Hetero Sex Stories - Page 2

My First Fuck

His name was Jeff, and I really had a thing for him. In retrospect a lot of this anger is directed at myself. I was so naive as to believe that what we were doing was alright because we were in love.

Making a Slave

Tara leaned over to strap on her favorite high-heeled shoes and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The shoes on, she stood to admire herself. She looked very sophisticated in a slutty way. There was no doubt that her date would get the message.

The Busty Student and the Teacher

Amber, the 18 year old busty student, sure knows how to use her huge tits to get what she wants. Her favorite victim is Mr Fields, the government teacher. She loved nothing more than to unbutton the top two butons of her blouse and...

Tart in the Computer Lab

During college I worked at a computer lab in the sciene department and one day this lovely dark haired girl walks in. She starts working her pussy, but none of the other students seem to notice, but I do.

Ready to Pop

Vance places an ad in a paper looking for sex with a woman that's six or seven months pregnant. After a few weeks he gets a letter from this attractive blonde woman, thats ready to pop!

Cuming all over Linda at Camp

Jack is the baseball instructor at camp and Linda is the new gym instructor. He first noticed her gentle laugh, but also her fantastic body. At 5'7", 110 pounds and a 35-23-34 figure, she was the epitome of feminine athleticism -- supple, firm, graceful.

Helping big breasted Tracey in the photo copy room

The new girl, Tracey, has problems operating the photocopier and asks me to help her. We are all alone in the office and she catches me staring at her big boobs.

Mandy is Randy

My wife Mandy and I meet up at a restaurant. She plays footsie with my hard dock under the table and continues to tease me until I am about to burst.

A Sexy Reunion

She flies in for a weekend romp and he is anxiously waiting for her at the airport. Their eyes meet as she's walking up the jetway and he sees that she 's wearing a very sexy short skirt, tight-fitting top and heels. He pulls her body very tightly against his and she feels his hardening cock jutting against her stomach and presses her pubic bone into it.

The Summar Party

Amy with a really fit body starts showing me that she is interested. She is a friend of a friend and after some flirting I decide to dance on over her way and rub myself against her. She pushes her small little rear into me.

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