delight!!!!!!!

My tongue finds her clit in short order and while this is going on she picks up where she left off with her insatiable appettite for cock and it is all I can do to keep my mind on the task at hand. I proceed to lick and suck her sweet smelling vulva as if I were a condemned man having his final meal and savoring every morsel.Now her juices are flowing like there is no tomorrow! Right into my face and mouth flows her sweet tasting womanly nectar, the moment is at hand very soon I will hear her say very loudly "FUCK ME NOW!!!!".

Actually she doesn't say that but she screams "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I WANT YOU TO STUFF THAT ROD INSIDE OF MY PUSSY RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!!!!!!!" at the top of her lungs (I can just imagine what the neighbors are hearing at this point). Well I roll her over onto her back and I slide my rigid member into her waiting snatch ever so SLOOOOWWWWLLLYYYYY until she is climbling the walls. Now I tease her snatch with some long and slow strokes along with some short and shallow strokes to enhance her pleasure further. We continue like this for quite some time with me on top of her with her legs over my shoulders (she loves this position) thrusting in and out with varying degrees of depth,speed,and force and my talking dirty to her just on top of it just sends her over the edge. Feeling the need to give her a load of white stuff into her waiting vaginal orifice we change positions to doggie style to hasten my orgasmic release of pent-up semen which is beginning to build up within my throbbing testicles.

She starts panting very hard from one of her numerous orgasms that she has when we make love some of which are so violently powerful for her that her vaginal muscles clamp hold of my shaft like a vise with a grip that is absolutely indescribable. I finally feel the hot white goo welling up within my nut sack and I increase the tempo because all I can think of now is getting my rocks off at this point,so with a final frenzy I make a few hard and fast thrusts and I expel my nut juice into her waiting pussy with a deep and load guttural groan.

We both collapse upon the bed exhausted from our intense lovemaking and after a few minutes we rise from the bed and dress ourselves in the nick of time as our children return from being spoiled by their grandfather.

What an afternoon!

written by godiggity


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