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Bisexual Hitch Hiker

So, we got married. Seemed like the thing to do a the time. I was in love with her, and we had some really good sex. Plus, she was my best friend. I guess I am truly Bi. But if I had to give up either man-sex or woman-sex, I would give up woman-sex. No matter how much sex I got with my wife, and there was a LOT, I was still thinking about sucking a hard cock now and then. So, I knew the ropes.
3.9 encounters

Fifth Anniversary

I wore an evening gown type dress, and my husband wore a suit and tie, so we felt quite elegant. We agreed not to wear underwear, so we would feel sexy. My husband loves the feeling of his penis and testicles moving around freely under his pants, and I enjoy fondling him when I have the opportunity. My nipples pressed invitingly into the soft silk of my gown. We have an "open" marriage.
3.6 friendship

Naked In Hall With Bondage And College/Frat Humiliation

They were both great guys, and we loved to kid around. Plus, we were freshmen, so we did a lot of stupid things. One Saturday afternoon Scott and I were sitting in the hall outside our room, talking with some girls who lived upstairs. Our room was really small, so we sat in the hallway quite a bit to talk with other people. There was no bathroom either, so we shared one for the whole floor.
3.1 college

My Frat Initiation Getting To Know Huge Cocks

I felt that an integral part of college would be joining a frat. I spoke to tons of guys and even some sorority girls who told me the frat I should consider joining. The consensus was that I should rush a frat with some close friends. My roommate Matt and I walked up to the red and white table of the frat we wanted to join and behind the table sat a guy who captivated my attention.
3.6 college

Masturbating To Sound Of Ken Jacking Off

You used to turn up the radio (like that wasn't at all obvious) but I could still hear your bed squeaking as you pounded your uncut cock. Yes, I know that you're uncut because one day I spied on you taking a piss through the keyhole in our bathroom door.
3.3 college

Rec Room Bisex Romp

Sleeping late into the morning was nothing new for him. What was new was not hearing his parents pounding on the door, telling him to get up. They had left last night for a four-week summer vacation in Europe, leaving their son on his own to take care of the house. Andy yawned and scratched his balls, at the same time brushing a hand over an impressive morning hardon.
3.7 college

Buck Wild College Sex With Professor

His words made me shudder, and the juice of my pussy seemed to ease out and soak my panties. He walked over and pushed me back on the bed, but my legs were still hanging over the edge. He took his dick out pushed it against my skirt, against my pussy. It only took a matter of seconds before the top of my skirt was wet too. I knew he was going to dominate me and not even my ass was safe.
4 college

Bisexual Experience With Best Friend Dale During College

"Yep, I think she wants to take the next step, she told me that she. " I tune out. The thing was, I loved this guy. He was my best friend, always has been. We've been through a lot together. Not sure if I could have got through this past year without him, for certain reasons.
3.2 college

Birthday Group Sex With Bondage

When Diana told me last Wednesday that we would be seeing them on the coming (no pun intended) weekend, I knew something special was in store - it would be my birthday that Saturday. Jeff and Tina are, like Diana and myself, college students. Matt and Jen are a radically different couple.
2.9 college

True Bi Sexual

I have no romantic interest in men at all; thats why the sex is so good. I've been with my wife 20 years and have no intention of leaving her but I love sex with men. I can do what ever I want and it does not mater, I can suck a dick like a whore on crack and I don't have to worry what he thinks because I can't love a man. She says I can go out if I keep it quiet. On this premise. 5 inches long.
3.5 encounters

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