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Top Or Bottom Bunk Leads To Sucking Cock And Ass Fuck

I was still getting reacquainted with my room and unpacking my clothes, when my girlfriend, Stephanie, called and asked if she could come to visit. "I said yes, although I was enjoying being away from home and watching the new freshmen on my floor stride by my room on their way to the showers.
2.6 college

Pledge Night With Bi Sex And Being Fucked In The Ass

I was even pledging to a Fraternity. It was kind of stupid, but I was told there were more opportunities for sex. Little did I know how true that would be. My roommate Drew and I were ordered to go to one of the sororities and steal their flag. We felt like goddamn Mission Impossible.
3 college

The Houseguest

You know. Sorta like between places. Dave was a good friend of mine, and when he heard that I had to move out of my place and find somewhere else quick, he offered to put me up for the time it took. I was grateful. Finding a place to stay at that time of the year was difficult. It was right around that time of the semester when new students try to get themselves apartments and all.
3.6 college

Gang Fucked as Punishment for Fucking Virgin Girl

I met this really nice Italian girl. One thing lead to another and suddenly we found ourselves having sex. I realize she is a virgin. When her mob family finds out, they decide to punish me.
3.6 domination

College Shower Fun

Really this wasn't so bad. This was the big bathtub shower. But since this one was only working they were letting the counselors get showers first and I was the first one awake so I came in and got my shower. I finish washing my 20 year old 6'3" 200 pound frame and rinsing my short, dark brown hair and turn off the water.
3.2 college

My Boyfriend's Favourite Fantasy

I have been ordered not to speak and to obey their orders. They tell me to stand in front of them and to strip. When I am completely naked they order me to close my eyes and stand with my hands by my side. When they have examined me, they order me to play with myself until I am erect. Once I am stiff I am told to stop and put my hands by my sides. I am then allowed to open my eyes.
3 domination

Masturbation Club

Decided to call up an ad looking for lovers of masturbation. A pleasant voice answered and asked me several questions - my age (20), my height and weight (5'11", 160 lb), how hairy I am, my interest in masturbation (I love it, and I jerk off several times a day) and the size of my cock (6 inches, cut). I decide to go to the first meeting.
3.7 encounters

Switching Sides

It all started when I bought her a dildo for her birthday. I was going out of town and wanted to give her something to remember me by. When I returned she raved about her new toy and announced that she had enjoyed it so much she had bought me one just like hers. I was shocked when she produced a six inch strap-on dildo and told me she wanted to show me what it was like to get fucked.
3.4 friendship

Ted's House

As I wait for Ted at his place, I start talking to his wife Carrie about oral sex. Just a few lines back and forth, as we both wait for her husband to get back home. I tell her I would suck her husband's cock ten times if it means I get into her pussy once.
3 friendship

Gay Strap-On Sex in the Motel

I met up with a couple running as a team. They were going to the same drop point as me. It was on a Saturday afternoon when we got unloaded. We called our dispatchers, and they told us it would be Monday before they could get us a load. They asked if I was going to get a room. I said I couldn't afford it right then. I would stay at the truck stop. I accepted. At first he said nothing.
3.8 friendship

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