Hetero Sex Stories - Page 4

A Busty Student

Because of her obvious attributes, 18 year old Amber received a whole lot of attention from the male species, and not just from boys her own age! The male teachers always paid her a little more heed.

Video Store Tart

As the owner of a video store, I am the one that hires and fires people. Jill, a gorgeous young college student, is one of my employees and as I once asked her to work late, she showed how a productive employee she can truly be!

Melisa is horny as hell

She tries to get her husband Simon to take care of her needs, but when he fails to fullfill she ends up going elsewhere for that oh so sweet cock.

The Detour

Geoff sat in the limo waiting for the next client to arrive, thinking of Chelsea. He remembered the last time he drove her. That ride sure was a ride of a lifetime!

Bath Time Surprise

Frank surprises Amber in the bath tub, takes out his dick and as she notices him she smiles. She quickly grabs his cock and starts to bury it in her throat.

Being Caught By Sister's Gilfriends While Jerking Off

my sister had two of her girlfriends over. One was Randi and the other Sue. I could get my rocks off watching either one. Randi walks in on me as I am watching TV and spanking the monkey.

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