My Wife, My Friend and Me

My wife and I had been swinging for about a year when an old friend of mine had come from CO to work in MI and was staying with us. One night we were in the living room in front of the fireplace in our robes and K. got down and started sucking my cock. My friend B. had been in his room but came into the living room to see us for a min. I started to push her away but she said, no let him see us! He was startled and embarrassed to have interrupted what we were doing and started to leave when I asked him to stay and join us.

He was nervous, but sat down next to us, also in his robe. K reached for his cock to play with as she continued to suck on mine. As soon as I came she swallowed every drop then moved over to suck on his cock, which was almost the same size as mine. She sucked him until he came and she swallowed, a first for him! We moved into the bedroom and he started eating her pussy while she went back to sucking my cock. We were all naked by now and it was not long before B. moved up to ease his cock into her hot wet cunt, and spent the next 20 min fucking her long and hard as she moaned and thrust her hips at him meeting each thrust he made while she continued to sucked my cock.

I love watching as a hard cock pleasures my wife's cunt, to watch as it pushes in, then pulls out all wet and slippery, then back in again. She had several climaxes before he let out a long moaning, "I'm cumminnngggg" and filled her with his hot thick sperm. We always fucked bareback as both of us were safe and she loved the feel of hot cumm filling her up and I loved to watch it run out and drip down towards her ass. I immediately took his place when he pulled out and pushed my hard throbbing cock into her now soaked and sloppy cunt. I really love the feel of entering a well fucked and filled pussy, all of that hot sperm oozing out around my cock as I began to fuck her. She took B's limp cock in her mouth and soon had him hard again.

I came after about 15 min and B. fucked her one more time. She loved it, and had climaxed many times and swallowed several loads of our cumm. After B. left I went down between her legs and began to lick and suck all of that hot cumm out of her cunt and give her another climax in the process. K was a very passionate and sexual woman. If you enjoy my story, drop me a line.

written by harolds


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